Congressional Black Caucus: Prioritize Black people first! Word!

As a person who’s been on the front lines of protests advocating for Black folks for media job hiring, slavery reparations and more Black history teaching in public schools, just to name a few.

Dear governor, please give human service workers more assistance

We are several weeks into sheltering in place due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently passed an executive order to mandate facemasks for people when they are in public.

Rebuilding economy and society

The massive economic destruction being wrought by the COVID-19 epidemic and the government’s attempt to mitigate the impact on American families and businesses raises a fundamental question: Is the sum total of America’s greatness measured by its markets or by ...

Former First Lady Michelle Obama says ‘Thank you SUNY Downstate workers’

Former First Lady Michelle Obama give a special message to healthcare workers on the frontlines.

Testing is Black and white

Like every other American, I have watched the coronavirus spread throughout our country––and change our lives forever.

'American Exceptionalism' is Bad For Your Health

In late March I received a very important document from an unknown source via email. This document is a Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment.

Defining Priorities Post COVID-19

Every crisis presents an opportunity for society to take stock of its values, principles, and the existing political order to move its members toward a true social compact that ensures that everyone has dignity and worth.

What is New York's plan to save Black lives?

On behalf of the residents of the Black communities of NYC, we demand to know what is New York City’s plan to implement an aggressive Public Health Campaign (as is already evolving in Milwaukee and Chicago) against the novel coronavirus ...

It’s time to activate

I’m not sure what day of the quarantine is upon us. Hopefully our readers have been sheltering in place these past few weeks and staying at home as much as possible in order to flatten the curve.

The possibility of hope

Education is of critical importance now more than ever. For vulnerable populations that have historically included Black and Brown scholars this reality has taken on a new meaning.

The odds are stacked against free enterprise in Virginia

As we continue weathering the coronavirus pandemic, some forward-thinking states and their leaders are preparing a pivot that puts their people back to work.

COMMENTARY: The political and healthcare system is broken and corrupt in America

In order for the 2020 pandemic to end in America, the entire country must be shutdown in every state and the president must place large-scale orders for masks, protective equipment, critical hospital equipment, ventilators and community leaders educating their constituents.

The pandemic curve is not bending, putting Americans at risk

With no coordinated National Strategic Plan to battle the coronavirus, and the most cases on the planet, President Trump has failed. Each day the numbers get worse, with 350,000 American cases, and over 9,700 deaths.

Letter to Mayor de Blasio from Council Member Debi Rose and colleagues on suspension of SYEP

We understand that this year’s budget will be like none in recent memory, with painful cuts for many New Yorkers.

Looking for a good read during this time of sheltering in place

During this time of sheltering in place, many of us have found solace in catching up on television and movies to escape our surreal reality.