C. Virginia Fields: Vote we must on Nov. 8!

Following two terms of America’s first black president, our nation is at a historic turning point. If you doubt your place in determining what path we’ll go down, let me take you back to another historic time.

Like unions, BLM movement is a fight for justice

Black Lives Matter is one of the most important civil rights movements in recent years. And it is one we in organized labor must embrace, not only because it is morally right but also because fighting for justice is what ...

How ‘affluenza’ threatens to reach the presidency

After many years of near anonymity, I was dragged back into the spotlight by Donald Trump.

URBAN AGENDA: With $82 Billion Budget, City Can Afford to Give Half Fare to Working Poor

Upward mobility, made possible by commuting to good jobs and higher educational opportunities throughout our city, requires actual physical mobility

Ken Thompson was a true fighter for justice.

I had the honor of working with Ken for years, well before he was district attorney and I was public advocate.

Lead pipes, the Roman Empire and American infrastructure

There has been some scientific speculation as to whether high levels of lead in the city’s pipes caused widespread lead poisoning among Romans, ultimately leading to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

Rev. Dr. A.R. Bernard: My friend Ken Thompson

Rev. Dr. A.R. Bernard reflects on the passing of Ken Thompson.

Trump, get your facts right on Central Park jogger case

If Donald Trump really believes in his law and order campaign theme, he had better get his facts straight on the Central Park jogger case. Last week, the Republican presidential candidate repeated his bogus assertion that the dismissal of the ...

Real reason Republicans are ditching Trump? It's white women

Emory University law professor Dorothy A. Brown shares her views on why Republicans are really dumping Trump.

UN call for Black reparations penetrates US presidential election

From the New York Post to The Washington Post, written and electronic mass media across the country have broadly covered the report of a United Nations working group’s call for reparations for Black people, but has imposed a news blackout ...

Remembering Shimon Peres, a man of wisdom

Columnist Armstrong Williams reflects on the passing of Shimon Peres

Community demands safely run nuclear power plants

Frank Fraley, President SHARE (Safe Healthy, Affordable, Reliable Energy) pens an open letter about nuclear power safety.

URBAN AGENDA: Eviction prevention is good housing policy

Fifty-seven years ago, the Supreme Court upheld providing counsel in criminal proceedings as a constitutional right: when life and liberty interests were at stake, the court’s Gideon v. Wainwright ruling held that individuals were entitled to a court-appointed attorney if ...

It’s GOTV time

Not in at least a half-century have we witnessed a national presidential election in which the candidates hold such vastly different views.

President Barack Obama proclaims National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 2016

President Barack Obama's proclamation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016.