Stand Up for Economic Justice: Fight Trump’s Vicious Budget Ax

In the weeks leading up to his assassination, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made economic justice the central focus of his advocacy. Dr. King saw economic inequality as a fundamental flaw in our society that needed to be ...

Pace yourself

It seems like each week brings a new set of mini-hurricanes from the president and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

No David Clarke promotion after deaths in Milwaukee

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke went on conservative talk radio Wednesday—in advance of any announcement from the Trump administration—to announce that he will be accepting a position as assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Partnership and ...

President Trump is true agent of hope and change in the Middle East

A new day has dawned in the Middle East. On the heels of Donald Trump’s first visit to Israel as president of the United States, it is evident that the game has changed. America is right back where it belongs—at ...

End the killing of Black children by police

The time is now for America’s legislative body at the state and local levels to bring a full stop to the endless harassment and killing of Black children at the hands of the men and women in law enforcement sworn ...

Let’s extend Mother’s Day

This past Sunday, many of us celebrated the amazing women in our lives.

Fear of African-Americans in Mississippi in 2017

Imagine sitting in your home with your spouse and children.

A test for the Trump coalition

The recent wispy vote in the House of Representatives and subsequent haranguing from national party Democrats on the fate of their political opponents create many inflection points for pundits and policy watchers alike.

Supporting families with more community schools

Bringing schools and communities together as partners to build a better future for students and families is common sense. Since 2014, we have launched 150 community schools across the city, and this September, 69 additional schools will be transforming their ...

The City’s Last Bastion of White Privilege

For the first time in history, people of color and women make up most applicants for the upcoming New York City firefighter test, which many fire department officials celebrate as an important high-water mark in the long-running battle to diversify ...


I recently saw “Sweat” on Broadway, written by the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage. Her poignant play follows a small factory town in Pennsylvania during the 2000 election season.

Upon the wings of a dove

Sometime in the womb, as we evolve over months from a single-celled organism into the complex mass of neurons and flesh that we recognize as ourselves, an awareness of our place in the world emerges.

Unmasking the disease of a thousand faces

Lupus—a complex, devastating and life-changing autoimmune disease that currently has no cure—is not easily understood or explained.

Cutting off the school-to-prison pipeline

“I am innocent.” These three words caught my attention as I watched “Time: The Kalief Browder Story,” a six-part documentary series that aired on SpikeTV throughout the month of March to the beginning of April.

Remembering LA 25 years later

I have read several thought pieces reflecting on the 25 years after the Los Angeles uprisings, after the acquittal of the police officers involved in the brutal beating of motorist Rodney King.