Wealth building 101: Squirrel something away

The most important concept in business is leverage.

Urban Agenda: Older Youth Left Out of City Budget

Longtime readers of this column know that over the years I have been particularly vocal about the crisis of out of school, out of work young people.

Holiday Weekend Proves America Must Improve Approach to Public Safety

Statistics show that gun violence goes up during summer holiday weekends, but that fact does not make it any easier for a mother, father, brother or sister dealing with the loss of a loved one due to senseless acts of ...

‘Every shut eye ain’t sleep; Every goodbye ain’t gone’

The Newark Anti-Violence Coalition, like a large sea of the human family, roundly and wholeheartedly condemns the vicious, savage, sinister, racist slaughter of the people of Mother Emmanuel AME, including a beloved daughter of Newark’s Vailsburg section, the Rev. Sharonda ...

A call to courage

A little over one week ago, pure evil visited the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C.

Giving all job seekers a fair chance

A quick search of want ads in just about any newspaper reveals the problem: “No felonies.”

The sad truths behind the Happy Meals

The advertisements would have us believe that fast-food restaurants are the savior of the working parent, too tired to cook and in need of a quick, reasonably priced way to feed the family.

New air standards could disproportionately affect urban communities

As President Obama moves to implement policies that his administration says will reduce smog levels, he is facing a backlash in the urban and largely Black communities that are at the core of his political base and key to the ...

Mr. Mayor, we demand action now

The United Clergy Caucus is a heterodox convening of African-American clergy from across the five counties of New York City.

What New Yorkers can learn from California: Bags and baths

I recently visited Los Angeles, and each time I touch down and see the Pacific Ocean, I always feel like I am cheating on New York City just a bit.

Cops and Kids Day

As we approach the midpoint of the year, New York City residents are eager for a summer filled with outdoor activities, street fairs and community-based events throughout the five boroughs.

South Dakota voter fraud prosecution out of control

Former South Dakota U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth’s trial started Tuesday.

Urban Agenda: As Albany dithers, working moms suffer

A string of public corruption investigations and convictions have sullied an already dubious image of state politics this legislative session. As a result, a disgruntled electorate has low expectations that anything good can come out of Albany.

Investing in American competitiveness

I am devastated by the recent Amtrak crash outside of Philadelphia. Such loss of life and injury to people just going about their routine hit close to home for me because that is my weekly route from Washington, D.C., back ...

We need better transportation infrastructure

I ride the subway almost every day of the year. The people’s taxi is one of the most efficient means of transportation available and it is also “green.”