Donald Trump gives himself an ‘A+’ for his time in office

President Trump has been in office for almost 600 days, depending upon when you read this article. Many conservatives and Republicans believe that he is doing a good job, and in an interview he gave himself a grade of “A+.”

The Black man’s vote

Nothing has been more visibly elusive in American politics than the Black man’s vote.

URBAN AGENDA: Student Debt Crisis Puts Communities of Color at Risk

While the television news media focus on President Donald Trump’s tweets and the investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 election, some of the biggest stories receive far less attention and are easy to miss.

Carson’s indelible legacy won’t be defaced by petty politics

The recent AP story claiming that the people of Baltimore, Dr. Ben Carson’s long time home, have forsaken their local hero is wedge politics at its most cynical.

CHTA engages on recovery plans at Clinton Global Initiative

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association was out in full force recently for the second formal meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery.

Support the prisoner’s strike

Last week imprisoned individuals from prisons from across at least seven states went on strike to highlight their conditions and make demands for equitable and humane treatment, to bring attention to the deaths of inmates that have occurred while in ...

We will always love you, Aretha

We lost our queen last week.

Thank you, Aretha

The Queen of Soul was much more than a great voice.

URBAN AGENDA: Empowering Poor and Working-Class People

The movement in New York City to organize low-wage fast food employees, and to bring public attention to issues impacting their lives, marks an inflection point in the broader campaign to improve conditions for the poor and working poor.

Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #82

“Truth isn’t truth,” proclaimed Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s resident counsel, guru and oracle.

Democrats and Republicans must do more to engage African Americans

When it comes to politics in this country, there is one thing that seems to be a constant—the Black vote is important and always tends to make a difference.

‘Sorry to Bother You’

We are in a crucial moment both domestically and internationally, and “Sorry to Bother You” brings up some critical discussions pertaining to the role of the government interfering in our lives, what it means to be the working poor and ...

Loyalty and leadership

My respect and appreciation for the many milestones our president has accomplished during his two years in offices remains unwavering.

How to address the coming shortfall of primary care doctors

About 20,000 students recently graduated from U.S. medical schools. Now they’re beginning the next chapter of their training as residents.

On target for a cure: The strength of a public health response to gun violence in America

Across the nation, we have all been witness to the distressing routine: People are murdered by gun violence.