Embrace change

Today is Election Day and change is in the air.

The world stopped to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen

Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018, Her Majesty the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, left this plane, but the world was blessed to experience and enjoy her talent and genius.

As city works to regulate Uber, access to taxis is better than ever before

New York City’s new law to regulate multibillion-dollar ridesharing companies such as Uber has been broadly supported by taxi and Uber drivers alike.

Beware of unions offering gifts: Patients are their collateral damage

By now, we are used to seeing our nation’s unions do everything that they can to put their interests ahead of the industries that they are trying to undercut.

I advocate for the formerly/currently incarcerated

I have worked in human services for many years with the hungry, homeless and formerly incarcerated.

An exciting time in City University’s history

Throughout the city this week, more than a quarter of a million students are beginning classes on the 25 campuses of The City University of New York, an annual ritual that reaffirms CUNY’s long-standing and inseparable connection with the city.

Black lives mattered on 9/11

"It was no surprise when the 12 Black firefighters who died that day didn’t seem to get the same recognition as the white firefighters who also gave their lives."

Primary Election Day is one week away

Citizens of New York, Primary Election Day is just one week from today. Thursday, Sept. 13, it is imperative that you go to your polling station to decide who should be our next governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state senator, ...

Mortgage industry leaves millions of prospective homebuyers on the table

The home mortgage industry across the U.S., now on “sound footing” since the crisis of 2007, is still leaving prospective homeowners behind, according to a recent Harvard University study.

Israel revolutionizing global medicine

Over the years, I have been to Israel many times and it is always an inspiring, amazing experience.

Donald Trump gives himself an ‘A+’ for his time in office

President Trump has been in office for almost 600 days, depending upon when you read this article. Many conservatives and Republicans believe that he is doing a good job, and in an interview he gave himself a grade of “A+.”

The Black man’s vote

Nothing has been more visibly elusive in American politics than the Black man’s vote.

URBAN AGENDA: Student Debt Crisis Puts Communities of Color at Risk

While the television news media focus on President Donald Trump’s tweets and the investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 election, some of the biggest stories receive far less attention and are easy to miss.

Carson’s indelible legacy won’t be defaced by petty politics

The recent AP story claiming that the people of Baltimore, Dr. Ben Carson’s long time home, have forsaken their local hero is wedge politics at its most cynical.

CHTA engages on recovery plans at Clinton Global Initiative

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association was out in full force recently for the second formal meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery.