Self-esteem is critical to sustaining wealth

Self-esteem has a phenomenal impact on one’s ability to become an entrepreneur

Illegal requests at polling station

This morning I encountered four alarming requests when I went to vote

(Un)harnessing civil rights

It looks like the Civil Rights Movement can welcome a new set of activists into the fold

Brooklyn’s ‘Own Black Shining Prince’

Not only was Owens Medgar Evers College’s Black shining prince, he was Brooklyn’s also.

Bill de Blasio for mayor of New York City

We must go to the polls and vote for Bill de Blasio for mayor on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

In Brooklyn, the Thompson vs. Hynes drama continues—and it’s not flattering to Hynes

In Brooklyn, the Thompson vs. Hynes drama continues—and it’s not flattering to Hynes There seems to be no end to the drama that is surrounding the race for Brooklyn district attorney. And it is a spectacle that has tarnished the ...

A yes vote on Proposal 1 is a yes vote for our schools, our kids and our economy

Let’s be honest: Our schools are struggling. Our kids are sitting in crumbling classrooms, and if they are able to graduate at all (half of them aren’t), they are not prepared for college and careers.

Redskins name should stay, but personal attacks should go

Watching the current debate swirl around the Washington Redskins, I can’t help but shake my head. The issue of a name change is a tired issue that we have heard about before, yet something seems different this time, and much ...

Chief Philip Banks for police commisioner

Chief Philip Banks for police commisioner

New Harlem Plaza can improve health

Every summer, for three Saturdays in a row, miles of roads close to traffic and make way for us as we bike, rock climb or stroll through the city-sponsored Summer Streets festival.

Biker danger in the city

The numerous unregistered dirt bikes in northern Manhattan are once again become a major nuisance and safety issue.

A Star of a tax break

If you own a house, co-op or condominium in New York City, there’s something I want you to do right away: Register for the School Tax Relief Program (STAR) exemption.

Captivating prospect of public advocate Tish

In 2008, when the controversy over term limits was reaching a citywide boil, there were passions raging on whether the will of New Yorkers, as expressed in two referendums, should be overturned. It pitted the forces of Mayor Michael Bloomberg ...

The Northeast Bronx is on the move

When I think of the economic state of the Northeast Bronx and where it was just a few years ago as a result of the collapse of the housing market and the Great Recession of 2007, the term “revitalization” immediately ...

The debt ceiling: Pros and cons

The House issued a challenge to the Obama administration this week. It passed a budget resolution that funds the government into December but defunds Obama’s signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act.