Not everything is as it seems

“Not everything is as it seems.” Those were the words spoken by the venerable karate master Mr. Miyagi to his student Daniel, when Daniel complained that painting Miyagi’s property was not teaching him self-defense.

URBAN AGENDA - Deception through Insinuation: Image Is Not Enough

Optics matter, appearances are important and all presidents and politicians use them to enhance their message.

Make America Great Again

One of the many problems that is causing so much devastation in our inner cities and urban communities is the lack of jobs.

URBAN AGENDA: Up Is Down: What Trump’s Fabulist Budget Really Means

Lying — like it or not — is a part of everyday life. Most of us bend the truth every now and then, with even the most honest person telling the occasional fib to avoid hurting someone else's feelings.

President Trump should consider CBC budget if he's serious about helping Black America

A nation’s budget is a document that reflects its priorities. While President Trump has yet to submit his first budget to Congress, we are already learning what will likely be in it.

Subway fare increase causing burden for low-income New Yorkers

I used to think I lived “on a good line,” a subway line that had relatively few delays, a line that had rush hour madness, but for the most part was a subway line where you could find a seat ...

Justice for Emmett Till: We will not be silenced

Throughout history, certain events have directed, or even redirected, the course of our society. Historians often try to determine the focal point of past events for the next generation of humanity.

One for the ages

The first address to a joint session of Congress by the 45th president of the United States was one for the ages—historic and monumental on every level.

Obamacare was bad! Trumpcare is worse!

The Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, was bad. Although it did ensure millions of Americans, it also left millions uninsured.

A misfire in the White House Press Office

I cannot say that I know White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer very well, personally.

An easy way for Mayor de Blasio to keep his promise

As not-for-profit human service providers and members of a sector that is a major economic engine employing more than 200,000 New Yorkers, we were elated to hear Mayor de Blasio focus his Feb. 13 State of the City Address on ...

Attorney General Sessions must resign after breach of public trust

“Jeff Sessions is an honest man,” said President Trump. “He did not say anything wrong. He could have stated his response more accurately, but it was clearly not intentional.”

Getting serious about fire safety

It seems like lately I have read far too many news stories about families losing loved ones because of fires in their homes and apartments.

URBAN AGENDA: City’s homeless crisis will become catastrophic if we don’t save public housing

New York City’s greatest social struggle of the last third of a century has been government’s attempts to address homelessness, which CSS examined in its ground-breaking 1981 report, Private Lives, Public Spaces.

Trump’s immigration crackdown: We need action, Mayor de Blasio, not more rhetoric

Dear Mayor de Blasio, Your administration’s municipal identification policy is vague. But what makes it dangerous is that it is causing hysteria in the African immigrant community in New York City...