It’s not just education: Bill de Blasio and housing

Whether it’s affordable housing or homelessness, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s legacy isn’t just tied to charter schools and universal pre-K. A group of activists and supporters of the mayor gathered outside of City Hall last week to ...

New York Post lies about Greater Harlem Housing Development Corp

Ted Nugent’s comments that President Barack Obama is a “subhuman mongrel” and his subsequent so-called apology, which accused Obama of being a “violator of the Constitution,” is totally disrespectful

NYPD and MTA to clear the homeless from subways in an “outreach” effort

The NYPD and the MTA will begin clearing the homeless out of the city's subways on Feb. 24 at 3 a.m., in what the department is calling an “outreach program,” to offer them alternative shelter from the cold.

AIDS advocates call for more affordable housing in NYC

For HIV/AIDS advocates, it just boils down to one thing: “Provide more affordable housing for New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS.”

Mayor-elect de Blasio's leadership team continues to take shapes with appointments of deputy mayor for housing and economic development, Mayor's Chief of Staff

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio appointed Alicia Glen, Head of the Urban Investment Group (UIG) at Goldman Sachs, as his new Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development.

Spirit of giving felt across the city for Christmas

All across the city, New Yorkers are realizing the true meaning of Christmas

National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day

Dec. 21 is National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day. The annual event, which is commemorated in over 150 cities and counties across the United States.

Petition asks Gov Cuomo to ensure affordable housing in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn civic associations and community-based organizations have launched an online petition asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo stop the sale of Atlantic Yards to Greenland Holdings Group

Comptroller says the city can do more to protect the homeless

Comptroller John Liu is calling on the city to drop Aguila Inc.

The Greater NY Links, Rep. Rangel and Home Depot Foundation’s pre-Veterans Day celebration

groups announced the launch of the third Celebration of Service campaign to ensure military veterans and their families have a safe place to call home

Bloomberg suggests fingerprinting NYCHA residents

In a further attempt to fight crime, Bloomberg suggested last week that residents at New York City Housing Authority complexes be fingerprinted

A tale of two boroughs: report highlights poorest and richest areas in Brooklyn

According to a new report by the Independent Budget Office (IBO), wealth in New York City is geographically concentrated, but the poverty’s dispersed. And no place is that displayed better than in Brooklyn.

Finding New Destiny homes for domestic violence survivors

At least 1/3 of the families using New York City's shelter system are homeless due to domestic violence, according to the New Destiny Housing Corporation.

Is contracting HIV a cure to homelessness?

It may seem extreme, but some homeless men and perhaps women are purposely contracting the HIV virus in order to obtain government assistance that would no longer require them to live on the street, according to a new report in ...

Poverty rate hurting New Yorkers

According to the 2012 American Community Survey, the median household income in the New York metro area was $63,982 in 2012. In addition, 14.8 percent of people in the New York area were in poverty in 2012. One in five ...