Hundreds of homeowners in NYC have been defrauded out of their homes

Hundreds of homeowners throughout New York City have been defrauded out of their homes. Now, elected officials are calling for a federal investigation into the matter, including whether a city program may be partly to blame.

Harlem families fight for heat, hot water after ‘terrible’ holiday weekend

New York City Housing Authority Residents are struggling without heating and the Housing and Urban Development regional director said she's intending to stay in a NYCHA apartment to see first hand what tenants go through.

NYCHA repairs a doorway to privatization?

The New York City Housing Authority just got another leg up on the road for the $32 billion needed for repairs.

Mayor unveils ‘NYCHA 2.0’ as fired DOI head says de Blasio interfered with probes

The commissioner of an agency that investigates waste and malfeasance in New York City government said Monday

Judge rejects city’s $2.2 billion deal with feds over NYCHA repairs

A federal judge on Wednesday rejected a $2.2 billion payment NYCHA

Hot 97 hosts NYCHA town hall in the Bronx

Hot 97 Street Soldiers hosted a NYCHA town hall community meeting in the Bronx.

Heating problems plague NYCHA as temperatures dip

As temperatures fall to below freezing at night in the city, residents in NYCHA are already battling with heating issues.

Interim Chair of NYCHA grilled about city’s privatization details at public hearing

Interim chair of NYCHA Stanley Brezenoff was in the hot seat again at a public hearing Tuesday.

NYC’s disappearing affordable housing

In the Brooklyn neighborhoods I represent, homeowners are increasingly subject to insidious fraud scams and deed theft, and they face the ever-present risk of foreclosure because of the lingering effects of the financial crisis.

Emergency meeting held to address housing crisis in Brooklyn

How bad is the affordable housing crisis in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn?

Mayor promises warmer winter for NYCHA; plan includes $1M a month ‘third party experts’

Thousands of families didn't have heat or hot water in public housing last winter and Mayor Bill de Blasio promised Thursday that this year will be different.

Government-supported race discrimination suppressing Black homeownership

Despite the fact that the Fair Housing Act was passed by Congress more than 50 years ago, evidence now reveals that government-supported racial discrimination in home buying remains rampant across the U.S.—yet, with little legislative remedy or recourse.

NYCHA tenants testify in federal court

As NYCHA’s ongoing saga continues, residents living in public housing continue their plea for the city to fix the numerous problems.

City defends program that seizes property of homeowners

A city program designed to seize distressed properties faces criticism after reports of homeowners being kicked out of their living spaces. But the city thinks the criticism is unjustified.

Report: Rents in NYC dipped the past month, but not enough of a reprieve for tenants

A new report from a platform that connects renters with apartment listings showed a monthly dip in rent for an average New York City apartment. But it’s not enough to make a dent for the average resident.