Cuomo officially declares state of emergency for NYCHA, vows swift improvement

With the stroke of a pen, Gov. Andrew Cuomo equated NYCHA’s urgency with Hurricane Sandy or a major snowstorm Monday as he officially declared public housing in New York City in a state of emergency.

Angry NYCHA Tenants rally, pray for public housing fixes and funding

Public housing tenants fed up with conditions inside their homes rallied and marched during Holy Week just across from City hall.

NYCHA tenant leaders asks: Where’s the money?

As Gov. Andrew Cuomo makes major announcements that he is proposing $550 million in funding for the New York City Housing Authority in the state budget, tenants continue to suffer.

Gov. Cuomo pledges another $250 million for NYCHA

In another visit to NYCHA housing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces he’s tacking on an additional $250 million proposed investment for inclusion in the state budget to support public housing.

Free real estate and wealth-building forum at the Sheraton

Free real estate and wealth-building forum at the Sheraton

Gov. Cuomo visits NYCHA while Mayor de Blasio is out of town

Gov. Cuomo is now stepping into the ongoing saga of issues facing NYCHA and calling on the state health department to investigate health and safety condition in public housing in the city.

NYCHA Chair pens open letter to residents

NYCHA Chair and CEO Shola Olatoye sent an open letter to residents on Friday marking her four-year anniversary since taking the the job.

New Yorkers ‘lose hope’ while applying again and again for city’s affordable housing lottery

The city’s affordable housing lottery was set up to assist city residents, but applying for the lottery takes time and patience.

‘Worse’ than Flint: Lawmakers demand probe of NYCHA lead paint issues

A bombshell report released Monday depicts the lead problem inside New York City Housing Authority apartments as far worse than once thought.

'Making Rent Count' pilot program to help New Yorkers boost credit score

Comptroller Scott Stringer in partnership with the Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association announced a new pilot program, Making Rent Count.

Ja Rule puts NYCHA in the hot seat

Continuing their fight against the city, NYCHA residents and elected officials gathered on the steps of City Hall Tuesday to voice their sustained outrage over a lack of heat and hot water.

Legal Aid Society threatens to sue NYCHA for $15 million over heat problems

It’s been a brutal winter for families in our city with no heat – and now, thousands of residents are no longer taking it.

‘Enough is enough!’: Emotions run high in ongoing NYCHA saga

Goose down jackets, doubled-up scarves, trousers-on-top-of-trousers, long-johns, thermals and gloves are what some NYCHA residents are wearing in their freezing apartments with iced-up windows, stone-cold radiators and visible breath in the living rooms.

NYCHA grilled on failing system leaving 80% of tenants without heat, hot water this winter

The majority — 80 percent — of NYCHA residents have gone without heat and hot water this winter.

The NYCHA saga continues

Tiesha Jones was devastated to learn in 2010 that her 4-year-old daughter had nine times the allowable level of lead in her blood.