NYPD warns Harlem Residents about Double-Parking by 125th street intersections

NYPD officers handed out fliers on April 2nd near the notorious intersection of 125th street and Lenox Ave where several deadly accidents have taken place in the past few years. The fliers warned about the dangers of double parking for ...

NYPD gets inspector general

The city has welcomed its inspector general, an officer to oversee the New York Police Department.

Brooklyn man exonerated after 24 years in prison

Brooklyn native Jonathan Fleming, 51, has been exonerated after being falsely convicted of murder in August 1989 and spending over 24 years in prison.

‘Central Park Five’ rally at City Hall for 25th anniversary of injustice

Community waits for Mayor Bill de Blasio to honor his campaign promise to settle the Central Park 5 case.

Still no answers in case of Avonte Oquendo

The family of the late Avonte Oquendo is still looking for answers and an apology in the case of the missing and now deceased 14-year-old autistic boy

Black man exonerated after three decades on death row

On Tuesday, March 11, Glenn Ford, 64, stepped from the grueling confines of Louisiana’s infamous Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola for the first time in nearly 30 years after a Shreveport, La., judge vacated his murder conviction.

Young Guns: Teen shooting incites calls to end gun pipeline

Shots rang out on a city bus as people were going about their business. A young father lay dying, and a teen with some sort of perceived beef was holding the smoking gun

NYPD reminds Harlem pedestrians to be careful

The 29th Precinct in Harlem NYPD is reminding pedestrians to be careful by handing out fliers along 125th Street.

Alabama veteran who hired KKK hit man to kill Black neighbor begs judge for mercy

The scheduled sentencing hearing for Allen Wayne Morgan, convicted of attempting to hire a white supremacist hit man to murder his Black neighbor, was postponed

Homeless vet ‘baked to death’ on Rikers Island

An investigation has begun into the death of 56-year-old Jerome Murdough, a mentally ill homeless military vet who died in his Rikers Island jail cell

Alabama veteran who hired KKK hit man to kill Black neighbor begs judge for mercy

The Feb. 25 scheduled sentencing hearing for a Caucasian man in Alabama convicted of attempting to hire a white supremacist hit man to murder his Black neighbor was postponed at least a month so that records of his mental health ...

Political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz out of solitary confinement

political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz was released to the general population after 22 years in solitary confinement

City settles in FDNY discrimination case

This week, the city settled the second part of the Vulcan Society lawsuit against discriminatory exams for the Fire Department of New York

Stop-and-frisk becomes focus in Newark

While stop-and-frisk might seem like an isolated issue in New York City, the controversial practice is starting to take center stage as a growing problem in Newark, N.J.

NYPD brutality on video

Community relations among New York’s finest is again being heavily scrutinized after bystander Dariel Reyes video recorded two law enforcement agents who seemed to be bullying and verbally and physically abusing an innocent Black man prior to tackling him to ...