Gun violence must stop now to save Black people

Gun violence in Black communities across America has long been a crisis. It is not hyperbolic to deem it genocide.

Brandon Hendricks’ life cut short by senseless violence

The current racial justice protests and decades of civil rights activism have not curtailed Black on Black crime, as senseless loss of life to gun violence continues to devastate families and communities.

Skaters unite to advocate for more inclusivity

Last month, an international array of figure skaters participated in a video by the Diversify Ice Foundation advocating that skating become a more diverse and inclusive sport.

Montgomery to sit out WNBA season in favor of activism

This week, professional women’s basketball players have been heading to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida to commence preparations for the upcoming WNBA season.

Some players choose health over money in forgoing a return

Brooklyn Nets center DeAndre Jordan, like so many of his fellow NBA players, had much to consider when the league decided to move forward with a return to competition

The Patriots sign Cam Newton in a new start for both

When six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady decided to take his talents to Tampa Bay to quarterback the Buccaneers in mid March

Willoughby looking forward to unique rookie season

After coming to the New York Liberty in a draft night trade, New Jersey native Jocelyn Willoughby was looking forward to playing her rookie season close to home.

Female athletes fill Howard University’s SAAC executive board

As student-athletes contemplate returning to their respective campuses, there are many issues to be considered.

Noted attorney credits basketball for her winning edge

Over the last 30 years criminal defense attorney Juliette Robinson has made headlines for standing up for her clients.

Clarendon assumes veteran role with the Liberty

With the plans for the 2020 WNBA season moving forward, the New York Liberty is now participating in and hosting events for its fans.

Socially conscious young athletes exert their power

College and high school athletes have agency. Specifically football and basketball players

Offending fans, NASCAR attempts to eradicate racism from racing

It’s not shocking that there’s been some backlash to all of the newfound attention and empathy given to the plight of the Black man.

MLB writes another chapter in its history of labor disputes

Major League Baseball’s battles between players and owners dates back to its founding 117 years ago.

How will a possible comeback for Colin Kaepernick impact his legacy

If quarterback Colin Kaepernick were to get a tryout, make a comeback, return as a player to the NFL, he’d have far more challenges facing him than just learning his new team’s playbook.

WNBA announces plans for the 2020 season

On June 15, the WNBA announced there will be a 2020 season.