Liberty win four straight, but lose a big one on home court

Things were looking good for the New York Liberty. After winning four straight games—three of them on the road—the team had reached .500. Unfortunately, a return to home court was anything but triumphant as the Liberty suffered a bruising 58–90 ...

World Cup champs elevate the call for equal pay for women

America is the most prosperous nation in the world. It is also a country divided by wide racial, cultural, social and gender fissures.

New York area ballers secure their position within the 1 percent

On their way to being among the 1 percent—whether it’s based on the sliding scale of one’s yearly gross and or portfolio of savings, equity, investments and or lines of credit—three of New York’s tristate area basketball prodigies have just ...

Full Court All World 21 returns to the playgrounds of NYC

In decades past, the game of 21 was a staple of schoolyards across the urban landscape of this country.

It’s back-to-back softball wins for Harrison

Taking part in the festivities surrounding the Major League Baseball All-Star Game is a once-in-a-lifetime experience—unless you’re Mariah Harrison. Last weekend, the 11-year-old marked her third appearance as a national finalist and second consecutive win in the MLB Pitch, Hit ...

Coco opened, but Serena is now left to close the show

If Serena Williams wins her semifinal Wimbledon match today, she advances to the championship Saturday to play against the winner of Simone Halep versus Elina Svitolina.

Knicks add veterans to unproven roster of youngsters

The Knicks are very much a work in progress. After a fleeting period of hope in the winter and spring, when there was still the prospect of the franchise acquiring players that would immediately elevate it from the depths of ...

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to Brooklyn—It’s a done deal

The NBA’s most recent free agency market has been the wildest that it’s ever been

After being spurned by KD and Kyrie, all the Knicks can do is move forward

The Knicks shouldn’t have to apologize, offer mea culpas or craft suspect narratives to save face after being spurned by unrestricted free-agents Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving—both Net gains for Brooklyn

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant dunked on—no slammed—the basketball world Sunday evening, June 30, at the start of the NBA free agency season by both agreeing to sign with the Brooklyn Nets, a package deal that also includes Deandre Jordan.

The Yankees return from London with the American League’s best record

The Yankees gave the United Kingdom a glimpse of why they are one of the most successful and iconic sports brands in the world.

Despite the adversity, the Mets look back, celebrate their history

The New York Mets celebrated the 50th anniversary of winning the team’s first World Series for the franchise this past weekend at Citifield.

Venus Williams defeated in Wimbledon by 15-year-old prodigy

Tennis great Venus Williams will now have more time to practice and focus on next month’s U.S. Open here in New York City after being defeated at Wimbledon July 1 by 15-year-old upstart prodigy, Cori Gauff.

Liberty gets back-to-back wins

The New York Liberty had a lot to celebrate as they pulled out a 69–68 win over the Dallas Wings last Friday night

Connecticut returns to the Big East

It was announced last week that the University of Connecticut, which left the Big East conference in 2013 in the wake of football-driven conference realignments, will be returning in the near future (most likely the 2020-21 school year).