Proficient on both offense and defense, Golden State only lacks empathy

They each took a different road to get here. They each secured a top-seeded position, and then advanced to these NBA Conference Finals—East and West.

How much will tennis miss Serena Williams?

As Serena Williams chased a historic calendar grand slam in 2015, tickets for the US Open women's finals sold out before the men's for the first time.

Mets and Yankees experience a role reversal

Coming into the 2017 Major League Baseball season, the Mets and Yankees appeared to be on divergent paths.

Derek Jeter returns to the Bronx to have his number retired

Retired New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter returns to the team’s historic Bronx stadium Sunday afternoon, Mother’s Day, to have his Number 2 retired, an honor only given to the major league’s greatest Yankee players.

Banks drives it home

Queens College junior Damira Banks literally sprinted to the finish. The multi-talented junior track athlete was part of the Knights’ victorious 4x100 relay team at last Saturday’s Tom Farrell Classic at St. John’s University.

Liberty suffer rough loss in preseason

“Even though they were without some main players that will be on their final roster, we wanted to see if we could be physical with them because we respect how they play,” said Curt Miller, coach of the Connecticut Sun, ...

Kobe’s new league is a reminder of one thing, reclassification

The announcement of the new youth basketball program, the Mamba League, spearheaded by retired basketball great Kobe Bryant, in partnership with Nike and the Boys and Girls Clubs in Los Angeles, their attempt to properly teach the game of basketball ...

The Brooklyn Senior Games melds the mind, body and spirit

The pure joy and satisfaction emanating from Vivian Jett’s voice is nothing less than upliftingly infectious when she speaks of the second Annual Brooklyn Senior Games.

Golden State sweeps—no, vacuums—their way through the West

The Golden State Warriors decisive defeat of the Utah Jazz Monday night enabled them to close out their second round of NBA playoffs in four straight games, to rest and prepare for what will be the first real test of ...

The Celtics and Wizards revive old school basketball

It’s not quite the hand-to-hand combat seen when the New York Knicks faced the Chicago Bulls and the Indiana Pacers in the ‘90s, or other blood and guts series of decades past. But the Eastern Conference semifinal between the Boston ...

Marius’ passing is another reminder of the seriousness of cancer

“We celebrate the life of someone who has meant so much to this community,” said the Rev. Michael A. Walrond Jr. of First Corinthians Baptist Church about Greg Marius to the many who filled his pews Thursday to do just ...

Figure Skating in Harlem celebrates 20th anniversary

Tuesday night, Figure Skating in Harlem marked its 20th anniversary of serving girls aged 6 to 18 with a vibrant program that combines the discipline of figure skating with educational programs that promote academic success

Kobe Bryant basketball leagues for children

As the summer approaches, so does the start of summer youth basketball, the leagues, tournaments and the AAU.

Racism continues to permeate stadiums across the globe

Last month, Major League Baseball celebrated the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s debut as its first Black player. This week, MLB was reminded of its ignoble past.

St. John’s continues strong track and field season

St. John’s University track and field athletes head into this weekend’s Tom Farrell Classic, the only home meet of outdoor season, on an upbeat note.