Will Smith death: Video shows cars stopping, possibly hitting, before fight

Why was Will Smith killed?

Connecticut shoots and defends their way to basketball history

According to some sports pundits, the domination of the University of Connecticut in Division I women’s basketball is bad for the game.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley 3 is Pac’s last

Manny Pacquiao fights professionally for the last time this Saturday, April 9, against Timothy Bradley at the MGM Casino in Las Vegas, in a welterweight championship bout.

Should the Brooklyn Nets bench Sean Kilpatrick?

After Monday night’s NCAA championship game, teams in the upcoming NBA Playoffs will have to step up their game.

Three more games for the Knicks!

Tomorrow (Friday) in Philadelphia the Knicks will play the 76ers. Their last home game Sunday is against the Toronto Raptors, and for the finale next Tuesday in Indianapolis, they will play the Pacers.

Uptown Games marks five years

Students from more than 40 schools participated the fifth annual Uptown Games at the Armory New Balance Track & Field Center over the weekend.

Connecticut poised to make history again

As Division I women’s basketball heads into the Final Four this weekend, the University of Connecticut will try to establish yet another record in the sport of basketball—four consecutive NCAA championships.

Brooklyn gives LeBron and Cavs a wake-up call

Waiting to interview LeBron James with the throng of reporters congregated inside the visitors’ locker room of the Barclays Center after the Cleveland Cavaliers’ loss to the Brooklyn Nets last Thursday is somewhat comical.

The Knicks need affection, but they also need backcourt offense

Monday night in New Orleans, an innocent little boy proved that widespread adoration for the struggling Knicks—or at least Carmelo Anthony—is alive and well when he ran onto the court in the game’s final minute and hugged the Knicks’ lone ...

The Mets’ pitching cast will throw their way to World Series land

Although the Mets are one of the favorites to capture Major League Baseball’s supreme trophy in the 2016 season, actually winning it seems as rare a sighting as Halley’s Comet

It’s April, it’s spring and it’s time for baseball

The New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals brought last year’s Major League Baseball season to a close.

The Armory Foundation continues to be an educational life saver

Highlights from the Armory Foundation in Washington Heights.

Post-season proves short for NY and NJ Division I teams

Post-season cut short for New York and New Jersey Division I NCAA Women's basketball teams.

Bronx native Kemba Walker leads Jordan’s Hornets

Bronx native Kemba Walker, shows his talents down in Charlotte.

The Knicks are now a major headache to their loyal fans

Knicks fans are suffering right along with the team.