LeBron and Cavs maintain sway over the Raptors

The Toronto Raptors must defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in their best-of-seven Eastern Conference semifinals series or they will be rightly perceived as frauds—paper tigers whose roar is really a whimper.

Curry is back to dropping threes—An uplift for Golden State

“That was a special moment when Steph checked into the game,” said Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.

The NCAA continues to dismiss the idea of paying athletes

Corruption has existed in college athletics long before apparel companies, unscrupulous agents and AAU basketball became forces that exerted influence over coaches, players, players’ caretakers and university administrators.

Retired MLB players being hosed out of pensions

Because they are not vested, all these men have been getting since 2011 are non-qualified retirement payments of $625 per quarter, up to 16 quarters, or a maximum payment of $10,000.

Browns and Giants add pressure to Jets’ top draft selection

The 2018 NFL Draft begins tonight, Thursday, the first round, and continues through the final rounds Saturday.

Bronx native Saquon Barkley should be the Giants pick at No. 2

In Greek mythology, Enceladus was a giant, the offspring of Uranus (Sky) and Gaia (Earth), who fought against Olympian gods.

Liberty prepare to play far from many fans

WNBA training camps begin this weekend.

Wrestler Kyle Snyder wins the Sullivan Award

About to graduate from Ohio State University, Snyder is the youngest Olympic gold medalist and World Champion in American wrestling history.

New Orleans sweeps, Warriors take five to meet in the semifinals

If you picked one of the eight NBA first-round playoff series to end first, and in a sweep, it wouldn’t be one where a 6-seed defeats a healthy 3-seed with home court advantage in either the Eastern or Western Conference.

Without Kyrie Irving, Celtics show unwavering fight

The Boston Celtics have persevered perhaps like no other team currently playing in the postseason.

Charlo, Wilder and Lomachenko lead boxing’s resurgence

The designation of the world’s best pound-for-pound boxer has always been and remains a highly subjective argument.

Obama didn't but Trump might- A pardon for boxer Jack Johnson

In 1913, Johnson was charged and convicted of violation of the Mann Act, also known as The White-Slave Traffic Act, a United States federal law introduced by Congressman James Robert Mann, passed June 25, 1910, to help stop sexual slavery ...

In remembrance, baseball’s annual tribute to the great Jackie Robinson

One of the highlights of the start of the Major League Baseball season is their celebration of Jackie Robinson, the first American Black man to play Major League Baseball, breaking their color line the way other color lines in America, ...

The next Knicks coach should be a long-term hire

Since 2001, the Knicks have had 11 men hold the title of head coach—a few of them tenuously. None moved the franchise beyond the second round of the playoffs.

It’s Kia power for the Liberty

On WNBA Draft day, the New Liberty brought even more University of Connecticut magic to the lineup by selecting 6-foot guard Kia Nurse with the number 10 pick.