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Bloomberg says new mayor will have a balanced budget

For the first time in the city’s history, the budget for an upcoming fiscal year already has been balanced for an incoming mayor

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Is 12 years of Bloomberg akin to ‘12 Years a Slave?'

When asked recently if he had seen “12 Years a Slave,” a young man said no, but responded, “I have lived in New York City under 12 years of Bloomberg.”

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City Council to veto Bloomberg on Community Safety Act

The New York City Council plans to override Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s veto on a pair of two bills on Thursday, that will increase oversight of the NYPD and give New Yorkers the ability to sue the Police Department if they are racially profiled.

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City council overrides Bloomberg; paid sick leave passes

Amongst several mandates announced today, the City Council voted and overrode Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s veto on paid sick-leave this morning, forcing thousands of businesses to offer paid sick days and protecting workers across New York.