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Was Chokwe Lumumba murdered?

The Feb. 25 passing of Jackson, Miss., Mayor Chokwe Lumumba shocked many of his close comrades as circumstances about his death still remain unclear.

NYC honors Nelson Mandela, ponders next steps

New Yorkers turned out to the Nelson Mandela tribute at Boys and Girls High School in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

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Kanye West Meets Jewish Power

As The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 2, shows, Jewish dominance in the fields of business, trade, commerce, and finance started with Black labor--from the Southern cottonfield investments of the Rothschilds, to the Alabama slave-dealing of the Lehman Brothers, to the Jewish "needle trade" sweatshops of New York. Kanye West's attempt to penetrate that history and those business connections is a formidable venture and worthy of full Black support.

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