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‘Political prisoner’ Lynne Stewart released from prison

On New Year’s Eve, Lynne Stewart, a longtime civil rights lawyer who is suffering from breast cancer, was released from prison after a judge granted her request for compassionate release.

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Brother Shep: Protecting the community through the ages

When Shepard P. McDaniel was a young teenager growing up in the Bronx, he realized that the gang activity in his community was highly radicalized

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The African American community mourns the passing of Nelson Mandela

The people of South Africa along with admirers from around the world will feel the loss of this leader, activist and revolutionary

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Students and community come together to protest CCNY

On Dec. 5, students and Harlem community members plan to march on the City College of New York

LES Girls Club opens huge new space

Having grown up in the Lower East Side, Rosario Dawson said there were not many opportunities for girls in the neighborhood.

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City College student protestors supported in court

on Tuesday Khalil Vasquez and Tafadar “Taffy” Sourov were arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on charges connected to student demonstrations at City College.

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CUNY proposes limits on expressive activity, suspends student activists

Students and faculty worry CUNY's proposed Policy on Expressive Activity may be unconstitutional

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Illegal requests at polling station

This morning I encountered four alarming requests when I went to vote

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Political prisoners to rally for Lynne Stewart on Oct. 8

In the wake of Herman Wallace's death all eyes are on another critically ill political prisoner, Lynne Stuart, who is suffering from stage 4 breast cancer in a federal prison in Texas

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Arrested CUNY 6 spark debate and continued protest against Gen. Petraeus

The heavily policed and protected scene, a response to protests against Gen. David Petraeus teaching a class at CUNY, is a stark reminder of what many students and faculty at CUNY are now calling a “war college.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Bill Thompson concedes, endorses Bill de Blasio

Bill Thompson concedes in the race to be the Democratic candidate for mayor and endorses Bill de Blasio.

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War college: Students, faculty protest militarization of CUNY

Next week, on Monday, Sept. 9, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Gen. David Petraeus, will begin teaching a class at CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College.

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Grand Jury sets Richard Haste free, again, in shooting case of Ramarley Graham

The long saga to find justice for Ramarley Graham has reached yet another stop. A grand jury announced on August 7 that they would not re-indict Richard Haste on first and second -degree manslaughter charges.

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Finding justice for Trayvon: Protestors and activists move past anger to action

“Justice,” called one man walking up Broadway Sunday afternoon. “Justice!” screamed the crowd around him.

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The Black community calls for accountability in Obama's second term

At 11:15 p.m. on Tuesday November 6, 2012 the media projected President Barack Obama had...

350: The number uniting people across the globe

Scientists say that 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the...

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Study finds school segregation by race, poverty growing fast

In 1954 the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case decided that separate public...

Why we care about the unions

At one point in American history, people were expected to worked 60 hours per week,...

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Randy Newman releases satirical song: "I'm Dreaming of a White President"

"I'm dreaming of a white President, just like the ones we've always had: A real,...

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More models of color are working at Fashion Week

Jezebel did took a comprehensive look at the 143 shows at New York Fashion Week's...

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FDIC survey: 21% of Blacks, 41% of low income Blacks are not banking

Today The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) released the results of its 2011 National Survey...

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New York Association of Black Journalists looking for applicants to Fall youth program

The New York Association of Black Journalists is inviting students to apply to learn to...

Young black tennis player told by U.S. tennis association she is too fat to compete.

16-year-old Taylor Townsend won the Australian Open earlier this year and the toubles tournament at...

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RNC attendees go nuts on black camerawoman

Police removed two people from the Republican National Convention Tuesday after many witnessed them throwing...

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Million Hoodie march for Trayvon Martin garners growing support

Thousands of people are wearing hoodies today. And still more hooded protestors will be gathering...

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Mumia moved into the General Population

Activist Dr. Susan Ross has confirmed to the Amsterdam News that Mumia Abu-Jamal had been...

"End to End for 99%" Neighbors March from Washington Heights to Wall Street

"There are drums outside my house," said Samantha Thomas a local Harlem resident. "I think...

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Building collapses on pedestrians, bus in Harlem

At 9:26 this morning a demolition project at 125th street and Frederick Douglass Blvd. in...

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Mad Decent Block Party Rocks NYC Youth

Saturday July 30, the "Mad Decent" block party that will be making its rounds to...

Charter Schools see rise in parental support

Last January, the Community Education Council, parents and teachers expressed anger over inequities between public...

The changing business of education.

The Financial Times has dubbed Cathie Black, "The First Lady of American Magazines." Hearst, her...

Danroy Henry memorial

A crowd of about 2,000 people sang happy birthday to Danroy (D.J.) Henry, celebrating the...

How to register for the elections

With the primary elections wrapped up, the politicians that made it through are revving up...

A young woman's call to ministry

Disembark from the Staten Island Ferry and drive just a few minutes along the coastline...

Deval Patrick becomes only Black governor in the country in Massachusetts

David Paterson was only the fourth Black governor in the country, and as we watched...

Changing goals alters the face of change itself

"In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. stood on the steps of this memorial and declared...

Gunned Down: Police kill rising football star

Danroy "D.J." Henry's coach called the wide receiver a tremendous athlete whose abilities were enhanced...

Eddie Long accused of sex with young men

Eddie Long's church in Atlanta, Ga., New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, has about 25,000 members...

Giuliani and Cuomo: Diversity with lack of respect

Andrew Cuomo has promised to have a diverse transition team, and a press release said...

Hunger Action Network discusses strategy to lower poverty

After learning of Census Bureau data that shows the poverty rate in New York State...

Black veterans face harsher health care issues

President Barack Obama recently announced the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq. At...

MTA public hearings a farce and a failure?

"Fire the MTA!" yelled angry audience members at the last public hearing on the Metropolitan...

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No indictment in Danroy Henry case

On Monday, a grand jury found no reasonable cause for indictment in the police killing...

Dreaming in Disney

Last year, 17-year-old Brooklynite Kyla Hunter won a trip to Walt Disney World as part...