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In defense of Israel

Regardless of manipulation of the news by Hamas, in the terrorists’ eyes, the more innocent Israelis who are wounded or killed, the better. That is the goal and they are not afraid to admit it.

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Something is rotten in the State of Florida

Florida is no stranger to devious scams, and a company reportedly connected to organized crime has apparently taken investors for more than $30 million and counting. After the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office investigated and concluded that it was “an organized scheme to defraud,” the police took action, shut down the company and jailed the perpetrators, right?

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Time to depoliticize the appointment of judges

The U.S. Constitution grants the sole responsibility of nominating federal judges to the president.

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A nation can survive its fools, but can America survive its president?

It is already all over the “fake news” that President Trump openly criticized the FBI and the rest of America’s intelligence community during his meeting in Helsinki this week with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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What about the innocent children?

Immigration is arguably the most divisive subject in the country at present. With midterm elections rapidly approaching, the current focal point of our nation is the 2,342 children being detained separately from their families.

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In Germany, nationalism confronts regionalism

When you spend quality time in Europe, it becomes obvious that Germany is the dominant player and the financial engine for all things European Union.

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Ostracism of Trump staffers proof of liberal weakness

The recent spate of incidents in which Trump administration staffers have been confronted, and in some cases refused services at dining establishments, is alarming, especially given liberals usual pretense at intellectual honesty and democratic process.

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The souls of American People

When Roseanne Barr’s allegedly drug-induced Twitter blast confronted the pretense of normalcy often portrayed on media sitcoms, it prompted a quick—some would say, rash—response from the network.

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Father’s Day—A day of honor, wisdom…and sometimes tension

It has been many years since my father passed, but I always celebrate Father’s Day in his honor.

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Nationalism versus patriotism

As we reflected this past Memorial Day on the brave sacrifices our men and women in the armed forces have made in service of this country, one thing comes to mind.

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