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Trump can end downward spiral by following Ford, Reagan

​President Donald Trump has the examples of predecessors Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan to navigate successfully through the Scylla and Charybdis of his stormy political seas.

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Iran learns that sometimes you reap what you sow

The Middle East is a complex region, with rich layers of history and traces of biblical footprints that often cling to their ancient past, while clashing with modern-day geopolitical power struggles rooted in political, religious and extremist ideologies.

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Lessons from Manchester

The message from many Europeans with regard to terrorism is “Enough!”

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A test for the Trump coalition

The recent wispy vote in the House of Representatives and subsequent haranguing from national party Democrats on the fate of their political opponents create many inflection points for pundits and policy watchers alike.

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Reinstating the UHF Discount will help advance minority ownership

The FCC’s April 20, 2017, decision to reinstate the UHF Discount should be heralded as a significant opportunity to advance diversity and minority broadcast television ownership.

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Harvard’s season of digesting

“Yesterday, we all had to digest the results of the election.” These were the words of the Harvard Law School’s Dean of Students to the entire law school’s student body the morning after the 2016 presidential election.

Timidity in an age of innovation

I love talking with listeners on my Sirius 126 nightly 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. radio show or those who watch my local and national TV programs.

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Students are making support for Israel their mission

In recent days, I watched as throngs of supporters of Israel unloaded from buses and blanketed Capitol Hill to meet with their members of Congress with a singular goal in mind: to strengthen America’s relations with our beloved ally, Israel.

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A jurist for all seasons

The United States Supreme Court is the crown jewel of our Constitution.

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Israeli tech innovations are bettering humanity

Israel, America’s greatest ally in the Middle East, has emerged as a global trailblazer in innovative technology driving us all into a safer future.

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