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Local broadcasting is ‘essential infrastructure’ amid COVID-19 pandemic

Among the entrepreneurs I’ve been speaking with over the past week, there seems to be a growing sense of alarm about the future of their businesses and the state of the American economy.

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COVID-19 could be deadly for American small business

Over the past few weeks, the United States has been grappling with the challenges of the global coronavirus pandemic.

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'The New York Times' cynically pits America against Blacks

In a bold new project, The New York Times Magazine announced that it was reconceiving the foundational origins of the American experiment, placing them, not in the context of the American revolution of 1776, but in 1619, the date enslaved Angolans first arrived on the shores of colonial Jamestown, Virginia.

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Baseball’s failure to exact a price for cheating could destroy the game––and damage all professional sports

Nothing creates a moral hazard more than exposing corruption and yet failing to punish those responsible.

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Now’s a time to take a look at who’s blooming

The media and initial caucus results would lead you to believe that Democrats are coalescing around presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg as likely party nominees for the November election.

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Entrepreneurship: The real team sport

In a recent episode of SportsCenter, discussing the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant, sportscaster Stephen A. Smith related a story about Bryant’s post-NBA career aspirations.

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Palestinians should give Trump peace plan a chance

President Trump’s brilliant plan for Mideast peace has triggered a sandstorm of negativity and deflection from the regular naysayers who attack anything the president says and does.

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Doomsday for localism and community

The modern wireless industry is evidence as to why a market with fewer, large broadcasters is better for consumers.

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Peloton ‘scandal’ shows how mentally unfit we’ve become

At the close of that last turbulent decade, nothing summarizes the state of our culture and our unhealthy relationship with contrived outrage quite like the “Peloton ad controversy” and the wave of hysteria that has followed in its wake.

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In the Soleimani assassination Trump threads the needle between boldness and rashness

Much of the domestic and international critique of Trump’s unusual and unilateral decision to assassinate top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani center around two issues.

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