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Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election is a win for Israel and the United States

The dust has settled, the votes have been counted and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been re-elected to serve Israel for a record-setting fifth term.

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What Trump’s Fed nominations say about the U.S. economy

President Trump’s latest nominees to the Federal Reserve’s board of governors typify the president’s outside-the-box approach to executive decision-making.

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America benefits from the imperfect flawed man, in the perfect role

Former Trump attorney and disgraced, convicted, shameless felon, Michael Cohen, recently gave testimony before Congress focused upon negative allegations against his former boss.

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AIPAC, Israel and the ties that bind us

As AIPAC’s annual conference opens this week in Washington, the group finds itself caught squarely amid the quadruple cross-hairs of a deeply divided Israel and the fractured state of U.S. politics.

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Set pause button on college admissions outrage

In the latest frenzy of outrage and recrimination, the collective disdain and finger-pointing and “how could they-ism” of the media establishment has new, fresh meat: the wealthy and sometimes famous and sometimes powerful parents who were involved in a scheme to bribe and cheat to get their children into college.

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Sport brings out the best of us

Having recently attended the 2019 NBA All-Star game, I was truly in awe of the drama and athleticism displayed by the dueling Team LeBron and Team Giannis. As the teams went head-to-head on the court, I was struck by a great appreciation for the players, the game, but also for sports in general.

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Hollywood’s hijack of the #MeToo Movement

The powerful #MeToo Movement was established to address real injustices suffered by women—and in some cases, although significantly less common, by men.

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The Democrat nomination is up for grabs

Along with the 2019 new year came the predictable onset of the 2020 presidential election cycle.

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Dubai: Where morality and modernity coexist

When I arrived in Dubai two week ago as the guest of billionaire business mogul Khalaf Al Habtoor, I expected to witness the opulence and luxury for which the United Arab Emirates have become renowned.

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You’re nobody until somebody (white) kills you

Social media rang with righteous indignation over the senseless killing of Jazmine Barnes, who was shot and killed while riding in a car along with her mother and three sisters, on a Texas highway Dec. 30.

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