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North Korea and history are the best teachers for influencing our actions

We the people need our leaders to elevate the discussion about options, short of all-out war, as the administration navigates our way through the vexing North Korean issue.

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Protect affordable housing in tax reform

There is a lot to like in the tax reform bill winding its way through the House: pro-growth business incentives, simplification and an international tax regime that encourages businesses to build factories and keep good jobs here in the United States.

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Pray for America, but work to make her better

When deranged gunman Devin Kelly walked into a small community church in a tiny rural Texas town and killed the pastor’s daughter, along with 25 other innocent people, including an 18-month-old and an unborn baby, our hearts cried out in anguish

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Times of terror demand greater situational awareness

You see the truck barreling toward you and bodies and bicycles flying through the air. You hear the screeching of metal on metal and the shards of shattered glass tinkling to the pavement.

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Donald Trump: Symptom of America’s spiritual malaise

Many people who find the president’s behavior and tenor at times divisive and confronting lament that he is “dividing” the country.

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Edification and humility

Life is such a precious gift. We tend to spend the best parts of our lives in the pursuit of our ambitions, without pausing to consider the purpose of it all.

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Immigration reform efforts show Trump is dealmaker in chief

The American people elected Donald Trump because they wanted a strong leader not beholden to corporate interests or content to watch as American inexorably slipped toward mediocrity.

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We are all to blame for the Las Vegas shooting

The videos circulating on social media and playing repeatedly on the newscasts are the stuff of nightmares. The audio is chilling; the sheer panic in the air is palpable.

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Let’s make politics out of bounds on Sundays

When the referees in charge of NFL football games make questionable calls, a challenge can be issued, subjecting the decisions to closer review.

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The criminal tragedy of Baltimore schools

In 2005, when the Emmy Award-winning television drama “The Wire” shined a harsh light on Baltimore City Schools, it proved to be an eye-opening experience for viewers who were not familiar with the tragic plight of students in Baltimore.

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