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In the Soleimani assassination Trump threads the needle between boldness and rashness

Much of the domestic and international critique of Trump’s unusual and unilateral decision to assassinate top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani center around two issues.

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Guns, God and the American way

There are perhaps no two themes that signal the political division among Americans more saliently than guns and religion.

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Hatred slashes the bonds of brotherhood

Another news cycle brings with it the news of yet another anti-Semitic attack targeting America’s Jewish community, as well as a fresh attack on Christian worshippers at a church in Texas.

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America’s real ‘freedom dividend’: Hard work and pro-business policies

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is on to something: Americans could use a big “freedom dividend”—that is, a guaranteed source of income on which they can rely month after month, free from the uncertainties of the job market and employment.

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Israel’s doctors will cross the planet to save a life

When the world’s poorest or most isolated nations need emergency medical assistance, there is always one nation that will heed the call—Israel.

The last real Negus alive attacks Buttigieg with ‘wokeness’

nd to pick a twitter fight over the rather bland, innocuous and unremarkable statements Buttigieg made almost a decade ago––seems to be just that. Much ado about nothing.

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Comcast vs Byron Allen Supreme Court hearing analysis

This week I had the privilege to hear oral argument at the Supreme Court of the United States of America in Comcast v. National Association of African American-Owned Media.

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Agreement with AT&T for carriage of WEYI & WWMB (Nov. 11, 2019)

After a nearly six-month blackout, viewers in Flint-Saginaw and Myrtle Beach‑Florence will once again be able to view their local television stations.

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We need steady leadership—not fire-starters—to guide a divided nation

The current state of American politics is eerily reminiscent of the wildfires currently engulfing the State of California.

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An un-American impeachment

We are now headlong into the throes of the Constitutionally directed authority of the U.S. House of Representatives—the people’s chamber—to call into question the behavior of a sitting public official.

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