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The exploitation of college athletes

Recently, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decided to let college football players at Northwestern University unionize. Usually I am not in favor of unions, but clearly something must be done to change the way college athletes get compensated for their services.

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Bill Maher: Comedian or bigot?

Comedy has many approaches and subjects—leaders, governments, things we don’t understand. In the vein of the latter, I suppose it is understandable to pick on religion.

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It’s time for the poor to pull their own weight

All too often, rich individuals in this country are demonized for simply being rich.

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What crime have I committed?

It is fundamentally flawed to penalize someone for free enterprise and free thought.

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School choice: Good for students, good for America

The idea that parents have no control over where their children go to school is unthinkable.

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Changing the conversation on parenting 

The amount of influence the family life has on a child is eye-opening.

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The harmful consequences of raising the minimum wage

Just a few short weeks ago, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) decidedly set forth a verdict on the effects of a minimum wage increase.

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Women: Balancing careers with motherhood

We need, as a society, to get back to celebrating mothers who sacrifice their careers to care for our most vulnerable: our children.

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The legacy of politicizing minorities

How can we accomplish anything of major national importance if those who stand on one side of the divide are assumed to be acting and thinking out of a deep hatred for people of color?

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Nigeria celebrates 100 years of promise and potential

While Americans celebrated the New Year on Jan. 1, the date was also a major milestone in the history of Nigeria. It marked 100 years to the day since the separate protectorates of Southern and Northern Nigeria were united.

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