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The education dilemma

For far too many years we’ve tried to address the problem of failing educational achievement in America essentially by ignoring it. And by ignoring it, I mean, throwing money at it and hoping it’ll go away.

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Are American taxpayer dollars funding Iran’s nuclear program?

Less than one year ago, the Obama administration signed, sealed and delivered a nuclear agreement into the bloody hands of Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.

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Response to 9/11 victims claims reflects an impending shift in U.S.-Saudi relation

On Sept. 11, 2001, at least 19 men—15 of them Saudi citizens—boarded several commercial flights in Boston and set off on what was to become the largest terrorist attack ever on U.S. soil. That event ignited a major war in the Middle East...

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European terror carnage is a warning to America

As we have seen from recent events in Paris, Brussels and all across the world, terrorism is not an obscure phenomenon that only affects the Middle East.

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Democrats are wasting their time trying to convince voters Trump is bad for them

The Democrats and their supporters have been in denial for quite some time now. They believe that merely shining a light on Donald Trump’s imperfections will cause him to be diminished in the eyes of his supporters.

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The ISIS mindset, who and why

We are in Paris, France, producing TV/print content and interviewing family members in a country that remains scarred by the devastation.

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Do not interfere with the will of the people in an effort to stop Trump

Several reasons are to blame for the growing anger among the American people, not just Donald Trump.

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Tribute to a good man

Recognizing Dr. Ben Carson as he brings his presidential campaign to an end.

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Hard choices for Carson on the road to Nevada

Dr. Ben Carson's struggles during the Republican primaries could soon lead to an end to his campaign.

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How to help our military defeat the terrorists

Support from fellow leaders and the public can help with the evolving challenges our military faces.

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