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It’s time to leave!

The president’s call to begin the withdrawal of American troops from Syria and “green light” the Turkish invasion (a term invented by the press) will effectively turn over the now two-plus year deployment in Syria to a NATO ally, Turkey.

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The president is right that we must clean up America

The liberal media is once again taking off at breakneck pace to condemn President Trump. The fake issue for their bogus outrage?

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A matter of trust

In recent days we have seen the latest evidence of just how difficult it has become for President Trump to operate in this present-day hyper partisan environment.

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The tragedy of Scott Hapgood

When UBS banker and father of three Scott Hapgood was arrested and charged with manslaughter in Anguilla, I was one of the first and most vocal observers to sound an alarm.

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Pay TV titan AT&T continues its scorched earth ways

In early June 2019, in an opinion piece for the television industry trade magazine BROADCASTING & CABLE, I expressed my displeasure and befuddlement at AT&T/DirecTV discontinuing retransmission consent negotiations that had been underway for months with my Howard StirkHoldings’ stations.

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Insularity or innovation: The precarious future of HBCUs

It has been an open secret for years that the writing is on the wall for most HBCUs. The reasons are myriad, but principally because HBCUs no longer command a monopoly on attendees created by de jure segregation.

Social isolation and political divisions are turning our youth into killers

By now it should be obvious to most people that mass killings do not take place in a vacuum.

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Trump, Baltimore and the diminishing potency of the ‘race’ card

President Trump’s harsh and angry tweets about the social conditions and hygienic disaster in Baltimore directed at Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings were undoubtedly in bad taste. It is understandable, therefore, that The Baltimore Sun editorial board felt compelled to respond in kind, which it did in a scathing editorial that compared the president to “vermin.”

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Biden’s cringeworthy backpedal on race signals weakness

A criticism of former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign for president is that, at age 76, he may be too old to be running for president.

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Our founder’s messy truths

As we enter the 243rd year since our nation’s founding, there are signs of decline. One of the most pernicious symbols of our nation’s fall from grace is our inability to confront the truth when it conflicts with our politics. But even more damningly, we seem to even believe our own lies.

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