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The case of Flint, Michigan: Management in the absence of leadership is a disaster in the making

The lack of leadership and poor management skills in the local government of Flint, Michigan is majorly to blame for their current water crisis.

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Iran broadcasts its humiliation of America

The images that flashed on television screens all across the world this week were an epic propaganda victory for Iran and the latest in a series of reminders that Obama’s presidency’s biggest foreign policy “achievement” is destined to leave a legacy of even greater bloodshed and conflict. Iran, literally and figuratively, has brought America to its knees.

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Does Obama have a terrorism blind spot?

Many people continue to reflect and remark about the strange eulogy President Barack Obama delivered from the Oval Office in the aftermath of the San Bernardino attacks.

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The year ahead: A changing of the guard amidst a brave new world

The famed satirist Aldus Huxley once remarked, “Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.”

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Retrospective on a year of intransigence and volatility

By all accounts, the political arena has proven to be full of surprises in 2015.

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Three wise men, a mom and manger

In the days before Thanksgiving this year, a young mother left her newborn baby boy (umbilical cord intact) swaddled in a manger that was part of the nativity scene at Holy Child Jesus Church, a Catholic congregation located in the Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens, N.Y.

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Understanding evil in America

With every passing day, new and increasingly vile reports of evil acts bombard our lives, jolting us out of our day-to day lives.

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A sober reflection on appropriate measures to counteract ISIS

Acts of terrorism are carried out by organizations with weak military power and a strong political motive.

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A Thanksgiving meditation on war and peace

One of the things we have much to be grateful for in this country is that our wars have not been fought on our own soil.

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A dance with the devil under the Paris moon

Little did we know that in the midst of our travels we would be confronted with a major terrorist attack in Paris.

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