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Welfare, work and war

Relaxing at home recently, I happened to pick up a copy of the book “Schindler’s List,” which has been sitting on my coffee table since I first read the book back in 1996.

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The Black vote: A monolithic betrayal of diversity

Although I have been a so-called Black American and a social conservative all my life—and found the two aspects of my identity to be remarkably congruent—I am always surprised when confronted with some of the vitriol that I and my fellow Black conservatives face when addressing the Black community.

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The moral origins of Donald Trump’s improbable rise to power (Part 2)

As if to compound the insult to American power represented by the world’s vociferous rejection of the Bush doctrine, the U.S. found itself in 2008 facing the biggest economic disaster since the Great Depression.

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The moral origins of Trump’s improbable rise to power

Literally seven out of every 10 political stories published in the mainstream media this year have centered upon the improbable campaign for president of Donald Trump.

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Race and the 2016 presidential campaign

In his opening salvo as a candidate for the office of president, Donald Trump issued the following statement: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best …

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Four things Trump must do post-convention

All the pomp and circumstance have passed. The balloons have fallen, and the conventions are over and through.

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Prisons—Islam’s ideal recruitment center

National security and public safety is the government’s foremost responsibility. Over the past 25 years, we have seen the government attempt to tackle crime in various ways.

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The Clintons: Traditional marriage or business deal?

Who knows when it took a turn for the worse—when the Clinton marriage stopped being one of commitment and became a marriage of convenience.

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The Democratic Convention: A sharp contrast to Trump

Because the Democratic Convention followed the GOP Convention, held in Cleveland last week, we have more of a basis to contrast the two, both in style, substance and tone. Thus far, the Democrat events could not look more different, and this difference goes to a sharply contrasting vision of both the current state of our union and the direction for the future.

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The uncanny road ahead for Trump

With the GOP convention finally at hand, team Trump faces the truly daunting task of keeping his brand afloat and maintaining a course to victory in the fall.

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