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The education dilemma

For far too many years we’ve tried to address the problem of failing educational achievement in America essentially by ignoring it. And by ignoring it, I mean, throwing money at it and hoping it’ll go away.

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Are American taxpayer dollars funding Iran’s nuclear program?

Less than one year ago, the Obama administration signed, sealed and delivered a nuclear agreement into the bloody hands of Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.

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Response to 9/11 victims claims reflects an impending shift in U.S.-Saudi relation

On Sept. 11, 2001, at least 19 men—15 of them Saudi citizens—boarded several commercial flights in Boston and set off on what was to become the largest terrorist attack ever on U.S. soil. That event ignited a major war in the Middle East...

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European terror carnage is a warning to America

As we have seen from recent events in Paris, Brussels and all across the world, terrorism is not an obscure phenomenon that only affects the Middle East.

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Democrats are wasting their time trying to convince voters Trump is bad for them

The Democrats and their supporters have been in denial for quite some time now. They believe that merely shining a light on Donald Trump’s imperfections will cause him to be diminished in the eyes of his supporters.

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The ISIS mindset, who and why

We are in Paris, France, producing TV/print content and interviewing family members in a country that remains scarred by the devastation.

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Do not interfere with the will of the people in an effort to stop Trump

Several reasons are to blame for the growing anger among the American people, not just Donald Trump.

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Tribute to a good man

Recognizing Dr. Ben Carson as he brings his presidential campaign to an end.

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Hard choices for Carson on the road to Nevada

Dr. Ben Carson's struggles during the Republican primaries could soon lead to an end to his campaign.

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How to help our military defeat the terrorists

Support from fellow leaders and the public can help with the evolving challenges our military faces.

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The case of Flint, Michigan: Management in the absence of leadership is a disaster in the making

The lack of leadership and poor management skills in the local government of Flint, Michigan is majorly to blame for their current water crisis.

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Iran broadcasts its humiliation of America

The images that flashed on television screens all across the world this week were an epic propaganda victory for Iran and the latest in a series of reminders that Obama’s presidency’s biggest foreign policy “achievement” is destined to leave a legacy of even greater bloodshed and conflict. Iran, literally and figuratively, has brought America to its knees.

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Does Obama have a terrorism blind spot?

Many people continue to reflect and remark about the strange eulogy President Barack Obama delivered from the Oval Office in the aftermath of the San Bernardino attacks.

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The year ahead: A changing of the guard amidst a brave new world

The famed satirist Aldus Huxley once remarked, “Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.”

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Retrospective on a year of intransigence and volatility

By all accounts, the political arena has proven to be full of surprises in 2015.

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Three wise men, a mom and manger

In the days before Thanksgiving this year, a young mother left her newborn baby boy (umbilical cord intact) swaddled in a manger that was part of the nativity scene at Holy Child Jesus Church, a Catholic congregation located in the Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens, N.Y.

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Understanding evil in America

With every passing day, new and increasingly vile reports of evil acts bombard our lives, jolting us out of our day-to day lives.

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A sober reflection on appropriate measures to counteract ISIS

Acts of terrorism are carried out by organizations with weak military power and a strong political motive.

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A Thanksgiving meditation on war and peace

One of the things we have much to be grateful for in this country is that our wars have not been fought on our own soil.

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A dance with the devil under the Paris moon

Little did we know that in the midst of our travels we would be confronted with a major terrorist attack in Paris.

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Abbas must stop inciting people to violence against Israel

The words of Abbas and his message are so sinister and hateful that the hairs on my neck actually stood up.

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Rise of the outsider candidate also reflects a popular uprising against the mainstream media

The latest CNBC-moderated Republican primary debate showed how disconnected the mainstream media has become in this country.

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Gun control and the disarming of the Black community

Ronald Reagan was the father of the modern gun control movement in America.

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Under attack, Israel deserves our support

Here we go again. Israel, America’s truest ally in the Middle East, is under assault by terrorists, and the Obama administration is once again turning its back on the Jewish state.

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Muslim teen expertly assembles media stunt, not merely a clock

America is a great nation, but its people are currently living in very dangerous times.

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To curb Chiraq violence, bring in the NOI

This past Monday evening, a family of six was gunned down as they returned to their home.

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Farewell to the carpenter

In many ways, the job of the speaker of the House is much like that of a craftsman.

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Seeking the missing American worker

One of the striking facets of the economic downturn that started in 2008 and the “recovery” that has continued until today is the unprecedented slack in the American labor force.

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Congress must oppose the dangerous Iran deal

As Congress inches closer to voting on the Iranian nuclear deal—an historic mistake that will bless the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism as it becomes a nuclear threshold state—Americans should be terrified.

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Putting it all on the line

Public agitation and rhetoric surrounding police relations with the African-American community have reached a fever pitch.

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Trust of the people 

Despite her assertions to the contrary, the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s email address is not just an issue for the reporters she wishes would stop peppering her with questions on the topic.

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What if Black lives really mattered?

On the recent first anniversary of the controversial death of Michael Brown, protesters in Ferguson, Mo., took to the streets with the urgent message that “Black Lives Matter.”

In London, a tale of two Europes

Traveling to Europe during the summer

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Deal with Iran is a national security tragedy

The mullahs in Iran call the United States “the Great Satan,” but we are the ones who just made a deal with the devil.

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The substance of things unseen

One of the things that really stood out over the past few weeks in the aftermath of the terrible tragedy in Charleston, S.C., is the incredible grace with which the community of Charleston has borne both its own anguish as well as the intense international media circus that has enveloped the town.

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The threat from Islamic State is real

As Americans, the threat of terrorism today seems at a comfortable, manageable distance—miles, oceans and armies away.

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Wealth building 101: Squirrel something away

The most important concept in business is leverage.

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A call to courage

A little over one week ago, pure evil visited the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C.

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Deal on Iran would shred US nonproliferation efforts

Lately I am having a really hard time sleeping at night, and the source of my worry is the Middle East.

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A call to courage in the hour of evil

Among the nine innocents murdered at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., this past Wednesday was Pastor Clementa Pinckney.

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Caitlyn, gender identity, and the post-postmodern era

Let’s face it, with the grand debut of Bruce Jenner as a woman named Caitlyn (and the accompanying demand from the liberal media that we take it as anything more serious than attention-seeking narcissism), we have finally arrived at the post-postmodern era.

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Things won’t change until we change

The tense relation between the Black community and the police in the wake of recent police shootings is undoubtedly the new frontline in America’s ongoing struggle for racial justice in the United States.

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South Dakota voter fraud prosecution out of control

Former South Dakota U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth’s trial started Tuesday.

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Reconstructing the Black family

For a select few in the know, the election and re-election of President Barack Obama and the passage of his signature Affordable Care Act mark not the pinnacle (as is widely assumed) but rather the end of a golden era of racial progress and progressive social policy in America

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We shouldn’t need deadlines to make Iran a priority

In our effort to halt the Iranian progress toward nuclear weapons capability, timing is critical.

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Fear, loathing and moral decay in the streets of Baltimore

Let’s face it. Baltimore has been a riot for decades.

Senseless brutality

Anyone who has watched the video of Walter Scott being gunned down by officer Michael Slager in North Charleston, S.C., should be absolutely shocked by what occurred.

A fictional conversation between President Obama and Justice Clarence Thomas

Never before in America’s history have three Black men occupied such official positions of power: President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Obama’s dangerous wordplay

As if the Islamic Republic of Iran’s determined pursuit of nuclear weapons were not enough, President Barack Obama’s recent interview should prove to everyone just how dangerous the framework agreement announced in Lausanne April 2 really is.

Does increased wealth lead to a declining sense of abundance?

Author Armstrong Williams discusses why wealth doesn't exactly equal abundance.