Aurea Gonzalez

With a passion for acting and writing, Gonzalez has chosen to pursue a major in Advertising and PR, with a double minor in Theatre and Journalism. She uses her knowledge of networking and branding herself as an artist to the best of her ability as a writer. Inspiring others like herself and making a difference is her daily goal. Her mission under Harlem Focus is to give people a reason to care about their community by exposing what Harlem has to offer and how Harlem can improve, based off the voices of the community’s. A lover of theatre, music, food, and all things cultural, Aurea hopes to change lives by giving a voice to the voiceless, inspiring readers everywhere and taking action where action could be taken. She really likes meeting new people, shopping, listening to music, reading, writing, acting, singing, dancing, modeling and watching Scandal. To keep up with Aurea personally, follow her on Twitter @RockstarRave.

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