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Accused killer of Harlem hip-hop legend murdered

Gerard Woodley, 46, was shot and killed at approximately 11:17 p.m., Thursday, June 23, in front of his Harlem home at 106 W. 139th St., near Malcolm X Blvd.

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NY comrades celebrate Sister Afeni Shakur’s life

Just two days after the 45th anniversary of when Afeni Shakur gave birth to her son, Tupac Amaru Shakur, in Harlem, many of her relatives, Black Panther Party comrades and other friends paid homage to her legacy during a memorial at Brooklyn’s House of the Lord Church, 415 Atlantic Ave., this past Saturday (June 18).

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Brooklyn tribute for Mama Queen Afeni Shakur

Many worldwide were saddened by the heartbreaking news that Sister Afeni Shakur, 69, became an ancestor May 2.

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Reflections on Sonny Abubadika Carson

Friday, May 20, several comrades of Sonny Carson recollected some fond memories of the Brooklyn warrior to commemorate his 87th birthday anniversary.

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Fifth annual New York State Boxing Hall of Fame inducts several favorite locals

The 5th annual New York State Boxing Hall of Fame induction dinner was held at Russo’s On The Bay in Howard Beach, Queens last Sunday, April 3, and featured several popular locals.

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Malcolm X Day 2016 local events

On the 91st anniversary of Malcolm X’s physical birth, this May 19, a variety of events throughout the New York metropolitan area will commemorate the occasion.

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Celebrating the life of Woodley Charlot

A handful of tight-knit people—mainly close friends and intimate relatives—came out to reflect on the memory of Brother Woodley Charlot, a.k.a. “Big Sincere” or simply “Sin,” at a local get-together in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn on spring’s first day.

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Afrika Bambaataa officially removed from the Universal Zulu Nation

Friday May 6, the Supreme and World Councils, which oversee the daily operations of hip-hop’s first family, the Universal Zulu Nation, announced that the Bronx-born and bred organization was officially displacing its founder, Afrika Bambaataa, from its ranks amid a slew of pedophilia accusations over the past month and change.

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Malcolm X: Africa’s global ambassador

“The Malcolm X Day May 19 celebration recognizes his vision of us as a global people liberating ourselves from European colonialism,” explained historian Dr. Leonard Jeffries in preparation for the 51st anniversary of the event, “and May 25 is African Liberation Day, where we celebrate the great strides made regarding Africa’s global unity over the past several decades.”

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Dr. Georgina Falú: Preserving our ancestors’ legacies

Dr. Georgina Falú and her Falú Foundation have established nonprofit organizations for several notable African scholar warriors so that their lifelong efforts continue to make an impact.

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