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Fat Boys’ Prince Markie Dee becomes an ancestor

The hip hop community was saddened upon learning that pioneering artist, Mark Anthony “Prince Markie Dee” Morales, 52, joined the ancestors last Thursday, Feb. 18, a day prior to his 53rd bornday.

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Reflections on Dr. Khalid Muhammad 20 years later

Wednesday, Feb. 17 was the 20th anniversary of Dr. Khalid Abdul-Muhammad joining the ancestors at the age of 53. For a significant portion of his adult life he called Harlem home, residing and conducting seminars at various locations here.

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Reflections on Kobe Bryant’s Harlem history

In commemoration of the one-year anniversary of NBA legend Kobe Bryant’s passing, a couple prominent Harlemites reflected on his local hoops history.

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TUBMAN'S TWENTY: Harriet Tubman set to grace the $20 bill

President Joe Biden is picking up the baton from former President Barack Obama and is re-implementing plans to add the likeness of slave abolitionist Harriet Tubman to the $20 bill, replacing that of slave-maker and former U.S. president, Andrew Jackson.

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LEGACY. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: The anti-capitalist

As this country commemorates the legacy of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this Monday, Jan. 18, a closer look is taken at aspects of his legacy often overlooked by the general public.

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Dr. Ben’s and Dr. Clarke’s influences today

Although they’re both currently in the ancestral realm, the immeasurable contributions of African scholar warriors Dr. John Henrik Clarke [D.O.B.1/1/15] and Dr. Yosef A.A. Ben-Jochannan aka Dr. Ben [D.O.B. 12/31/18], continues to positively affect generations of Africans throughout the diaspora.

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Whodini’s MC, Ecstasy, returns home

The hip hop community was saddened upon learning that pioneering MC, John Fletcher-56, a.k.a. Ecstasy, of the trailblazing group, Whodini, returned to the essence Wednesday, Dec. 23rd.

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Black dollars matter this Friday

Activists across the country are scheduling a mass economic boycott of the capitalistic-driven splurging which occurs each year following “mis-givings” day.

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Seven shot, one fatally, at Brooklyn Sweet 16 celebration

The mood at a Sweet 16 party in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn Sunday night went from being a joyous occasion to one of blood-soaked anguish and pain after gunmen opened fire, striking seven people, one of them, a 20-year-old woman, mortally.

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State attempts to reincarcerate Jalil Muntaqim

On Oct. 30, former political prisoner-of-war Jalil Muntaqim, 69, had a warrant issued for his arrest by Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Dooley’s office for allegedly committing voter fraud.

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