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Mumia has successful cataract surgery

Political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal recently had surgery.

Marcus Mosiah Garvey: Rise Africans, rise!

The 79th annual Marcus Garvey Black Power Parade, which treks through Central Harlem, is scheduled for this Saturday afternoon. It departs from the corner of 124th Street and Marcus Garvey Park West, at the very park which honors his legacy.

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America’s Domestic Terrorism

This past weekend’s cowardly shooting sprees in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio—which resulted in the deaths of 31 people and the serious wounding of approximately four dozen more—once again casts a spotlight on the murderous violence which permeates throughout the land of the free.

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Long live the spirit of Abubadika Sonny Carson

May 20th marked the 90th physical anniversary of legendary urban activist Robert “Sonny” Carson, affectionately known as “Abubadika” to his comrades within his beloved Brooklyn community, and as “A.B.” to his close confidants.

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Malcolm X Day 2019

The December 12th Movement is leading the people in the 94th celebration of the birthday of our national Black hero Malcolm X.

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Harlem celebrates 94th birthday of Malcolm X

A number of local events took place Sunday to commemorate the 94th physical day anniversary of revolutionary freedom fighter Malcolm X.

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Malcolm X:  You left your mind in Africa

This Sunday marks the 94th physical day anniversary of the renowned human rights activist, Malcolm X.

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Texas executes ringleader of heinous James Byrd lynching

On Wednesday, April 24, the racist Caucasian male who orchestrated the heinous June 7, 1998, murder of 49-year-old James Byrd Jr., was executed by lethal injection at Texas State Penitentiary. John King, 44 was pronounced dead at 7:08 p.m. CDT (8:08 p.m. EST) after being injected with a deadly dosage of the sedative pentobarbital, minutes earlier.

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Trailblazing filmmaker John Singleton joins the ancestors

After suffering a massive stroke on April 17, renowned urban filmmaker John Singleton joined the ancestors this past Monday, at 51 years of age, after relatives told doctors to terminate the life-support which had been sustaining him.

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City Council calls on NYPD to stop DNA collection

On Wednesday, April 10, the Legal Aid Society sent a letter to Council Speaker Corey Johnson, stating that collecting DNA evidence from city citizens is “racially biased,” and “constitutes a significant infringement on young people’s civil rights, particularly people of color.”

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