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Suriname’s central bank misused state funds

President Desi Bouterse has appointed a new acting governor of Suriname’s central bank in the wake of a massive scandal involving the unauthorized use of US$100 million in commercial banking deposits by the state to buy regular merchandize like onions and potatoes.

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Busy year for elections in Caricom

Seven key Caribbean Community nations will hold general elections this year and in at least three of them, the economy and racial tensions will be key campaign issues.

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Suriname president to challenge mass murder sentence

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, Pres. Desi Bouterse of Suriname will appear before a war tribunal court for the very first time to lead in a defense against a conviction of mass murder...

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Trinidad tweaks weed laws. To remove some convictions

Authorities in Trinidad moved to the courts system in the past week to ask judges to release more than 100 prisoners who were either convicted or on remand for possession of small amounts of marijuana given significant changes to legislation regarding possession of marijuana.

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Guyana on cusp of becoming oil producer

Preparations are racing ahead for Guyana, the Caribbean Community’s largest and most resource-rich nation, to become the world’s newest oil producer perhaps before the end of 2019 as an international consortium led by American oil giant ExxonMobil prepares to begin producing its first set of crude from below the seabed.

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Trinidad switches dollar notes to undermine organized crime

Authorities in Trinidad in the past week dropped a monetary bombshell on the country by moving to outlaw the old $100 currency notes aimed at undermining the strength of the underground economy, including a thriving counterfeit trade, and contending that it is just part of a studied plan to deal with organized crime.

Surinamese parties want clarity about convicted president

Opposition parties in the Caribbean Community nation of Suriname have asked for a special meeting with parliamentary speaker Jenny Geerlings-Simons to discuss the future relationship between President Dési Bouterse and the assembly in the wake of his recent jail sentence for mass murder.

Surinamese president fights jail sentence

The 15 were killed at a colonial-era Dutch fort that is ironically steps away from Bouterse’s current presidential and cabinet office.

Surinamese president fights jail sentence

As was widely expected, a court in the Dutch-speaking Caribbean Community nation of Suriname has sentenced incumbent president and former army commander Dési Bouterse to 20 years in prison.

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Opposition ups pressure in Dominica for electoral reforms

Dominica’s Eastern Caribbean neighbors and local churches have appealed for calm and good sense in the wake of crippling opposition-led protests over demands for election reforms ahead of general elections on Dec. 6.

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