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Caricom countries feuding over border dispute

In the very near future, Caribbean trade bloc governments might be called upon to intervene in a feud dating back to the British and Dutch colonial era.

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Most crucial round of Canada talks starts Monday

This week, Caribbean trade bloc nations and Canada commenced a crucial round of negotiations for a free trade agreement in Ottawa, Canada.

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Guyana to begin FACTA talks with the US

A number of Caribbean trade bloc nations have announced plans to begin talks with US financial officials in the coming months to negotiate an agreement with the US discouraging American citizens and residents from hiding millions of tax free dollars in accounts overseas.

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Compensate 1990 Trinidad coup victims, says report

The report of a commission of inquiry into the July 1990 attempted coup in Trinidad is out and has come up with some interesting recommendations for authorities

Medical marijuana for Caricom

Caribbean trade bloc leaders have agreed in principle to decriminalize the narcotic in the region and have even dared to suggest that the move could help reduce crime.

Reparations, Marijuana on Leaders Summit

When Caribbean Community leaders meet in the tiny Eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent next week two unusual items will be on the agenda of their two-day mid-year summit, one to do with an effort to win compensation for Slavery from Europe and the other a debate as to whether regional citizens should be allowed to possess and smoke marijuana, at least for medical reasons.

China increases influence in region. Nurses, military boats for Trinidad

The Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister is currently on a state visit to China

Governments call in regional airlines

Worried about the health of air carriers operating in the Caribbean trade bloc, regional governments have called in the chief executives of major airlines.

Caribbean can win reparations fight

When Caribbean community leaders meet in St. Vincent for the first of two summits this year, a key agenda item will be the efforts by regional governments to make European nations like Britain and France pay for enslaving millions of Africans during the colonial era transatlantic slave trade.

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Review of CARICOM functioning moving apace

A team of experts hired by Caribbean community leaders is moving ahead with a mandate from leaders to recommend an overhaul of the way the Guyana-based regional secretariat operates

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