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Bahamas ramps it up against immigrants, housing pressure to blame after Dorian

Under pressure to provide housing for the displaced following the pounding the nation took from Hurricane Dorian last month

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Bahamian authorities brace for higher death toll

Some of the claims from authorities that the death toll will rise dramatically in the coming days have subsided for now, but Haitian immigrants who live in The Bahamas have formed themselves in to groups to help in the relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian and to ensure welfare issues are looked after.

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Bahamas’ neighbors pitch in to help

International aid organizations and authorities in The Bahamas are stepping up the evacuation of people from Grand Bahama and Abaco, which were flattened by a slow-moving Hurricane Dorian in the past week, as authorities prepared islanders for a steep rise in the death toll as searches of the rubble continued.

Scottish university pays £20mil, admits slavery link

After irrefutable evidence of its links to the trans-Atlantic slave trade were recently exposed, a Scottish university has stepped forward to offer Sterling 20 million as first-step reparatory justice payments for its role in the worst crime against humanity.

Afros must do better in Trinidad, says PM

People of African descent across the English-speaking Caribbean will largely observe Aug. 1 as the day their foreparents were emancipated from slavery.

Gang violence spirals in Trinidad; govt. appeals to public

Twenty-four murders in a seven-day period in the past week in Trinidad have so shaken up the sensibilities of people on the island that various umbrella groups have said the country is close to a breaking point as it relates to violent crime and now authorities have asked the public to help them identify the leaders behind the spik

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Norway may pay Suriname to preserve forests

Back in 2009, Guyana and Norway signed off on a novel deal for a Caribbean Community country, under which that oil and gas-rich European nation would provide Guyana with millions in grant aid to preserve its standing stock of rainforest.

Free travel for more groups in Caricom bloc

One of the main bugbears to progress in the 15-nation Caribbean Community has been linked to the slow pace of implementation of rules regarding free movement and resettlement of various categories of workers but leaders say they are moving to improve the work pace.

Caribbean gets involved in congressional reparations fight

As the fight to make a racist U.S. government compensate African-American descendants of slavery heats up, the head of the Caribbean Community’s Reparations Commission has been invited to testify before Congress, to share the progress the region has made so far in its fight with former European slave trading nations.

New European nations nabbed in slave trade

Caricom has expanded its list of European slave trading nations to demand payment from them.

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