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Surinamese parties want clarity about convicted president

Opposition parties in the Caribbean Community nation of Suriname have asked for a special meeting with parliamentary speaker Jenny Geerlings-Simons to discuss the future relationship between President Dési Bouterse and the assembly in the wake of his recent jail sentence for mass murder.

Surinamese president fights jail sentence

The 15 were killed at a colonial-era Dutch fort that is ironically steps away from Bouterse’s current presidential and cabinet office.

Surinamese president fights jail sentence

As was widely expected, a court in the Dutch-speaking Caribbean Community nation of Suriname has sentenced incumbent president and former army commander Dési Bouterse to 20 years in prison.

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Opposition ups pressure in Dominica for electoral reforms

Dominica’s Eastern Caribbean neighbors and local churches have appealed for calm and good sense in the wake of crippling opposition-led protests over demands for election reforms ahead of general elections on Dec. 6.

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Bahamas send back more Haitians

Once again, hurricane-ravaged The Bahamas is using the opportunity of the rebuilding and recovery period to purge the country of some Haitian refugee boat people who had settled on various Family Islands in recent decades and had been accused of establishing shanty towns in the tourism dependent archipelago.

President Bouterse fights to stay out of prison in Suriname

During the past week, a slew of political parties officially launched their election campaigns in Suriname ahead of general elections slated for next May.

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Jamaican officials rocked by U.S. visa cancellations

Jamaica’s political community, both at the government and opposition levels, has been rocked by news that the U.S. entry visas of several of its top officials have been canceled in the past week, leading to speculation that Washington might be using strong arm tactics to force Jamaica to sing to its policy tunes.

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Bahamas to continue deporting illegals

Still battling to cope and recover from Hurricane Dorian last month, authorities in The Bahamas are coming under increasing international pressure to cease mass deportations of undocumented foreigners, Haitian nationals in particular.

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Reparations movement boosted by two-day meeting

Regional academics, politicians and researchers spent two days in idyllic Antigua last week breathing new energy into the movement to make European nations pay for their part in the Transatlantic Slave Trade and organizers say they have walked away from the sessions with new momentum to confront this monumental task.

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Bahamas ramps it up against immigrants, housing pressure to blame after Dorian

Under pressure to provide housing for the displaced following the pounding the nation took from Hurricane Dorian last month

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