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Norway to fund mega solar farms in Guyana

Norway’s government has approved grant aid worth $80 million to help the largest Caribbean Community nation build a number of mega solar farms to provide energy to several communities located near the jungle close to the borders with Venezuela and Brazil, officials have said.

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Trinidad registering desperate Venezuelans; officials probe trafficking ring allegations

Trinidad has begun a massive two-week registration exercise of Venezuelans living in the country in a bid to bring some semblance of order to its refugee crisis even as more are arriving from the finance-starved neighboring South American nation each week.

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Caribbean prepares for storm season; Dominica re-engineers

The commencement of the 2019 hurricane season is less than two weeks away with official predictions that it could be a rough one as usual but some Caribbean Community nations, which endure a battering each year, are not so nervous anymore because of major engineering and other changes at the political level.

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Trinidad cops move against opposition bigwigs, two charged

In the past week police in Trinidad arrested and charged two prominent opposition-connected attorneys with malfeasance for links to a scheme that allegedly involved officials of the previous government paying astronomical sums of money to friends and colleagues for legal briefs connected to cases the state was involved with.

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Caribbean warned to brace for more drought conditions

The wider Caribbean region is being warned to brace for a dry season that could extend well into July as weather experts in the region urge government to prepare for eventualities that could be compounded by events associated with the annual hurricane season.

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Guyana oil find spurs exploration campaigns among neighbors

American supermajor ExxonMobil is preparing to add a fourth drilling ship to its offshore fleet given the humongous amount of oil it has found so far and the accuracy of its well drilling campaign since 2015 officials say.

No Venezuelan refugee camp in Trinidad, says PM

Of the 15 nations in the Caribbean Community, Guyana and Trinidad are located the closest to crisis-ridden Venezuela and are both beginning to feel the brunt of the economic refugee migration problem.

Pilots take pay cut to keep lifeline island hopper afloat

People in the tiny tourism dependent Eastern Caribbean islands rely heavily on small island-hopping commuter airlines to move around the region.

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Guyana appeals court over turns opposition toppling of government for now

In a stunning reversal of political fortunes, a Guyanese appeals court has overturned a late December opposition no confidence vote.

US-Caricom meeting on Venezuela postponed

Washington has asked for a postponement of a meeting with a group of Caribbean Community leaders on the situation in Venezuela.

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