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Nuff said, I’m out. Holla next week. Till then, enjoy the nightlife.

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Sports n politicking!

Think we can now get a clear understanding of how it now works.

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Get on board The Soul Train

We’ve all heard the adage of necessity being the father of invention. Not so popular is the phrase pertaining to the ridicule, scrutiny and overall struggle of the inventor.

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Shutdown suffering, NFL shenanigans, national anthem exposure

It has occurred before, but not quite like this time. Here we are in Day 33 (as we went to press) of the longest government shutdown on record.

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New Jack Swing Day at the Apollo

Maybe that verse was the proverbial time capsule. It was a known fact back in the late ’80s that New Jack Swing was a movement and Teddy Riley was its alpha and omega.

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New Jack swinging at the Apollo

The tree at Rockefeller Center wasn’t the only thing that got lit last week. Per usual, as the year heads down the home stretch, New York City becomes more electric. On my end, the first of December was set off for the second consecutive year with a David Hollister showcase.

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‘Baduizm’ was on the Soul Train

Going into the 2018 Soul Train Awards, a good news bad news scenario was presented. First the bad news. Erykah Badu won’t be the host of this year’s proceedings. Fret not though, because her replacements were the kindred spirit, effervescent duo of Tichinia Arnold and Tisha Campbell.

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Aretha Franklin’s ‘Amazing Grace’

What if this story had come out when it was supposed to? Peep a few scenarios of things that might have been affected.

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Thank you and R.I.P. Mr. Roy Hargrove Jr.

Was one of those loooong work weeks and the forthcoming week shapes up to be an exact replica.

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Here comes the sixth annual Urban Action Showcase and Expo

Just when it looked as if we turned the corner, Netflix pulled the plug on “Luke Cage” after the second season. Huh? On strength of the music alone, Season 3 should have been in the bag. The show to was well written, directed and acted. Hmm?

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Apollo—Black and proud at 50

Sometimes it’s not just about singing. You need that extra umph, that proverbial battery in your back. Where does that come from? I guess realistically it varies, but idealistically, here’s a theory.

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