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Nuff said, I’m out. Holla next week. Till then, enjoy the nightlife.

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Jamming at the 12th annual Roots Picnic

At least once a year, usually around Labor Day weekend, I find myself making the trek on I95 from the Boogie Down to the Two, One, Pound.

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BBQ and binge your ‘flix? And/or summer jam!

The phrase Netflix and chill was given a seasonal addendum. The added term, “barbecue and binge,” appears to have been coined just prior to the Memorial Day weekend, in time for the launch of season 2 of the Netflix hit series “She’s Gotta Have It,” and both can be attributed to the mind of Spike Lee.

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Tribeca Film Festival boosted by stronger African-American presence

Year 18 of The Tribeca Film Festival has come to pass and the presence of African-Americans looks to have more prominence.

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’90s Ladies on tour

You can’t survive, let alone thrive 30 plus years in an industry as fickle and cutthroat as the music business without heart and soul in abundance and your circle must remain for the most part sucker-free.

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Pugilist Clarissa Shields—Fighting like a GIRL

“You play to win the game!” That’s what we were told, emphatically. Sometimes, though, it’s not just about the win. Those with a self-confidence that’s through the roof have a different set of parameters. For them it’s also about how.

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Nipsey Hussle: Final victory lap—thank you

Time for reflection. Rewind a spell to the time of the vaunted issue of XXL Magazine’s Freshmen Class 2010.

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NAACP Image Awards highlights

To live up to its assessment as the premiere multicultural award show and truly acknowledge the excellence in the broad scope of creative expression the NAACP Image Awards would be one long show or as it plays out currently, a two day fête.

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Tempting tribute on Broadway

Outside of the Imperial Theatre was a buzz that only a premiere of a new production on Broadway can provide.

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This beautiful East Coast-West Coast b-ball thing

In the bigger scheme of things, the outcome didn’t really matter. Still, it’s us against them…New York vs. Los Angeles, Bad Boy vs. Death Row, Yankees vs. Dodgers, East Coast vs. West Coast and yeah, the Knicks vs. the Lakers!

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Setting off the Standard

Classic. We hear the word thrown around so much that we’ve become immune to the actual definition

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