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Human beings need beans

Just think, you have green beans, lima beans, yellow beans, red beans, black beans, navy beans, snap beans, kidney beans and soy beans.

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A woman’s heart

Whether you’re in love or not, when you have uncomfortable feelings in your chest that persist, those signs and symptoms can have a lot to do with your survival. The discomfort may be a symptom of coronary heart disease.

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Eat broccoli, a cross that you can bear

“Ode to Broccoli” Broccoli is a vegetable Not embraced by all Although it’s plentiful Both spring and fall

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A half-empty glass for medical care

I am sure that you have heard the expression, after things have overtaken you, “Look at the situation with a glass half full rather than a glass half empty.”

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You’ll lose, with pneumonia and booze

While training at Kings County Hospital in internal medicine, I often had to admit many patients with pneumonia.

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Don’t let your bones de-Kay, take vitamin K

There is an old World War II song that states, “Save the bones for Henry Jones, ‘cause Henry don’t eat no meat.” When the war was upon us, it was difficult to get meat, and most families made soups containing bones. Often, when there are diet changes, it is advantageous to our health. In this case, we were getting adequate calcium in our diets from the bones.

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Cookware beware

When I was growing up, every home had a black frying pan. The blacker it...

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Read my lips and keep them healthy

When I was a kid, two things would cause me to have a big lip, and that was a punch in my mouth from a friend...

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Fading minds need your time

I had many elderly patients who, unfortunately, began to have fading minds and lived alone...

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Dedicated to those who did not survive Sept. 11, 2001

When the building of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center was proposed in...

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