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The writer is founder of NewsAmericasNow, CaribPR Wire and Hard Beat Communications.

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Letter No. 97: Immigration reform now!

Dear Mr. President, In less than a month, we will know who will control the U.S. Senate going forward. Will it remain blue or will it turn bloody red?

Letter No. 96: Immigration reform now!

Dear Mr. President, When you swept into office in 2008 on the backs of many immigrant voters, your promises of comprehensive immigration reform were glorious.

Letter No. 95: Immigration reform now!

A new Pew Research Center poll summed up the feelings across the country of many—both Democrats and Republicans—on the issue of illegal immigration.

Letter No. 94: Immigration reform now!

I endorse the Caucus’ call for you to “act boldly and use all legal means available to provide immediate and temporary relief from deportation to qualified immigrant workers and immigrant families.”

Letter No. 91: Immigration reform now!

After spending the entire year doing nothing on immigration reform and blocking and bashing every appeal, offer, lobby, cry and motion sent to them, the GOP is now up in arms over the possibility of you using administrative moves on the issue.

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Letter No. 89: Immigration reform now!

Immigration Korner

On Labor Day, Sept. 1, Caribbean immigrants in New York will mark the 47th anniversary of the West Indian American Day Carnival. But most importantly, this year will mark some 414 years since West Indians have been in these United States, first as slaves and then as immigrants.

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Letter No. 89: Immigration reform now!

Immigration Corner

In the past two weeks alone, the conservative groups and media have been very busy, unlike Democrats, in spinning tales about why executive action on the immigration front will not work.

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Letter No. 88: Immigration reform now!

I’m sure you are all caught up on Twitter, but just in case you missed it, on Aug. 7, House Speaker John Boehner tweeted a picture of himself with a farmer with the caption: “Always great to spend time with America’s hard-working farmers and ranchers.”

Letter No. 87: Immigration reform now!

It’s amazing to me that both houses of Congress cannot agree on major issues of interest to Americans who elect them—including immigration reform—yet they did manage to pass legislation providing financing for Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system before they left Washington for the summer break.

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Letter No. 86: Immigration reform now!

The Republican-controlled House should have its own “#Houseofmadmen” hashtag on Twitter. That, I can assure you, would trend high daily.

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