Gerald W. Deas M.D., MPH

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Mount Sinai launches same-day appointments program

Mount Sinai Health System recently announced it will offer same-day appointments with primary and specialty care physicians.

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A little touch is never too much

From the time I entered medical school, I can’t recall one course that I took that ever mentioned the word “touch.”

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Cocoa has flavor and flavonoids

I’ll bet you didn’t realize that when you drink a soothing cup of flavorful cocoa, you are protecting your heart with an antioxidant known as flavonoid.

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In-sanity Claus

Well, commercial Christmas is over and folks are beginning to regain their sanity after buying, buying and buying and charging, charging and charging.

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Is meat good for your health?

When I was growing up, the disease tuberculosis was running rampant in our communities. There was a saying in those days, “TB or not TB, that is the question … Consumption be done about it?”

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I’m a gingerbread boy

My first introduction to an ethnic cookie was the gingerbread boy or girl that I saw in the window of my local bakery.

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Leaves of healing

I believe that the most beautiful and spiritual visual experience I have had is observing the changes of the color of leaves in the fall, which we are still experiencing in many parts of the country.

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A healthy shopper is a wealthy shopper

If you shop for healthy food, you will not only save a lot of money but will also get a wealth of health.

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Love of birds and animals

Inner-city stray birds and animals experience hazardous conditions during the winter months while they are trying to survive

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Fading minds need your time

I have many elderly patients who, unfortunately, began to have fading minds and were living alone. They were being cared for by personnel provided by private and city agencies.

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