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If I Can Help Somebody(’s arteries and veins)

To keep veins healthy, reducing clot formation is a must. Some clot prevention can be achieved by taking these precautions:

Gout will make you shout!

Gout is a painful form of arthritis sure to make you shout.

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The SCW guilt

As we approach the early spring months, many resolutions that we made at the beginning of the year have not been realized. This may cause us to have the SCW guilt.

Emotional triggers

The meaning of emotional triggers.

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Native-Americans became immigrants in their own land

It seems today that the immigrants entering our country are being singled out as undesirable and not welcomed in this land of freedom.

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How good is your soil?

The poet Sasha Nyary wrote a wonderful piece depicting what seeds we should plant if we are to enjoy life.

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Clot busters save organs

I am sure you have heard and sung the carefree little camp song that went something like this: “Row, row, row your boat/Gently down the stream/Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily/Life is just a dream.”

If I can help somebody’s arteries and veins

I’m sure that you have heard some great gospel singers sing that wrenching and uplifting song “If I Can Help Somebody.”

Dying to live

It seems that doctors are not taking patients’ pain seriously.

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Drinks that drain the brain

How do your children behave at home, at play and at school?

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