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Bessie B. Stringfield, intrepid motorcyclist and storyteller

Gertrude Hadley Jeannette, a theater maven, was 103 when she died in 2018. Mainly remembered for founding the Hadley Players, she distinguished herself earlier when she learned to drive and became the first woman in New York City to obtain a motorcycle license.

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Governor signs bill giving access to Trump’s state tax returns

Unlike the often passive-aggressive demeanor of congressional Democrats, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and certainly Attorney General Tish James, are not intimidated by Trump.

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Bayard Rustin: the March on Washington and its ties to Harlem

Several days ago, Louis Sharp called the Amsterdam News seeking assistance on a historical item. He was trying to verify something he remembered from his past. In 1963, he was a volunteer working with Bayard Rustin, the key coordinator of that year’s March on Washington. He wanted to install a plaque in the Apollo Theater, where the headquarters of the march was located, but to do so, he needed proof that Rustin operated from this site.

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Josephine Harreld Love, pianist and devoted arts advocate

A generation has gone by since Josephine Love’s Your Heritage House was among Detroit’s most prominent cultural sites.

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‘True Justice: Bryan Stevenson’s Fight for Equality’

For a little over 200 minutes, or thirty seconds for every 400 years of what Bryan Stevenson calls a “narrative of racial difference,” you see and hear an “untold story of cruelty that hides in the silence of this country.”

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Trump’s health care plan—undisclosed

The occupant of the Oval Office is back on point again, that is, Trump has renewed use of a well-oiled weapon of attack: replace Obamacare.

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Temptations in the Apollo’s Walk of Fame

Not only were “The Temptations” emblazoned on the Apollo’s marquee, the Motown group’s name is now embedded along the theater’s Walk of Fame, located between Patti LaBelle and Quincy Jones.

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Dr. Ben gets his sacred ground

“He is standing in the window watching us,” Ruth Johannes said of her father as she regaled the crowd with her memories of him. “He was a warrior and freedom fighter.”

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Dr. Roberta Hughes Wright, attorney, teacher and civic leader

It may be understandable, if not acceptable, that Dr. Roberta Hughes Wright often languished in the shadows of her famous husband, Dr. Charles H. Wright.

Trump v. Biden in Iowa: a prelim of 2020?

Is there an impending showdown bash this week between Trump and Joe Biden in Iowa? The Republican incumbent and the Democratic hopeful are unlikely to bump in Iowa since Trump will be in the western part of the state and Biden in the eastern districts.

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