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Dr. Benjamin F. Payton, esteemed leader and educator

There is no need for generations to unfold to recognize the remarkable career of Dr. Benjamin F. Payton. No need to wait for the years to enshrine a man who made his transition on Sept. 28 in Estero, Fla. He was 83, and what a productive 83 years.

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Down to the wire: Polls show Clinton victory as election day nears

With less than one month before the nation’s electorate flexes its muscles to determine its choice of commander in chief, the forecast is looking more and more like Hillary Clinton is on her way to victory over Donald Trump.

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Bob Dylan’s homage to Black America

As expected, there’s a lot of debate gathering among scholars and writers about Bob Dylan getting the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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Charlotte Hawkins Brown, educator and advocate of civil rights

Like the pioneering teacher Charlotte Forten (1837-1914), Charlotte Hawkins Brown was educated in Massachusetts and then devoted a good part of her life to dispensing that knowledge to students in the South.

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‘Mubassa’s Dream’ takes flight in Harlem

Dr. John (Satchmo) Mannan’s book, “Mubassa’s Dream—And 18 Legends from the Land of Nod” (Aladdin’s Books International, 2016), in many ways mirrors the diverse interests and passions of the writer.

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Trump trounced: Latest scandals cause stir for GOP

Folks are flocking from Donald Trump like he has the plague, and many of those in flight believe he is a contagious miscreant who is unfit to lead the nation.

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Remembering Ken Thompson

It isn’t often that we devote the editorial page to the passing of one of our heroes, but there are times when more space should be set aside for such occasions.

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Dr. Cornelius N. Dorsette, medical pioneer in the state of Alabama

One of my loyal readers, after reading a Classroom profile on the famed architect Vertner Tandy, noted I had cited Dr. Cornelius Nathaniel Dorsette, his wife’s father, as the first African-American to pass the Alabama medical examination.

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Vice-presidential debate, ho-hum and hokum

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

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Nat Turner and Nate Parker in Harlem

Celebrating his 62nd birthday with the community, Rev. Al Sharpton hosted a screening of the film " The Birth of a Nation" at Harlem's AMC Magic Johnson Theater with Nate Parker.

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