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Vaughn Harper’s ‘Quiet Storm’ evoked at his homegoing

“He came with game,” media master Imhotep Gary Byrd began in his eulogy of Vaughn Harper Saturday afternoon at Riverside Church.

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Marxian scholar, historian and activist C.L.R. James

During a recent panel at Revolution Book store in Harlem, the subject of revolution dominated the discussion.

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Harlem/Havana Music & Cultural Festival embraced at Gracie Mansion

One person arriving at Gracie Mansion Thursday compared the long line of people waiting to enter to the lines at the Apollo Theater when James Brown was the star attraction.

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Black men with guns

Since this nation’s bloody beginning—the decimation of Native Americans and the enslavement of Africans—nothing has been more terrifying to white America than a Black man with a gun.

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GOP convention off to a roiling start

Rather than sit through hours of the Republican convention, many viewers watched the event on C-SPAN, which allowed them to select the speakers they wanted to see and hear.

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The Hillary and Bernie show

Hillary Clinton’s slogan of “Stronger Together” got a little bit stronger Tuesday evening in Portsmouth, N.H., when Sen. Bernie Sanders enthusiastically endorsed Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate.

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Obama blesses the fallen officers in Dallas

In response to the shooting of police officers in Dallas last week, President Obama unleashed a barrage of words Tuesday at a memorial service for the slain officers, as if he intended each word to begin the healing process, to push the pain a little further into the past.

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Murder in Black and blue

A day after the Fourth of July, there was a brutal sequel to the moments of patriotism in Baton Rouge, La., when Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old Black man, was riddled with six bullets from the local police.

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Eugene Giscombe, ‘Mayor of 125th Street,’ passes at 76

Tuesday, a group of people involved in making a documentary on the history of the Apollo Theater were discussing various people to be contacted for the project.

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Vaughn Harper, the voice of the ‘Quiet Storm’ is stilled

Vaughn Harper’s mellifluous voice that matched the melodious music he dispensed was a staple on WBLS radio for years.

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