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Biden’s stimulus bill up for debate

Now that the House of Representatives have passed President Biden’s coronavirus stimulus bill, anxious Americans are waiting to see when it will get the go ahead from the Senate.

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Sarah Mapps Douglass, ardent abolitionist, teacher and painter

In his voluminous biography of Paul Robeson, author Martin Duberman dips into the Bustill family, mainly to connect them to the Robeson clan.

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Vernon E. Jordan, civil rights activist, passes at 85

A smooth, polished and elegant style characterized Vernon E. Jordan Jr.’s political comportment, as well as his personal demeanor.

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Daughters of Malcolm X cite new evidence in request to reopen investigation of their father’s assassination

Citing a deathbed letter by a former police officer who alleges the NYPD and the FBI conspired in the assassination of Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz), three daughters—Ilyasah, Qubilah and Gamilah Shabazz—of the slain leader have requested the investigation of the murder be reopened.

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Supreme Court removes Trump’s tax return shield

One of the hoped for dreams of Trump opponents arrived on Monday, Feb. 22, when the Supreme Court demolished the shield protecting his tax returns from New York prosecutors.

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Noted newsman Errol Louis mourns the passing of his father

From his popular son, journalist and NY1 host Errol Louis, you can gather an aspect of his father Edward John Louis, particularly their commitment to a career.

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Esteemed abolitionist, David Ruggles

David Ruggles was born free on March 15, 1810 in Lyme, Connecticut, but few matched his commitment to end slavery in this country.

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Trailblazing Black Women: Susie Cayton and Elizabeth Flood

Biddy Mason, Mary Fields, and Mary Ellen Pleasant are three Black women who are often cited when there is a discussion of such notables in the western parts of the nation

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Trump and Giuliani sued by the NAACP

An impeached Trump was acquitted, but he is far from free of legal entanglements as a current lawsuit filed by Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi and the NAACP suggest.

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Impeachment trial underway with Trump in Florida

After House Impeachment managers Representatives Joe Neguse of Colorado and David Cicilline of Rhode Island delivered strong arguments to impeach Trump, Rep. Jamie Raskin, the Lead House Impeachment Manager...

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