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Jacob Lawrence, whose paintings documented Black history

Jacob Lawrence was the first African American, as a stewards mate in the Coast Guard, to be appointed a Combat Artist.

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Dr. Olivia Hooker, first Black woman in the Coast Guard, eyewitness to Tulsa Massacre

Trump’s disaster in Tulsa presents us an opportunity to discuss the city’s race riot of 1921 when countless number of African Americans were killed and the Greenwood District, or “Black Wall Street,” was destroyed.

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More Trump bumps

Protesters angered by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis have extended that rage to the toppling of monuments they deem racist, including statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, both torn down in Portland, Oregon.

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The Rev. Jack Yates, a prominent leader in Houston

Juneteenth seized on by African Americans in Texas, and most memorably in Houston where the Rev. John Henry (Jack) Yates was a key organizer and promoter.

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Trump moves rally from Juneteenth, but not from danger

In one sense Trump’s plan to change his rally in Tulsa, Okla. to Saturday, June 20, in order to avoid infringing on Juneteenth may be cheered by African Americans, but that doesn’t spare the expected turnout endangered by the increasing cases of COVID-19.

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Trump—up against the wall and clutching for straws

Pinned against the wall or painted into a corner, Trump is in a desperate place, scrambling to free himself from a triple crisis—a ceaseless pandemic, Depression-like unemployment, and a coast-to-coast outrage about the police killing of George Floyd.

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A response to a first responder—Breonna Taylor

The public outrage and tumult in response to the police killing of George Floyd has been so relentless and continuous that other incidents of police brutality and overzealousness are obscured, if not completely forgotten.

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A literary promise of greatness—Henry Dumas

It is easy to summon a list of Black men whose lives have been snuffed out by unwarranted violence by white police officers, a list that is provoked by the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis when an officer compressed his neck to the pavement for nearly ten minutes.

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Trump: chief conspiracy theorist

Like so many of our democratic rights, the boundaries, for better or worse, are consistently challenged by Trump and his administration.

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Danny Ray Thompson, Sun Ra’s flutist and saxman

Last September there was a tribute to the late poet Steve Cannon at the Flamboyan Theater on New York’s Lower East Side.

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