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Addie Waites Hunton, a crusader for justice and women’s rights

If William Alphaeus Hunton Jr. is an “Unsung Valiant,” as his wife, Dorothy, wrote in his biography, Hunton’s mother was an even more obscure personality, but one, like her son, worthy of consideration.

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Sanders and Trump victorious in New Hampshire

This time the polls were exactly right. Sen. Bernie Sanders took New Hampshire overwhelmingly and Donald Trump triumphed over his Republican rivals.

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WWRL, last Black-owned radio station in NYC, sold

The last black-owned radio station in New York City has been sold.

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The mayor’s ‘One New York’

Mayor de Blasio shares an update on his "One New York" plan and the progress they have made so far.

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Feeling the ‘Bern’ in Harlem

Fresh from his victory in New Hampshire, Sen. Bernie Sanders had breakfast with the Rev. Al Sharpton at Sylvia’s in Harlem.

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Naval hero John Henry Lawson

If you’ve never heard of the Ebony Society of Philatelic Events and Reflections, you are not alone. Not until it was brought to my attention by Harlem resident Mani Gilyard was I aware of an organization of African-American stamp collectors.

Martia Goodson speaks for the ‘Church Ladies’

“How long … not long,” said Martia G. Goodson, quoting Dr. Martin Luther King as she answered how long it took her to write “Church Ladies: Untold Stories of Harlem Women in the Powell Era” (Author House, 2015).

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Book review: ‘The Man from Essence: Creating a Magazine for Black Women’

Edward Lewis opens up about being a creative force behind a magazine for black women.

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Cruz control

Ted Cruz trumps Donald in Iowa.

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Hillary and Bernie: Dead heat in Iowa

Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders bid in the Iowa caucuses ended in a “virtual tie."

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