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Milton Henry: Attorney, minister and comrade of Malcolm X

Long before becoming a minister, Milton Henry had experienced several political and ideological turns, none of them more eventful than the time he spent with Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz).

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Trump and the possibility of climate chaos

If Trump and his administration get its way—and they usually do—our environment will literally and figuratively go up in smoke since he plans to rollback the Clean Power Plan put into effect by the Obama administration.

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Artist and preservationist Joan Maynard

Two things necessitate a change in the usual pattern here of alternating between Black men and women.

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Trump’s trade war with China hurts Black farmers

Trump, the sheriff of tariff, has delivered a devastating blow to America’s consumers, and most specifically to farmers with his standoff in the US-China trade war.

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Freedom fighter now fighting for his life

From far and wide, comrades of Don Rojas came with passages of praise for the ailing journalist, who was defined by many as a freedom fighter.

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Extraordinary pianist and gifted teacher Hazel Harrison

In Jeffrey C. Stewart’s immense, absolutely engrossing “The New Negro—The Life of Alain Locke,” concert pianist Hazel Harrison is cited several times.

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Trump vs. Dems—constitutional crisis?

For Trump, numbers are what really count. Numbers in the billions as he once boasted of his wealth and a claim back in 2015 that he was the richest, most successful candidate to ever seek the Oval Office.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, Sir Hilary Beckles headline tribute to Don Rojas

For most of his adult life, Don Rojas has been a revolutionary freedom fighter for justice and equality.

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Beloved Jurist Damon J. Keith passes at 96

One of the last things Professor Thurgood Marshall told his graduating student Damon Keith were four words: “Equal justice under law.”

The ultimate Black Bolshevik and revolutionary Harry Haywood

When a life was as adventurous and politically active as Harry Haywood’s, it’s difficult to find a starting point, a pivotal moment that encapsulates his remarkable journey.

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