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Eliminate the Electoral College and bring on reparations, Warren says

In her quest to win the Black vote, Sen. Elizabeth Warren picked the right time, the right subjects and the right place to throw her support to reparations and several other significant issues.

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Mary B. Talbert, women’s rights advocate and clubwoman

Well, Imhotep Gary Byrd, I have a most prestigious Black woman with roots in Buffalo, N.Y., that many Americans may not know much about but who provides an important link from the late 19th to the early 20th century, particularly within the realm of social and political activism.

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CCTV inventor Marie Van Brittan Brown

Any discussion with Imhotep Gary Byrd is multidirectional with conversations about current events, political developments, and African-American history and culture.

Rep. Omar’s firestorm still heated

When Fox News weighs in to support Rep. Ilhan Omar, you know she’s stirred a complicated hornet’s nest of controversy.

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AG James keeps her promise on Trump

New York's attorney general has opened a civil investigation into President Donald Trump's business dealings, taking action after his former lawyer told Congress he exaggerated his wealth to obtain loans.

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Dorothy Bolden, civil rights activist and visionary labor leader

In this column over the years we’ve featured such notables as Mary McLeod Bethune and the National Association of Colored Women; Fannie Peck and the National Housewives League; and now we discuss the equally important and often overlooked National Domestic Workers Union (NDWU) and its founder Dorothy Bolden.

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A birthday salute to Harry Belafonte

After performing more than a dozen songs popularized by Harry Belafonte, pianist and vocalist Richard Cummings Jr., with an ensemble of musicians and singers, finally neared the end of a long night with a rousing version of “Day-O.” “Never record a song you don’t like,” Cummings advised the packed audience Friday at Aaron Davis Hall, “because if it becomes a hit you will be asked to sing it over and over.”

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Legal murders: demanding justice for Terence Crutcher, Stephon Clark

More than 80 protesters were arrested in Sacramento Monday night after they marched through an affluent section of the city demanding justice for Stephon Clark}.

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Rep. Jerrold Nadler targets Trump

It may be easier to say who isn’t in the Trump circle targeted by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, than who is.

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Book review: ‘Glory: A Life Among Legends’ by Dr. Glory Van Scott

In her absolutely engrossing memoir, “Glory: A Life Among Legends,” Dr. Glory Van Scott utilizes a number of motifs...all of which taken together replicate her multifaceted career.

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