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At least one person believes Trump is a ‘stable genius’

“Fire and Fury—Inside the Trump White House” by Michael Wolff is an absorbing read if you are interested in more evidence of Trump’s megalomania, misogyny, idiocy and just plain unfitness to be president.

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Kevin Mahogany, the jazz vocalist of his generation, passes at 59

For jazz buffs coming of age in the late ’50s and early ’60s, particularly for aspiring singers, the litmus test was “Moody’s Mood for Love,” the lyrics added to James Moody’s solo on the standard tune.

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Pamela Palanque-North, esteemed applied behavioral scientist, passes at 66

On too many occasions, the problem composing a person’s obituary is the lack of information.

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Mama Imani Humphrey, an educator, activist and Kwanzaa authority

Funny how memories circle back on you, reminding you of treasured moments, especially those spent with advocates of freedom and justice.

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Don Hogan Charles let his ubiquitous camera speak for him

Although photographer Don Hogan Charles kept his personal life private, his camera was open and revealed many private and historic moments about American history and personalities.

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Fire and fury threat renewed between Trump and Kim Jong-un

Rather than a cooling of antagonism between the U.S and North Korea, the new year has brought a fresh round of provocation and bluster.

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Daisy Lampkin, a NAACP trailblazer and civic leader

Most visitors to Pittsburgh who venture to the famous Hill District want to see where the great playwright August Wilson once lived.

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The passing of three giants in jazz

With my friend and colleague, and this paper’s eminent jazz authority, incapacitated the past several weeks, he has permitted me to substitute for him temporarily.

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Screw'ged! GOP tax bill is only for the rich

Much more than a glitch or a do-over was necessary to alter the first vote by the House in its approval of a GOP tax bill. A second vote Wednesday only confirmed what they and the Senate had done earlier with a $1.4 trillion measure now needing only Trump’s signature.

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Dr. R. Chester Redhead, the eminent dentist, passes at 92

“The best way to understand New York’s Black upper class is to study its origins,” Dr. R. Chester Redhead told author Lawrence Otis Graham.

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