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Coughlin’s Giants regroup with a rousing win over Buffalo

Over the course of roughly two and half weeks, the Giants have risen from the abyss to prosperity—or at the very least to a promising future.

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No one seems to be strong enough to break away in NFL East

In the NFL, coaches dissect their 16-game regular season into fourths. Heading into week four, the Giants can significantly alleviate their disastrous beginning to the 2015 campaign and plausibly look forward optimistically with a win over the Buffalo Bills in New York this Sunday at 1 p.m.

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In today’s NFL, Giants must learn to seize the moment

Seize the moment. In the 16-game NFL regular season schedule, every win is precious and every loss is consequential.

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A Giant case of poor decisions leads to season-opening loss

The Giants’ distressing 27­-26 defeat to the defending NFC East champions the Dallas Cowboys on the road Sunday night

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Giants hope to end playoff drought

As the Giants engage in the final preparations for their 2015-16 season opener versus the Dallas Cowboys on the road this Sunday night (8:30 p.m.), to date, the parts indeed equal the sum.

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Robert Ayers knows not a soul in the NFL will shed a tear for him

New York Giants defensive end Robert Ayers knows that in the unforgiving world of the NFL, no one is shedding a tear for him or any other injured player.

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Rehearsals ending for Giants, time to open the curtains

There are only two more dress rehearsals for the New York Giants before the curtain opens on the 2015 season.

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After his devastating injury, Victor Cruz is full speed ahead

Victor Cruz has proved to be appealing after playing himself on the HBO series “Ballers.”

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Steve Spagnuolo set for encore return to Giants

Despite the absence of defensive lineman Jason Pierre-Paul, whose status with the Giants is still in limbo, the defense is still moving forward in training camp under the direction of Steve Spagnuolo.

Is Chip Kelly marginalizing Black culture?

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has at once been hailed and mocked for his unconventional approach to building a football program.

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