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President Obama ramps up fight against HIV/AIDs

President Obama's new strategy to combat HIV/AIDS intends to turn the United States into a place where the infection is rare, and regardless of a person's standing, when someone does contract it they'd still have complete access to all necessary care for sustaining a long stigma free life.

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‘Blackstar' Highlights Global Perspectives by Black Filmmakers

Each film screened during the The Blackstar Film Festival will touch on experiences of people of colr

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West Africa vs South America, in Harlem

Wonder how Harlem watches the World Cup? Check it out.

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Son’s murder motivates dad to shepherd community away from violence

After an insufferable tragedy, there is occasionally a glimmer of optimism, a light at the end of the tunnel, an emblem of solace to comfort us until we’ve recovered. In 2009, Chris Foye lost his son Christopher Owen when he was accidentally shot while attending a Bronx barbecue and an altercation broke out. Since then, Foye has dedicated his time to retooling the community with his nonprofit, the Chris Owen’s Foundation, steering young people away from street life and violence.

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Brooklyn’s DA disregards NYPD commissioner with new marijuana law

In an effort to redirect law enforcement resources to more immediate dangers and away from disproportionate impositions against people of color, Brooklyn’s district attorney, Ken Thompson, announced yesterday that he will no longer prosecute low-level marijuana possession offenses that pose no threat to the community.

Dept of Consumer Affairs Overhauls Small Business Regulation, Ramps up Business Outreach

There has been a wide range of reforms set up to alleviate the burdens of NYC's small business owners. According to the Department of Consumer affairs commissioner, business relief package will reduce the number and cost of fines, increase transparency and fairness, and greatly expand the education of and outreach to businesses.

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Larenze Tate stars in a new film

Larenze Tate stars in a new film called Gun Hill, premiering on BET tomorrow night (July 2) at 9pm

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Supreme Court Makes Another Decision Involving the Affordable Care Act

Monday morning SCOTUS, in another 5-4 conservative/liberal split, sided with the right for businesses to abstain from participating in healthcare that goes against its religious practice instead of with the majority of American people, who disagree with a business’ right to deny contraception.

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New Short Film to bolster the Education Children Learn at School

A familiar starlet plans to make a film aimed to inspire children with exceptional African American stories. Karyn Parsons, of Fresh Prince fame, intends to tell the story of the first Black Soloist ballerina for New York's Metropolitan Opera House. She's motivated by a need to add to the history lessons children, especially Black children, learn at school.

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Community divided on how to best protect children from drowning

Parents of the two children who drowned over the weekend in the Bronx’s Starlight Park pleaded with the city for more strident protections, while community organizers preached personal responsibility. “Folks should have access to the river,” said David R. Shuffler Jr., executive director of Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, a Bronx organization deeply invested in environmental issues. “I don’t think eight miles of fence is possible.”

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