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‘Guardians 2’ serves up more of the same—fun, laughs and plenty of action

In Hollywood, big-budget, sci-fi films that have the universal “geek” stamp of approval—i.e., Marvel—don’t require a strong script.

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Academy focuses spotlight on music and sound

There is a notion that all the work that’s done by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is aimed at producing the speculator Oscar celebration, but there is much, much more to know about the Academy than just the pursuit of the famed gold man, Oscar.

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Treat Mom to free theater at the Public

Treat your mother—hey, your whole family—to a free performance of the Mobile Unit’s “Twelfth Night,” directed by Saheem Ali at Joseph Papp’s Public Theater.

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‘The Get Down’ is still getting down

Brother Nelson George has a wide-open smile that, at first glance, gives the appearance that you are staring into the eyes of a gentleman who’s been slumbering away.

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J.D. Dillard’s ‘Sleight’ opens April 28

“Sleight,” J.D. Dillard’s strong directorial debut, a film that he co-wrote with Alex Theurer stars up and coming actor, Jacob Latimore, Dulé Hill and ingenue Seychelle Gabriel.

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Leguizamo’s ‘Latin History for Morons’ now at Public Theater

Four stars has become the industry standard for excellence, but like John Leguizamo—the inventive one-man unstoppable force of entertaining truths—I break those stupid rules and I offer the canopy of the stars above to rate his most recent one-man show, “Latin History for Morons.”

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‘Ghost in the Shell’ re-boot makes casting misstep

The film based on Masamune Shirow’s cult manga series of the same name, “Ghost in the Shell,” has taken big hits for the casting of white woman Scarlett Johansson instead of casting a Japanese woman in the lead role.

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‘Underground’ director Salli Richardson-Whitfield

While acting in one of Ava DuVernay’s first films the striking actress, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, got the first clue that working behind the camera might be in her future.

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Misha Green, ‘Underground’ co-creator and executive producer, is woke

Misha Green is co-creator of WGN’s hit series “Underground,” which she also executive produces along with co-series creator, Joe Pokaski, and executive producer and Academy Award-winner John Legend.

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Logan’s days of future past

Williams: He first appeared in 1974 in “The Incredible Hulk #180,” but I first saw him in “Uncanny X-Men #116” where he popped out razor sharp claws from his fist, (probably) killed someone, reasoned with a sabertooth tiger and tracked teammates by their scents.

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