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‘The Birth of a Nation’ hits theaters

Veteran cinematographer Elliot Davis should be nominated and win several awards this season for his stunning visuals in Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation.”

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‘Queen of Katwe’—An African queen arrives in theaters

“Queen of Katwe,” is directed by Mira Nair and based on Tim Crothers’ book.

Nicholas Brothers take flight at the Film Forum

“The Nicholas Brothers defied gravity, they hung in the air and stayed there for a long time. I saw this with my own eyes.”

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20th annual Urbanworld Film Festival runs Sept. 21-25

The 20th annual Urbanworld Film Festival (www.urbanworld.org), presented by Revolt with founding sponsor HBO, is one of the largest competitive film festivals and is designed to advance the presence and impact of diverse content creators.

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New music series at Grill On The Hill

The Grill On The Hill, located at 1624 Amsterdam Ave. (646-838-8879), is a lot like “Cheers” but with African-Americans, Latinos and a vibrant rainbow tribe.

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‘Nine Lives’—Not cute even with kittens

“Nine Lives,” the animated comedy starring Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken, did the impossible. This jumble of a film made cats not cute.

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Harry Lennix of the ‘Blacklist’ keeping it busy

The first thing that hits you about Harry Lennix is the booming sound of his voice. It’s deep and comforting and sounds like God but not the “fire, hail, brimstone, hell bound” version of God.

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‘Hamilton’ keeps rolling on

Sydney James Harcourt is now in the role of Aaron Burr, which is the very same role that earned Leslie Odom Jr. a Tony—this year—and Harcourt is brilliant as Burr.

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‘Star Trek’ is back with ‘Beyond’

Time stops for no one, even in space. In reviewing the Captain’s Log, with a birthday approaching, Captain James Tiberius Kirk, finds himself deeply depressed.

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Ballet Hispánico featured in Lincoln Center at the Movies

Beauty of motion. Power in the sublime. An athlete poured into the body of a dancer.

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