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‘Preachers of Atlanta’ premieres February 3

The new reality series “Preachers of Atlanta,” which premieres on Oxygen Media, Feb. 3, is riveting, fascinating and engaging entertainment.

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Black History Month at the Apollo

The Apollo Theater will host a series of artistic and community programs in celebration of Black History Month.

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Road trip Hollywood: Year three, the Oscars

“It’s a fluke, it’s because of ‘12 Years a Slave’ that the Amsterdam News was approved. Wait. They won’t invite you back, they don’t need ‘you’—that’s how they view Black media and Black audiences.”

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88th Oscar noms announced

Today, the 88th Oscar nominations were announced, and the Amsterdam News will return to Los Angeles to cover all of the glitz, fun and glamour that makes the award season exciting.

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Franchising smart with ‘Ride Along 2’

In the not-so-distant-past, the mega-corporation that is Hollywood didn’t have much faith in the first “Ride Along.”

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We TV new series ‘Growing Up Hip-Hop’ premieres January 7

Raised by hip-hop legends and pioneers, “Growing Up Hip Hop” features the princes and princesses of the hip-hop world.

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New ‘Black Panther’ comic roars into April

Ryan Coogler to direct, Chadwick Boseman to lead

The level of talent in the African-American community is about to get a major, global jolt in the arm, and it’s all about “the new Black Panther.”

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‘Hateful Eight’ violent, outrageous, riveting

As Quentin Tarantino enters into his eighth film with “The Hateful Eight,” I’ve lost count on how many times the word “nigger” is sliced, diced and slapped upside the head of the viewer. In this film, however, the use of the N-word is slung with a venous truth that’s wrapped in historical facts.

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‘Creed’ gets four stars

Writer-director Ryan Coogler confirms every bit of promise that he displayed in his 2013 debut “Fruitvale Station,” which also starred Michael B. Jordan.

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Interview with Ryan Coogler, ‘Creed’ director-writer, part 2

“Creed” is Ryan Coogler’s second feature film, and he shares a screenwriting credit with Aaron Covington, the movie based on a story by Coogler.

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