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Captivating travel stories for the soul

There are all kinds of travel guides out there, for specific destinations, themed travel such as beach vacations, traveling with children, sojourns for baby boomers and the list goes on.

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Art, music and film among Afrocentric events presented in October

Believe it or not, fall is officially here...

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A mind, body and spirit transformation in Costa Rica

In our last sojourn, we had just arrived at the Retreat at Altos del Monte, a new, secluded, eight-acre mountaintop estate just 45 minutes from San Jose, Costa Rica.

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The Retreat at Altos del Monte

Located between Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, Costa Rica is truly a jewel of Central America

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Ebony Escapes! into September

Whether you’re traveling on the East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in between this month (its September already?), you’ll find a wealth of special events, performances, culinary adventures and more of Afrocentric interest.

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2015’s most and least affordable US travel destinations

I normally don’t think of, or consult, banking institutions when deciding where to embark upon a travel sojourn.

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10 best family campgrounds

Being away from the everyday stresses of life, leaving behind most all of today’s modern conveniences, the enhanced taste of food when prepared alfresco and the opportunity to immerse myself in nature at the beach, in the mountains, in state and national parks and at other amazing places.

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A few of my favorite (travel) things

One of the benefits of being a travel writer is that you often find out about many of the latest travel accessories, gadgets, clothing, books and so forth as soon as they come on the market, each offering their own unique features for those on the go. Here are a few of the latest to come my way.

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Afrocentric adventures in August

Summertime, and the living is … exciting, colorful, inspiring, cool and so much more, so be sure to check out some of these amazing events of Afrocentric interest happening both in your own backyard and further afield.

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In Belize, paradise found

I'm not going to lie: The voyage to this Belizean island paradise 18 miles off the mainland is not for sissies.

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