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‘Raisin’ gets its time in the sun again

To begin with, you’ve got Lorraine Hansberry’s great work, a Tony Award-winning play that became the first play written by a Black woman to premiere on Broadway.

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No more games in ‘A Doll’s House’

The idea of the independent, self-actualized female is one that we know—but not so much so that we take the idea for granted, as to some degree, the age-old expectations and stereotypes of women’s roles in society still remain.

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Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart dive into the absurd in ‘Waiting for Godot’ and ‘No Man’s Land’

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are the best pairing since peanut butter and jelly

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Southern charm and gentlemen callers in ‘The Glass Menagerie’

A Southern domestic drama about beautifully flawed and broken individuals, the play sports many elements of what has come to define the great Tennessee Williams as a playwright.

Ed Harris delights in ‘The Jacksonian’

This is an odd play, full of poeticism, pain, discomfort and topics that unnerve.

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‘Welcome Home Sonny T’ tackles prejudice, gun violence

“Welcome Home Sonny T,” written by William Electric Black (also known as Ian Ellis James, a seven-time Emmy Award-winning writer for his work on “Sesame Street”), is a play from his “Gunplays” series that seeks to put the issue of gun violence in perspective and explore the causes behind it.

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10 films to watch about Nelson Mandela

The past few years have seen filmmaker after filmmaker step up to tell the story of Nelson Mandela

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‘The Snow Geese’ coasts on Broadway

Mary-Louise Parker (“Weeds”) makes a not–so–brilliant return to Broadway as a widowed mother facing financial trouble during World War I in “The Snow Geese.”

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‘Ender’s Game’ falls flat

"Ender’s Game” ends up falling a little flat in the end.

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‘How I Learned to Drive’ keeps it all in the family

There are rules to learning how to drive

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