Mikhael Simmonds

Mikhael Simmonds (@mikswrites) has worked and interned at the Amsterdam News, the United Nations Department of Public Relations, Democracy Now! and GRITtv. He graduated from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism with an MA in International Reporting. When he’s not busy writing stories or editing videos and podcasts, he’s on the turntables spinning Afrobeats. At the moment he is currently busy being a gladiator in a suit.

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Ali Abdullah claims his place in the tech world

Nestled in a recently renovated East Harlem building, Ali Abdullah runs around his office in preparation for our interview.

Guyanese political activist murdered months before election

With just two months to go before Guyana’s next general election, opposition activist Courtney Crum-Ewing was shot in the street last week while urging local residents to vote against the ruling party.

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African American Day Parade 2014 (Photos)

The 45th African American Day Parade was in full swing yesterday as thousands came out to enjoy the performances, music, food and art.

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Election Day (Again!)

Harlemites are heading to the polls again but this time may be different - or not.

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NYPD Hosts Teen Tournament

NYPD Community Affairs officers in collaboration with local community leaders held the Patrol Borough Manhattan North 1st Unity in the Community, Basketball Tournament.

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Steve McQueen hosts Open Casting Call

Steve McQueen's hosts open casting call this Saturday for an upcoming HBO series.

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Addicted to The Earthman Experience

The Earthman Experience rocked the stage with their addictive afrobeats last Sunday at Harlem Week's 40th Anniversary.

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Where were you for Harlem Week 2014

Harlem Week was in full swing yesterday as music, food and dance poured into the streets. (08/17/2014)

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El Barrio’s La Marqueta Gets an Upgrade

City Council has promised to (and did) pour roughly $3 million dollars into upgrading El Barrio’s La Marqueta.

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The H in Harlem Lights Up

Photo Essay: View of The H for Harlem from the 125th street 1 train station.

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