Nayaba Arinde

Nayaba Arinde has been the Editor of the New York Amsterdam News since 2005. She is a multiple award winning journalist and activist. As well as being an editor she also reports on social justice, politics, education and institutional racism. As a breast cancer survivor since 2007 and a single mother of 2 living with Multiple Sclerosis she has been a ongoing advocate for women’s health.

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Kem and Joe at NJPAC on Thursday, Dec. 12

Have you been a good bunch of elves this year? Then go right ahead and treat yourselves to this week’s Kem and Joe show at NJPAC, where WBLS presents “Home for the Holidays.”

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U.S-based publisher re-arrested in Nigeria in shock courtroom move

It was a shocking sight that less than 20 hours after being released from alleged “unlawful” detention, New Jersey-based Nigerian activist Omoyele Sowore was tackled in an Abuja court room, and re-arrested on original charges of treason.

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GGG Hyacinth Bourne celebrates 103rd birthday with 4 generations of family members

Great-great-great grandbabies laughed happily in the arms of Hyacinth Bourne who celebrated her 103rd birthday on Monday, Nov. 18.

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NYS Supreme Court Judge Crane orders WBAI back on air with local control

At midnight Wednesday, 6th, November, 2019, embattled “progressive” New York radio went back on air with local control, by court order of NYS Supreme Court Judge Melissa Crane.

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Zimbabwe’s former president, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, passes

Zimbabwe’s former president, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, passed away Sept. 6 at the age of 95.

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Burna Boy fires up the Apollo!

Afro-Fusion, Afro Jam and Afro Beat fans side by side with reggae and hip-hop heads packed the Apollo Theater on Friday, April 5.

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Shooters target ‘wrong’ brother

“Why did you kill him?” Raymonde Figaro bemoaned. “There’s nothing left in my heart... I don’t feel my body anymore.”

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Mistrial in murdered jogger case

The family and friends of Chanel Lewis, 22, always believed that he was innocent in the 2016 rape and murder of Queens jogger Karina Vetrano.

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Slain Brownsville teen funeralized in Brooklyn

The heartbreak and pain was palpable at the wake and funeral of 16-year-old Oluwadurotimi “Timi” Oyebola, who was shot and killed reportedly by a 14-year-old boy who fired at youths playing on a basketball court at Brownsville’s Chester Playground Sept. 21.

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Calls for justice in Brownsville for slain teen

Hundreds of teens, family and community members, elected officials, concerned parents and activists marched from Brooklyn Ascend Charter School in Brownsville and gathered in Chester Playground on Monday, Oct. 1, the very scene where two weeks ago, 16-year-old Oluwadurotimi Oyebola was shot in the head and died of the fatal head wound shortly afterward.

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