Nayaba Arinde

Nayaba Arinde has been the Editor of the New York Amsterdam News since 2005. She is a multiple award winning journalist and activist. As well as being an editor she also reports on social justice, politics, education and institutional racism. As a breast cancer survivor since 2007 and a single mother of 2 living with Multiple Sclerosis she has been a ongoing advocate for women’s health.

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The world reacts to Trump’s DC riot

Never was the phrase “the whole world is watching” more apropos than it was on Wednesday Jan. 6, when armed, angry white folk stormed the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

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Harlem activist Charles Cooper asks community for help in kidney donor appeal

Harlemite Charles Cooper Jr., businessman and one time 2016 candidate for New York City Council District 9, is calling on his beloved Uptown community and beyond in his quest for a new kidney.

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Self-defense is a ‘Black necessity,’ activists advise

Between the coronavirus panic and the rise in white supremacist violence and threats, “We are in dire straits,” said Alton Edwards, the International Preparedness Network executive director, as he urged that the community beware complacency. “Not just the COVID—I mean because there is so much chaos…out of crisis comes chaos.”

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LaToya Meaders says pandemic or not, ‘We must feed those in need’

Providing sustenance to underfunded people is everything. Refueling targeted communities amidst one of the world’s greatest collectively experienced health challenges this century…is something else.

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Million Man March commemoration on the Brooklyn Bridge

Walking daily with the actionable mantra ‘Building a Better Community One Block at a Time,’ Man Up! Inc. Founder/Executive Director Andre T. Mitchell, decided that commemorating the 25th anniversary of the historic D.C. Million Man March has to be epic.

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Let’s Do Some Pull Ups fellas show up and out on the Bed Stuy BLM Mural

Flexin’ their complexion, the New York/Pennsylvania-based muscle-bound collective of Let’s Do Some Pull Ups, posed for a series of photos for Hollis King on the BLM Mural in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.

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The Billie’s ‘12 Angry Men...and Women’ streamed live from NYC’s first Black Lives Matter Mural

What a magnificent performance of “12 Angry Men” by beloved Black actors who enacted all-to-familiar police misconduct/brutality scenarios Saturday Sept. 5.

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Name of police-shooting victim Miriam Carey added to Bed-Stuy BLM mural

As the community debated the reopening of the BLM-painted street along Harriet Ross Tubman Avenue/Fulton Street in Bed Stuy, creative Cey Adams used his art activism to add Miriam Carey to the dozens of names memorialized on the mural.

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Nicole Paultre Bell honors Sean Bell in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

Before police murdered George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor and Rayshard Brookes––unfortunately among countless highly-publicized, and not so much, others––was Sean Bell.

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Fireworks and gunshots

This month there have been more than 13,000 complaints about these illegal fireworks compared to a total of 32 complaints this time last year.

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