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Mint Condition, the world’s most underrated band, rocks NYC

Mint Condition for president, and B.B. King’s for V.P.—yes! Mint Condition lives up to the title of their 1996 third studio album, “Definition of a Band.” Think Earth, Wind & Fire, bring in Maze and Frankie Beverly, bring in 90s R&B/funk doused in the energy of the 2000s, then you have this band.

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The world mourns and celebrates Muhammad Ali—The Greatest of all time

The man known as the “Black Superman,” Muhammad Ali, passed away Friday, June 5, 2016.

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Mother's Day tears: Women mourn the lives of their children taken by violence

Mother’s Day may be a commercially contrived premise, but it brings with it a deep sense of sentimentality for many.

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The Akai Gurley case continues-no mistrial in killer cop case

Despite a last minute effort from attorneys for (now former cop) Peter Liang to get the conviction thrown out, the Amsterdam News heard late on Thursday afternoon, that presiding judge Danny Chun declared that there will not be a mistrial.

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‘Brownsville Five’ case: The aftermath

At court Thursday Brooklyn D.A Ken Thompson dismissed the charges against the five teens accused of assaulting the young lady in a Brownsville park.

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Do we need a Black History Month? Here's your answer

The racial issues that simmer unceasingly beneath the surface of America have rushed to the surface again and again over the past year, boiling up as recently as the Grammy Awards last week.

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Anti-Beyonce Black Panther protest fails

Anti-Beyonce Black Panther protest turns into an anti-'anti-Beyonce' protest.

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NY activists respond to Beyonce tribute to the Panthers

The only trending issue matching the post-Superbowl 50 “We still support Cam Newton” social media storm is the debate surrounding Beyonce’s big “Formation Show” nod to the 50th anniversary of the founding of the original Black Panther Party for Self-Defense.

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Investigation continues in alleged Brownsville rape

There is a mood in Brownsville that something untoward happened in Osborn Park two weeks ago.

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DA Thompson’s gifts freedom in over dozen overturned convictions

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson releases two men who had spent over 30 years in prison for crimes they did not commit.

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