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Cornegy sounds school door alarm with proposed bill

In the wake of the tragic death of Avonte Oquendo, City Council Member Robert E. Cornegy Jr. has proposed the Audible Alarm Bill, which would have school exits and entrances connected to a localized alarm system.

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‘Central Park Five’ rally at City Hall for 25th anniversary of injustice

Community waits for Mayor Bill de Blasio to honor his campaign promise to settle the Central Park 5 case.

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Young Guns: Teen shooting incites calls to end gun pipeline

Shots rang out on a city bus as people were going about their business. A young father lay dying, and a teen with some sort of perceived beef was holding the smoking gun

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Dr. Angela Moses: Really leading the way

Dr. Angela Moses, the author of “The Joy of Single Parenting,” is herself a single mom of two

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Cornegy opens Bed-Stuy lactation station

Nursing moms in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, no longer have to worry about where they can feed their hungry children

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Community residents ask Cuomo for special elections

At a Sunday afternoon rally targeting Gov. Andrew Cuomo activists demanded special elections and the reopening of 10 Assembly district offices in New York

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Charter school debate rages on

Mayor Bill de Blasio began curtailing the rapid expansion of charter schools throughout the city, including some Success Academy charters run by former City Council Member Eva Moskowitz,

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Saying goodbye and thank you to the ‘judicial genius’ Chokwe Lumumba

This weekend, there will be memorial and funeral services held in Jackson, Miss., in celebration of the life of the honorable Lumumba.

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New organization helps custodial parents collect child support

Scofflaws and deadbeats had better watch out, because a new tristate area-based organization is looking for those noncustodial parents who refuse to financially support their childre

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New Yorkers shocked by passing of great activist Mayor Chokwe Lumumba 

On Tuesday, Feb. 25, the grassroots movement was stunned by the news of the sudden and unexpected loss of warrior attorney and Jackson, Miss., Mayor Chokwe Lumumba at the age of 66.

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