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City council race causing chaos

There are political rumblings in the gritty but beautiful Brooklyn.

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Kendrick Lamar is official in Brooklyn

The somewhat frequent visitor to the city, hot off of his “Control” controversy, chose the outdoor Brooklyn venue Williamsburg Park this time

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De Blasio's Blueprint

Democratic mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio thinks he is sitting pretty. After saying that every vote counts, runner-up Bill Thompson conceded on Monday—the very day the Board of Elections began counting the paper ballots.

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Sad farewell to Antiq, community pledges change

Seemingly every inch of the young man’s visible skin was taken over by tattoos; patterns were shaved in to his head. The young man, who was standing on the steps outside of Grace’s Funeral Home, was obviously known to many of the other equally sombre young men.

Komen cancer race brings out thousands

Thousands upon thousands of women, men, children and babes in strollers—some folks even brought their dogs—walked, ran and/or jogged the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Central Park on Sunday, Sept. 8

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Primary night: Cliffhangers, blowouts and burnouts

As of press time, with 98 percent of precincts reporting, de Blasio led all Democratic nominees with 40.18 percent of the vote. Bill Thompson held second place with 26.11 percent of the vote and New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn rounded out the top three at 15.47 percent. But, who stands behind an elected official, in view of the cameras, during a speech is just as important as the speech itself in political circles.

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Susan G. Komen ‘Run Breast Cancer Out of Town’ walk on Sept. 8

The annual Susan G. Komen “Run Breast Cancer Out of Town” walk takes place this Sunday in Central Park at 9 a.m. on Sept. 8.

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Tears for a toddler

Antiq Hennis is dead. The beautiful 1-year-old boy was shot in the head in Brownsville on Sept. 1. His family and his community are devastated.

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Rallies to save Interfaith Medical Center continue

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, New York Assembly Member Annette Robinson and community leaders called for the preservation of health care services at the Interfaith Medical Center on Wednesday morning.

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Common Core’s not-so-common benefits

Twelve years of Mayor Michael Bloomberg the educrat, and only 29 percent of New York City students who graduate are college-ready. New York City’s first Common Core standardized test scores were released last week revealing dire numbers: Only 55.1 percent of all students grades three through eight meet or exceed the standard in English. In math, only 64.8 achieved the percentage needed to pass the examination. That’s a 20 and 30 percent drop since last year.

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Faithful rally for Interfaith?

“Gov. Cuomo will be signing the death warrants of hundreds if not thousands of people from the Central Brooklyn area if he does not stop the effort to close Interfaith,” said activist minister the Rev. Herbert Daughtry. “This community and beyond needs this hospital. Thousands of people rely on it.”

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Trayvon Travesty

“You can kill a dog—Michael Vick—and go to jail … kill a Black man, and you walk. Brother Plaxico Burress: You can shoot yourself, and they’ll send you to jail … but kill a Black man, and [if] you’re white, you walk,” boomed Councilman Charles Barron. “Fifty bullets for Sean Bell, 41 for Amadou Diallo … they walked. Timothy Stansbury, going to a party on the rooftop, bullet in the heart … they walked. We got to come together and say to this system that there must be consequences when you take our lives; we’re not animals!”

Violence and summer in the city

On an almost tropically hot Saturday, July 6, death visited a neighborhood basketball game at Marcy Houses in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. At approximately 6:30 p.m., while watching the game, 18-year-old Mario Lopez was shot and killed. Three other teens were also injured by flying bullets.

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World awaits news of Mandela

According to news reports at press time, Nelson Mandela was on life support and was surrounded by his family. At 94 years young, former South African president and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela remains in Pretoria’s Mediclinic Heart Hospital for a recurring lung problem.

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The passing of a mighty warrior, activist Jitu Weusi

Brooklynites lost a mighty, mighty warrior on Wednesday, 22, May 2013. The carrer activist Jitu...

Barack won: Now what? So what?

It has been just over a week; the post election euphoria is still keeping the...

Protests shut down offensive Scottsboro Boys play

After an unrelenting grassroots campaign, it was announced on Tuesday that "The Scottsboro Boys," the...

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Haiti needs us

"Haiti today faced a natural disaster of unprecedented proportion, an earthquake unlike anything the country...

FELA! - Adesola pays special tribute

"Fela!" only has one more week left on Broadway as it comes to the end...

Anti-war, defend Libya protest scheduled for Friday

"When Africa called, Libya answered," declared Omowale Clay for the December 12th Movement International Secretariat....

Malcolm X grandson decries Marable biography on 86th birthday observation

Throwing a book at the book, "Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention," Malcolm Shabazz, grandson...

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Supporters tell city: 'Compensate the Central Park Jogger 5'

Central park jogger.jpg The Central Park Jogger case has hit the headlines again. On Tuesday,...

Comptroller Thompson: 'I am definitely running for mayor--no really I am'

With an "always bet on Black" swagger of a cool, calm and confident New Yorker,...

Whites shot in Bed-Stuy; media cover up?

Three white men were shot in a Bed-Stuy apartment building in the morning of April...

Combating the 'Tarzan effect' in Haiti

Combating the 'Tarzan effect' in Haiti By NAYABA ARINDE Amsterdam News Editor "We are looking...

Barron's passionate launch of the Freedom Party

"We can say that the Freedom Party was born in the heat of struggle, in...


It is official: City Councilman Charles Barron has just announced that he is going to...

Harlem teen shooting highlights 'state of emergency'

George White was a regular 15-year-old who lived on Frederick Douglas Boulevard off West 140th...

Groundless gossip: Gov. Paterson slams salacious speculations

"The purpose of the rumors is to get people to think more about whether or...

Run-off heating up in Trenton

It's coming down to the wire now. Trentonians are getting ready to mark their figurative...

A Haitian on Haiti: Editor Gary Pierre Pierre speaks on the plight of his nation

"The dead bodies lying in the street were really jarring. The smell of the dead...

Cuomo's qualm

On Saturday, there was a not-so-secret secret meeting of leading Black politicos discussing what to...

'Scottsboro Boys' fallout continues

"I remember going to a rally to free the Scottsboro Boys in 1933 in Harlem,"...

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Cheryl Wills: anchored in pride and commitment

Don't let the smooth and mellow news anchor delivery fool you. Get NY1 news veteran...

MWBE legislation is going to change job creation in NYS

A curious term "minority," oft times used with inaccurate reference in this current-day lexicon to...

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Vote Nov 2: Our future depends on it

Rev. Dr. Congressman Adam Clayton Powell once asked, "What's in your hands? Representation, referendums and...

Less bullets, more books

A team of dedicated "violence interrupters" will be walking through the streets of East New...

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Coffins and community activists make a point to stop the violence

The Tsunami of Peace rally was enough to stop traffic, as a convoy of hearses,...

Mohamed Bonkoungou: The grand Diasporan

"I am a good Diasporan," smiles Mohamed Bonkoungou, who works in Harlem, lives in the...

April showers down knowledge and power

April R. Silver is more than a mere 25-hour, eight-days-a-week New York City publicist. She...

New stop and frisk law signed, questions still linger...

"People are tried of getting stopped," Governor David Paterson told the Amsterdam News in an...

Pass the Bill

It is a disgrace that continues to shock people the world over. "Give the 9...

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Brownstone Buddies bring us their entrepreneurial energy

"We want to thank President Barack Obama for ushering in a new era of awareness...

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Blackface on Broadway

Imagine "Slavery: The Musical," the Broadway smash; "Lynching," the runaway West End hit; or "Precious:...

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Questions rise over police shooting in the Bronx

Amidst the shouting was the weeping of bystanders and family members, who gathered at the...

No official stamp, Freedom Party marches on anyway

The morning after the night before Freedom Party supporters hit the ground running. "Oh we...

William Thompson running in 2013

"I have made a decision," former city comptroller Bill Thompson called to tell the Amsterdam...

Activists call on Gov to pardon John White

An appeals court has upheld the manslaughter conviction of John White. White, a 56-year-old working,...

EXCLUSIVE: John White feels 'blessed and highly favored'

"I am blessed and highly favored." John White is forever thankful. The fact he is...

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Parents, educators and elected officials gathered at the Department of Education HQ at the Tweed...