Pastor Michael Walrond Jr

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Live, love and laugh

An avalanche of emotions floods the spirit when the news of the unexpected passing of...

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Moving from self-deception

I do not believe that anyone likes to feel as though they have been lied...

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It has to be local

Over the past four years, many people in the Black community have criticized President Barack...

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The goal of life

As a pastor, I encounter many persons who find themselves trying to navigate the complex...

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Creating in the dark

Life is truly a journey--a journey filled with episodes that can cause spontaneous eruptions of...

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We are the ones

On Aug. 9, 1978, June Jordan, the late poet and political activist, presented a poem...

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We need the trumpets

No matter how many times I see the tears and hear the cries of mothers...

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Press forward

Have you ever felt like a prisoner of your mistakes or trapped in the place...

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Confront your fears

It is amazing how at times our greatest dreams have a way of colliding with...

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Be human, be compassionate

I weep for those who are the enemies of compassion--persons who live with an abiding...

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