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Summer hair and makeup tips

When it comes to hair and makeup, you must define your own beauty.

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Effortless swimwear solutions

When a global designer, super-style maven and beach lover takes to creating a swimwear line, anything goes.

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A fall ’15 Tlale of soft, sensuous styles

David Tlale launched his brand 11 years ago. A native of South Africa, he showcases his inimitable designs all over the world.

Classic, chic styles for fall

In a collection of Calvin Klein classic clothes for day and evening, designer Francisco Costa finds a way to show a collection that seems timeless.

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Haute Herrera habits

“I have a responsibility to the woman of today—to make her feel confident, modern and, above all else, beautiful,” said designer Carolina Herrera after a recent show.

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Cool spring-summer ’15 men’s looks

Fashion has really opened up with regards to menswear.

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Young designers stand out in Australia

For Australia’s Fashion Week, several young designers presented impressive collections. Ophelie’s line focuses on simply tailored styles with elastic embedded in beautiful handmade fabrics.

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Hip lingerie and swimwear

According to swimwear designer Vanessa Jean Simmons, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven.”

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Baltic amber earrings are beautiful

Treasure Hut Jewelry introduces a new “Amber From the Baltic Sea Jewelry” collection.

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Popular eco-friendly hand-knits

For fall 2015, chunky knits, bright, bold colors and oversized coats take the lead.

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