Ron Scott

Ron Scott writes a weekly column “Jazz Notes” for the Amsterdam News, and contributes to the monthly publications Positive Community and Network Journal.

He is the senior editor of “Forever Harlem,” (Starlight Press L.L.C., 2006), a pictorial history of Harlem from 1896-2006. Most recently he was writer and editor for the Community Works exhibit “Harlem is… Music,” exhibited at the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts and the Museum of the City of New York

As a freelance writer Scott has written for the New York Times, Vogue Magazine, the Daily News, Time Out New York, Johnson Publications and ABC Radio.

He is a member of the Jazz Journalists Association, New York Association of Black Journalists (NYABJ), National Writers Union, and a graduate of Florida A&M University, and New York University’s Graduate School of Social Work.

He has lectured at the City University of New York, Howard University and shared his expertise on music panels throughout the United States.

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Freddy Cole, the jazz crooner, dies at age 88

Freddy Cole, whose sophisticated soft baritone timbre turned every song into a heartfelt novella.

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Keystone reopens, Locke talk, DCJazzFest

Last Week (June 13) the Keystone Korner jazz club in Baltimore, Maryland opened its doors for the first time since closing three months ago due to the onslaught of COVID-19.

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Looters, looting an American tradition

As peaceful protests gripped U.S. cities, fires and looting began to take place. For the next few days, looting became the top news story around the world.

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Geri celebrates 99

Recently, a good friend Laverne Perry-Kennedy called and said, “Hey, we have to do a three-way, today is Geri’s birthday,” (May 23).

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When the topic of independent films comes up, most people become apprehensive.

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Jazz drummer Jimmy Cobb dies at 91

Jimmy Cobb, a jazz drummer whose subtle supporting role proved to be his significant sound that added to the uniqueness of such classic albums as Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue,” died on May 24 in his Harlem home.

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Jazz Notes: Musicians talk

We are still adjusting to this twilight zone reality insane sane world of COVID-19.

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As COVID-19 continues to hold us hostage and live music remains a pleasant memory that we pray will return soon, there are still things to cheer in the jazz community.

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MEMORIES: Sam Hargress, Bootsie Barnes, Little Richard

As COVID-19 continues to spread its deadly contagious germs around the world I sadly continue to report deaths of those committed to jazz and the world of music.

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JAZZ NOTES: Newport cancels, Jazz Gallery, Mixon, Papa Lou

Some jazz and folk fans were still holding out hoping the horrific COVID19 pandemic imposing a worldwide blanket of death and lockdowns or shelter-in-place would be contained with the many precautions set in place, but unfortunately that has not happened.

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