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Sharelle D. Lowery is a San Francisco-based etiquette & lifestyle blogger, author and professional speaker. With her witty charm and upbeat attitude Sharelle D. Lowery is a conference and panel favorite discussing topics including Lifestyle, Beauty and Relationships.

Her well-received etiquette book, ClassyBlackGirl-The Rules is a hilarious take on etiquette and charm for the modern woman of color and is available on her website or amazon.

You can get daily doses of her a-ha moments and photo opinions by visiting ClassyBlackGirl.com or following her on twitter and Instagram @ClassySharelle. Sharelle also has been featured on CocoaFab.com, BlackVibes.com and is the San Francisco Etiquette and Relationship Writer for Examiner.com.

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Black Fashion Icons of the past 100 years

The past 100 years for people of color have been moving at the speed of light. I have identified a few of my favorite Black Fashion Icons of the past 100 years.

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Healthy Soul Food Exchanges that Work! | The Black American Kitchen

I have compiled 5 of my favorite Soul Food Exchanges so that you can maintain ethnic flavor when cooking Soul Food but not take in all of the sodium, fat or calories!

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Recipe: Mama's Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese is a http://blackhistory2014.beta.lionheartdms.com/admin/news/story/add/#dish that is revered in the American Black kitchen. There are so many ways to make it and every recipe brings joy and delight to our taste buds.

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"Chitlin’s From Slave food to Delicacy | The Black American Kitchen

However you feel about them it is never dry or ho-hum. Either you love Chitlin's and the way that they taste or you cannot stand the smell or even the thought of what you may be eating. Everybody feels strongly one way or the other about the Southern Soul Food delicacy. Let's get into what they are where they came from and potentially where Chitlin’s are going.

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