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AT&T workers fight against outsourcing and offshoring

AT&T workers aren’t backing down from their desire to have their company end outsourcing and offshoring.

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32BJ Fight on behalf of the undocumented

A local union is making its collective voice heard on the immigration front.

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Bill Perkins emerges victorious in special City Council election

New York State Sen. Bill Perkins is back in the New York City Council.

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32BJ advocates for Muslims in dire straits

Didn’t matter if you had a green card, a work visa or were escaping conflict.

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Uber and Lyft in tug-of-war over customers’ post-travel ban

One could argue that Donald Trump’s presidency has made almost every decision by citizens a political one. The choice between two tech “disruptors” in the taxi industry has become a source of political debate.

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Fast food workers, council members and advocates denounce Puzder

Leading up to the Senate confirmation hearings for potential Labor Secretary Andy Puzder, fast-food workers, New York City Council members and allies denounced his position and history of anti-labor behavior.

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32BJ speaks on JFK renovation

Before his State of the State address in Manhattan Monday, New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo discussed his desire to make John F. Kennedy Airport “world-class.”

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Union leaders positive about Cuomo’s agenda on education and child care

New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered the first of his many State of the State addresses in Manhattan this past Monday.

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NY/NJ airport workers win first union contracts

Four years of hard work has paid off for New York and New Jersey airport workers.

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Vancouver-based hospital service and maintenance workers join AFT

The American Federation of Teachers took their work over the border when workers at a hospital in Vancouver voted to join them.

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