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Activists want DOE to investigate Success Academies, Moskowitz

It may have been raining in New York City last Thursday, but educational activists at 32 Old Slip in lower Manhattan were determined to shine anyway.

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HUD proposes smoking ban across all public housing

If the New York City Housing Authority is a microcosm of public housing around the country, a lot of work needs to be done with the infrastructure.

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B&H workers vote to unionize

B&H Photo warehouse employees scored a major victory last week after voting to join a union.

IBO report focuses on homeless public school students

A report highlights the tribulations of homeless public school students in the five boroughs.

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Fight for $15 rally: ‘We’re not done yet’

Fast-food workers across the country wanted to let politicians and citizens know that they’re not going to be quiet this election season.

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TWU members want to end MTA deal with GCS

Transit Workers Union Local 100 members are tired of the conditions at an Access-A-Ride call center in Queens and want the Metropolitan Transit Authority to end its relationship with the contractor—and they have an MTA board member ready to support their cause.

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B&H employees go back to work but will continue fight

Workers at B&H Photo in Manhattan are pushing for unionization and better wages and fighting with their employer in the process.

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MTA approves of capital plan, but some want more money included

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will finally get to work on capital projects, but not all are happy with the recent agreement.

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De Blasio wants change to bail laws

Last week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called for a change to state law that would allow judges to consider the risk to public safety when setting bail or considering an alternative program for a defendant.

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FCC to cut costs of prison phone calls

Inmates and their families might get a little bit of relief when talking by telephone to loved ones behind bars.

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