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Cuomo aide dies

The family of an aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in grief this week after learning that the aide, Carey Gabay, who was shot in the head last week, has died.

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Cuomo: ‘It’s time to fix Common Core’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says Common Core is broken and needs to be reviewed.

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Cuomo aide shot: Electeds say blame violence, not carnival

While millions enjoyed the 48th annual West Indian American Day Carnival parade on Labor Day, an unfortunate series of events have some labeling the multimillion-dollar generating event dangerous.

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Police commissioners fight over policy

Former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly isn’t holding his tongue about how he feels about law enforcement in the city since he left the NYPD.

With test results, some see progress, others see failure

School Test results, some see progress and failure

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Former Louisiana Walmart employees suing for race/age discrimination

Walmart and discrimination have been in the spotlight often in the past few years, and last week was no exception.

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‘Compton,’ hip-hop and NWA’s legacy

Last weekend marked the opening of the N.W.A. biopic “Straight Outta Compton” in theaters nationwide

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Barron: ‘Ban secret grand juries’

New York Assemblyman Charles Barron wants what’s in the dark to come to light.

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De Blasio announces deal with firefighters

After a lot of friction and back and forth, City Hall and the Uniformed Firefighters Association have finally reached a deal.

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De Blasio poll numbers show uphill battle

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio might have his hands full if he wants to win a second term.

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Frustration grows amid Legionnaires’ outbreak in the Bronx

Even though no new cases with an onset of symptoms have occurred since Aug.3, Bronx residents are at wit’s end over the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak.

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Building and Construction Trades members protest at Columbia University

The JDS Development got a rude awakening courtesy of Building and Construction Trades members.

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Unions and ‘Black Lives Matter’

Ever since its inception, the “Black Lives Matter” movement has found itself intertwined with labor movements.

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Judge rules Garner records to be kept secret, NYCLU continues to fight

While his last breath was recorded for the public to see, the records from the grand jury that let his murderer go will remain sealed.

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Is there a national attack on Black women?

With attention still focused on Sandra Bland’s mysterious death in a Texas jail cell, four other deaths involving the police and jail are making their way into the national consciousness.

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It’s not just Sandra Bland: Three more mysterious jail deaths

With the attention focused on Sandra Bland’s mysterious death in a Texas jail cell, three other deaths involving the police and jail are making their way into the national consciousness.

32BJ to Port Authority: ‘Hurry up!’

While Aviation Safeguard workers achieved a victory last week, the rest of New York’s local airport workers were left dealing with broken promises.

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New Deal for Airport Workers

Local airport workers were close to the breaking point Wednesday, but pulled themselves back with a new deal.

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Uber: 1, City Hall: 0

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has decided to end his crusade against Uber … for now.

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Cuomo appoints state AG to prosecute cop-involved killings

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will oversee cases of police-involved civilian deaths.

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Noodle hopes to be Yelp for preschools

Everything that can have a one-stop shop online usually does. Whether it’s Zillow, Yelp or TripAdvisor, there’s always something available to modern-day consumers when they need one place to find house listings, restaurants or travel arrangements. John Katzman, the founder of Princeton Review, now wants to add Noodle to the list.

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Firefighters’ union announces lawsuit against Council speaker

New York City’s firefighters will have their voices heard one way or another.

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Uber claims proposed legislation would destroy jobs

Officials from an oft-discussed car service say they want to stop city government from potentially killing jobs.

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Elected officials talk construction noise during school

The school year may be over, but local elected officials still have the kids in their thoughts.

Supreme Court to revisit union fees fight

The U.S. Supreme Court said last week that they will revisit an issue many thought was no longer on the table.

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Comptroller audit points to vacant NYCHA units

An audit has confirmed what many have suspected—plenty of public housing vacancies are available that aren’t being filled.

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Ex-offenders sue for discrimination

Last Thursday, the NAACP New York State Conference Metropolitan Council of Branches filed a class action lawsuit against employers who use the job sites Monster, ZipRecruiter and Indeed to illegally post job listings in New York with bans on applicants with felony convictions.

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Local legislators weigh in on marriage equality

Last Friday marked the beginning of a historic Pride Week in New York City and around the country, when the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 in favor of marriage equality.

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A tentative deal has been reached on rent regulation, but many feel as if Albany simply kicked the can down the road

According to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the renewed rent laws include an increase in the decontrol threshold for vacant rent stabilized units.

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Report: How ‘Unheard Third’ deals with poverty

A new report from the Community Service Society chronicles how a group of New Yorkers who are constantly discussed, but never heard from feel about their situation.

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Landscape company caught not paying overtime, defrauding state on unemployment

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman caught a landscaping company red-handed and is asking them to pay up.

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De Blasio pulling a boulder uphill with charter mess

Some New Yorkers might wonder aloud who’s exactly in charge of education in New York City.

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32BJ, 1199 union members shine in art exhibit

Art exhibits tend to be associated with the upper class and sophistication.

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Firefighters, officers to de Blasio: ‘We need a better disability plan’

Wednesday afternoon, over 1,000 New York City firefighters and police officers made their way to Albany, N.Y., to rally in front of the New York Capitol.

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Musician’s union & 54 Below reach new agreement

Monday, the Associated Musicians of Greater New York Local 802 AFM announced a new collective bargaining agreement with the New York venue, 54 Below.

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Mayor de Blasio: How's he doing?

On Tuesday night’s episode of “The Daily Show,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke with host Jon Stewart about his increased national profile.

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McDonald’s workers march to corporate headquarters

Last week, 5,000 McDonald’s workers made their way to the company’s headquarters in the largest ever protest at the annual shareholder meeting.

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Activists react to Bratton’s ‘offensive’ comments

New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton used a recent event to remind the public that they’re just as responsible for the current situation between them and cops.

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Tamir Rice investigation wrapping up, maybe

Tamir Rice’s body still hasn’t been buried. His mother has moved into a homeless shelter because she can’t bear to be near the park where he was shot by police, and six months after the events occurred, police say they still need more time to investigate Rice’s death.

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Educators, activists denounce Cuomo’s Education Investment Tax Credit proposal

Last week, educators and educational activists called for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ax plans for an Education Investment Tax Credit, which they call a “scheme” to divert money from public education.

Unions strike for right to organize

Earlier this month, Environmental Service Systems employees walked off the job, demanding that their employer respect their right to be represented by their union, Local 32BJ.

Unions express concerns during ‘Evalpalooza’

Last Thursday in Albany, educators and legislators voiced displeasure with the teacher evaluation process and suggested a change of pace in its implementation.

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Cuomo earns praise for minimum wage

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to impanel a board to examine minimum wage in the fast-food industry.

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Family members of New Yorkers killed by police meet with Cuomo

The surviving family of New Yorkers slain by members of the New York Police Department met with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week. Family members have called on the governor to implement police reform and re-established their opposition to an “independent monitor.”

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Donovan heads to DC, Richardson to Albany

Tuesday night was “special” for both Democrats and Republicans in New York City.

IBO study details income levels of specialized high school students

For almost a decade, the talk around New York City’s specialized high schools has been about access, opportunity and how money affects both. New Yorkers now have some numbers to confirm their beliefs.

DC 37 calls on extension of city beach/pool season on lifeguards’ behalf

District Council 37 and City Council Parks Committee Chair Mark Levine voiced support for expansion of city beach and pool season. They want it to end the last week of September instead of Labor Day.

Rekia Boyd’s killer acquitted

A legal point, a very fine one, has helped free a Chicago detective in the shooting death of Rekia Boyd. Cook Country Judge Dennis Porter ruled that prosecutors did not prove that officer Dante Servin had acted recklessly

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Fight for $15 & 'Black Lives Matter' take over NYC

Several studies have been done showing that an increase in the wages of these employees would help boost the economy and lower the burden on tax payers since workers wouldn’t have to rely on public assistance and food stamps in order to survive.

Workers sue federal contractors

Contracted workers at the U.S. Department of Education, the National Park Service and the National Zoo have filed a complaint seeking $1.6 million in unpaid wages under the U.S. Service Contract Act.