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Man sues NYPD for violating First Amendment rights

The New York Police Department is facing a lawsuit after they violated the First Amendment rights of Ruben An, an associate for the Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence, who recorded public police activity.

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Gardener at the East New York Farmers Market heals residents with Seeds of Life Enterprises

Not all doctors wear white lab coats and have stethoscopes draped around their necks. Brooklyn gardener, Lyeta Herb, who has developed a line of natural healing tonics to cure arthritis, lower high blood pressure and detoxify the colon, commonly wears a bright colored dashiki.

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Community creates mural for Yuri Kochiyama, Malcolm X

Dozens of community builders, artists and educators started a two-week-long mural project this weekend called, “From Harlem with Love: A Mural for Yuri and Malcolm X,” to commemorate the legacies of the late civil rights activists.

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Tiffany Lovell-Effiong’s presents Miss Diaspora Africa International competition

The director of the Miss Diaspora Africa International Pageant, Tiffany Lovell-Effiong is launching the first ever U.S. African Diaspora competition this year to commemorate the “everyday woman.”

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Weeksville Heritage Center seeks financial support

The Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn, the site of one of America’s first free Black communities, has made several budget cuts over the past years to continue its work of preserving the history of Weeksville.

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Ali Forney Center counselor provides relief for LGBT youth affected by Orlando attack

Some homeless LGBT youth will return to sleeping on a park bench or in a subway car this evening.

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Cops say no evidence of racial bias for Staten Island teen chased to death

The mother of the Staten Island teen who was chased to death by a crew of white and Hispanic teenagers is urging police officers to hold the group accountable for the attack.

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Pro-boxer Titus ‘God Gifted’ Williams inspired by Ali to keep fighting

Before a boxing match pro-fighter Titus “God Gifted” Williams of the Freeport Boxing Club in Long Island, N.Y., cues up motivational speakers like Eric Thomas and Les Brown on his iPhone playlist.

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Brian Figeroux—the people’s champion

Growing up on the Caribbean island of Trinidad has its perks.

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