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Women changing the face of the formerly incarcerated

Former Bedford Hills inmate Iris Bowen has gained her independence through education.

The Year of the Black Woman

Mutale Nkonde launched the campaign “Year of the Black Woman, 2015,” in part of a 365-year series of online and in-person events to sustain fiscal development in the African and Latino American community.

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Africa comes to life at Calabar Imports

Designer Atim Oton spreads her influence not only in Crown Heights but also in the world at large with her innovative designs.

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Harlem Week celebrates 40 years

Sunday July 27, the 40th annual Harlem Week festival begins. Crowds will be drawn uptown for events that showcase Harlem’s rich history and the achievements of African-American people.

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Community still shaken after P.J.’s murder

The East New York community was unimpressed when, stoned faced and dressed in an orange Correction Department jumpsuit, Daniel St. Hubert pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity for the stabbing death of one child and the severe wounding of another child during an appearance in a Brooklyn courtroom.

The Harlem School Of Art Orchestrates Relief

The Harlem School of Arts had quite a scare last week. It was nine hours before the fiscal year closed and the venerable organization was more than $100,000 away from its goal of 129,195.

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An immigrant’s story of art: Hollis King 

Raised on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Creative Art Director Hollis King grew up crafting carnival masks, designing spinning tops and creating his own kites.

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Dedicated fathers step up in the lives of youth

“Fathers with one mind taking care of our kids on the front line,” chanted the dozens of fathers in the streets of America. These parents are making each step count as they take their place in their children’s lives.

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Ujamaa Black Theater: A stage for Black community

A young actor scurries to the stage, stomping his feet against the floor and clapping his hands to the swinging melodies that enchant the crowd. In a black bow tie, he shouts, “I got the gospel of the Harlem Renaissance!” The crowd roars, “Encore! Encore!”

The Million Youth March: A hope for youth

On Saturday, Sept. 7, hundreds of demonstrators returned to the streets of Harlem for the Million Youth March.

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