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Malcolm X speaks in the era of Trump

In the spirit of Black History Month, African-Americans are acknowledging their great leaders who paved the way to where they are now.

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‘Dreadlocks Story,’ a film about the spirituality of Jamaican Rastafarians and Indian Sadhus

Linda Aïnouche is a French anthropologist who directed and produced her first award-winning film called “Dreadlocks Story.”

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Lookman Mashood: Cooking up a dream in Brooklyn

“Anyone can dream of having their own business,” said Lookman Mashood. “But it takes dedication for your dreams to thrive.” Mashood is the owner of one of the eminent Nigerian restaurants in New York City.

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Our hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Most Americans view Martin Luther King Jr. Day as just another day that is given off on the third Monday of every January,” said Fariza Manonva. Unfortunately, as the 10th-grade Brooklyn Bedford Academy High School student noted, too many “people fail to see the genuine significance of this day.”

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New Yorkers still demand return of Chibok girls

Back in April 14, 2014, nearly 300 high school girls were abducted in Chibok, Nigeria by the militant group Boko Haram. According to the BBC, Boko Haram is a terrorist group that wants to increase Islamic practices and get rid of anything that is associated with Western society. The group has been in Nigeria for years, but the abduction of the Chibok girls caught worldwide attention.

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50th anniversary of Kwanzaa celebrated in Brooklyn at PS 258

The 50th anniversary of Kwanzaa was celebrated all over the world and all across the city in New York.

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Come celebrate Kwanzaa’s 50th birthday

This year will mark the 50th annual celebration of Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa was developed by Dr. Maulana Karenga, who was a professor of Black studies at California State University, Long Beach in 1966.

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Charmil Y. Davis—Community activist, fighting on during chemo

This past June 3, Charmil Y. Davis was hosting the National Gun Violence Day in Newark, which was commemorating the horrific Newark schoolyard killings in 2007.

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Election result—youth response

This year’s presidential election has been one of the most suspenseful in American history.

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Viola Plummer—A voice for the people

 “I am a Black woman who recognizes and celebrates her African ancestry,” Viola Plummer responded to an Amsterdam News question about how she described herself. “I have faith that our people will eventually be free!”

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