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Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People to hosting 32nd anniversary

Celebrating 32 years of community activism on Saturday May 4th, The Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People (CEMOTAP) will be hosting their 32nd anniversary at the Robert Johnson Family Life Center in Jamaica, Queens.

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Phyllis Otera Thomas: Caring for the community with therapy and support

The licensed clinical social worker and therapist told the Amsterdam News, “In our culture, we  don’t invest in counseling or even the study of behavioral science. It is either ignored or we look into spirituality to solve our problems.

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Chy Mitchell’s passion for activism and nursing

Since 2006, Chy Mitchell has been the CEO and a registered nurse at The Lechtim Community Services. This organization serves the east and west Harlem elder population, a mostly underprivileged area.

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Deborah Nelson and the African-American Association of Co-op City & Black Vegfest

In honor of the famed Egyptian architect and world’s first doctor, Imhotep, the African-American Association of Co-op City & Black Vegfest will be hosting their 15th annual Wholistic Health & Wellness Fair Saturday, April 13.

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Sabrina Lamb: World of Money mogul

Since 2005, the World of Money, a New York City based nonprofit organization, has served youth and their families to help educate them about financial literacy.

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Esosa Ighodaro and Black Women Talk Tech

“We are very excited about the upcoming conference, we hope that people come out and enjoy [our full program],” said Ighodaro.

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Jennifer J. Parker—branding and building is her business

“I always had an interest in telling a story about an organization and the business that makes them stand out from similar ones,” said Parker.

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Public relations director De-Anna Gattereau starts GoFundMe campaign for children in Les Cayes

I visited Les Cayes, Haiti last December to visit family and to just enjoy the culture, scenery and food that I fell in love with.

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Daddy Rich wants folk to Go Africa Harlem Street Festival

African unity is what inspired us to host annual events and celebrations like the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival,” said Richard “Daddyrich” Iyasere, a community organizer who says he is the “Enogie of New York.”

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Aubry Dicks, healing health advocate

Dicks is the founder of the Mineral One Herbal Sinus Reliever.

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