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Cosmopolitan Review 11/26 - 12/2

Following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris a little more than a week ago, it feels as though life as we know it will never be the same.

The Cosmopolitan Review

Having turned back the hands of time one hour with Daylight Savings Time, the night sky is upon us by 6 p.m.

Cosmopolitan Review 11/05 - 11/11

Do holidays revolve around day-to-day life or does day-to-day life revolve around holidays?

Cosmopolitan Review 10/29 - 11/4

It was Friday afternoon, 2 p.m. The sweet, melodic chimes on my clock had just sounded, only to be followed by two pop-pops.

Cosmopolitan Review 10/22 - 10/28

Now that the entertaining season is in full swing, there are a few things you should know to help keep you on the A-list, especially if you are the host.

Cosmopolitan Review 10/15 - 10/21

As Hurricane Joaquin went out to sea, the winds that had come along with it died down but not before blowing away the clouds, leaving a clear midnight sky.

The Cosmopolitan Review 10/8-10/14

So much is happening this month.

Cosmopolitan Review 9/24 - 9/30

Hello, October, and hello to the second season of the hit TV show “Empire.”

Cosmopolitan Review 9/24 - 9/30

It’s official. Say adieu to summer and hello to fall.

Cosmopolitan Review 9/17 - 9/23

Don’t worry, it’s not officially fall until you smell it in the air and the leaves on the trees turn to a golden orange and yellow.

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