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The Cosmopolitan Review; Feb. 23- Mar. 1

As I was saying, Carter G. Woodson (Dec. 19, 1875-April 3, 1950) was an African-American historian, author and journalist and the founder of the Association for the Study of African-American Life and History.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: February 16-22

A recent finding reported that a crack in the fourth largest Antarctic Ice Shelf, known as Larson C, is breaking away at a rapid pace.

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Cosmopolitan Review: 2/9 - 2/15

If it is February, then it must be Black History Month. 

The Cosmopolitan Review: February 2-8

Say adieu to January 2017 and bonjour to February, the month of love, dead presidents and Black history.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: Jan. 26 - Feb. 1

Is it mid-January or what? Where’s the snow, sleet, below freezing temperatures? I just heard that the biggest iceberg ever is about to break free of the Arctic ice sheet. Really?

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Cosmopolitan Review: January 19 - January 25

I am still reveling in the fact that 2016 is over. It became a year when so many of our beloved friends and family passed on into the next dimension.

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Cosmopolitan Review: January 12 - January 18

Peace on Earth and goodwill toward men. What can you do to promote that? It is a good way to start off your New Year’s resolutions.

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Cosmopolitan Review: January 5 - January 11

Happy New Year! If you are anything like me, the new year couldn’t come soon enough. Just to show how tough 2016 was, instead of getting the heck out of Dodge, the year hung around an extra moment.

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The Cosmopolitan Review

Wait a minute. Hold up. It ain’t over yet. Santa Claus can’t go to sleep yet. He can only take a nap, because he must celebrate the new year with Mrs. Claus and the elves.

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The Cosmopolitan Review 12/22 - 1228

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.

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