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Cosmopolitan Review: September 14 - September 20

Happy days are here again! The children have gone back to school!

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The Cosmopolitan Review: September 7 - September 13

Do you remember when it was last September? I do, and my how time flies! Time’s going so fast, or is it me who stops to start and lets the moments past?

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Cosmopolitan Review: August 31 - September 6

As of the writing of this article, our days on Martha’s Vineyard are dwindling to a precious few, as is summer.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: August 24 - August 30

One day hot and sunny; the next cloudy and rainy. And so it goes. Regardless of the weather, you can’t keep a good girl down.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: August 17 - August 23

Greetings from Martha’s Vineyard. Yes, if it is August, then the Mitchells must be on Martha’s Vineyard. I confess, I wait all year just to return here.

The Cosmopolitan Review August 10 - August 16

Hot and steamy, even on a cool day, that’s August.

The Cosmopolitan Review August 3 - August 9

It’s August, one of the dreamiest months of the year.

The Cosmopolitan Review July 27 - August 2

It is the dog days of summer, and my only solution to keeping cool sans air conditioner is to drink plenty of good old New York City tap water on the rocks.

The Cosmopolitan Review July 20 - July 26

Are you busy grilling and chilling in the good old summertime?

The Cosmopolitan Review July 13 - July 19

Don’t you wish summer would always be here?

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