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Cosmopolitan Review 9/3 - 9/9

The silence of the night was broken by the rapid exchange of gunfire.

Cosmopolitan Review 8/27 - 9/2

How lucky we are to live among prolific documentarians who, while memorializing our past, can bridge its relevancy to our present and give a sense of hope, direction and clarity for our future.

Cosmopolitan Review 8/20 - 8/26

Reviewing for the week of the 8/20 - 8/26

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Cosmopolitan Review 8/13 - 8/19

Still looking for a way to beat the summer heat and maybe look into a quick getaway?

The Cosmopolitan Review

The dog days of August are here, but aren’t we all lucky little puppies?

The Cosmopolitan Review 7/30-8/5

Happy belated birthday to the Hon. Tanya Kennedy, who hosted an old fashioned b-day party for herself on a beautiful summer afternoon.

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The Cosmopolitan Review

Donna Williams, head of the Multicultural Audience Development Initiative at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, hosted a very interesting evening out for those stuck in the city in the summertime with the presentation of “In Focus: Lucus Cranach’s Saint Maurice and Its Context.”

The Cosmopolitan Review

Summer madness has finally arrived, in all of its various forms.

The Cosmopolitan Review 07/09 - 07/15

Oh what a beautiful morning. Oh what a beautiful day. Now that the month of July is here, everything’s going my way.

The Cosmopolitan Review

Hot fun in the summertime. Alas, July is here, my favorite month of the year, when the sun is hot, the breezes are warm and the ocean has finally warmed up enough for you to submerge your whole body—and not just your big toe.

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