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Yvonne Delaney Mitchell

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Cosmopolitan Review: May 24 - May 30

Along with the warmer weather comes the dreaded chore. You know the one I am speaking of—spring cleaning. Lifting the shades, you see all of the dust bunnies.

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Cosmopolitan Review: May 10 - May 16

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”—George Bernard Shaw.

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Cosmopolitan Review: April 26 May 2

Back in time for May are Bill and Brenda Dillon Covette, who just returned from a whirlwind trip to Bangkok and Bali.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: April 12 - April 18

Up down, up down, it rains, the winds blow, and then the sun shines

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Cosmopolitan Review: April 5 - April 11

April showers bring May flowers, and I don’t know about you but I am ready to see some colorful blooms after the gray skies and snow, sleet and rain.

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Cosmopolitan Review: March 29 - April 4

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, or so we hope as once again Easter is upon us.

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Cosmopolitan Review: March 22 - March 28

Still waiting to thaw out? Between the spring equinox, daylight saving time and exiting the last of the zodiac signs, Pisces, and entering into Aries, warmer weather can’t be far behind.

Cosmopolitan Review: March 8 - March 14

“Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” (“Macbeth,” Act V, Scene V).

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Cosmopolitan Review: March 1 - March 7

In like a lion, out like a lamb—or so we hope. Women’s History Month, the Ides of March, St. Patrick’s Day and everything in between, the March winds are upon us so hold on to your hats.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: Feb. 15 - Feb 21

Oh February, what a beautiful month tis thee! Febrero in Spanish, Fevrier in French, Febbraio in Italian, Er yue in Mandarin, Februar in German and Februari in Swahili.

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Cosmopolitan Review: February 1 - February 7

Have you ever noticed that the calendar year is just chocked full of holidays? No sooner do we recover from all of the New Year’s gaiety and Dr. King solemnity, it’s time to jump into gear for February.

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Cosmopolitan Review: January 25 - January 31

Now that we are approaching the end of January, how are those resolutions you made coming along? Most of us start off with a lot of gusto, whether with good intent or guilt from hanging out too much over the weekend. Either way, no matter how sincere, by month’s end resolutions start to fizzle, and by February, many are long forgotten.

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Cosmopolitan Review: January 18 - January 24

he Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King is still remembered, as he should and always will be. With marches professing peace and social justice for all, the upper school students at Manhattan Country School made their annual trek through the streets of Upper Manhattan to remind us, lest we forget, “No justice, No peace.”

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Cosmopolitan Review: January 11 - January 17

The deep arctic freeze is upon us and all I can say is button up your overcoat. Although the snow doesn’t accumulate like it used to, nothing has stopped the winds blowing off the Arctic ice from swooping down on us.

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The Cosmopolitan Review January 4 - January 19

Faith, family, peace, goodwill and good deeds—just a few phrases to start off the new year, along, of course, with your resolutions. Always starting the new year off is the last major event of the old year

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The Cosmopolitan Review December 28 - January 3

Wait a minute. It’s not over. In fact, we’re just getting started. It’s the celebration that just keeps going.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: December 21 - December 27

Let the countdown begin. It’s Christmastime in the city. Although the snow helped a little, where are the Santas on every corner ringing bells?

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Cosmopolitan Review: December 14 - December 20

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go. The sidewalk Christmas trees are plentiful and beautiful, which is one of the many things I love about this time of year.

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Cosmopolitan Review: December 7 - December 13

The beginning of December always feels like the calm before the storm. Like the song “Proud Mary,” by Ike and Tina Turner where Tina would start off, “We’re gonna begin this song nice and easy but we’re gonna finish this song nice and rough.”

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Cosmopolitan Review: November 30 - December 6

Happy Thanksgiving. The holiday brings out the sentimentality in us because at some point we stop to reflect on the things we are thankful for. Even my 12-year-old daughter is beginning to remark on how fast time goes by.

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Cosmopolitan Review: November 16 - November 22

Baby, it’s cold outside. I don’t know what to expect next, but I hope it’s not a blizzard.

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Cosmopolitan Review: November 8 - November 15

After all of the Halloween excitement, it’s soothing to see how easy November slips in. Yet, November, which begins with All Soul’s Day and continues with a special occasion each week, is one of the busiest months of the year. There’s Election Day, Veteran’s Day and the biggest holiday of the year, Thanksgiving.

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Cosmopolitan Review: November 2 - Novemeber 8

But I miss you most of all, my darling, when autumn leaves start to fall.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: October 26 - November 1

OK, so we almost have it right: bright sunny days, little to no rain, not too hot, not too cold. But it doesn’t smell like fall. Or is it just the poor air quality of the city that prevents us from smelling anything but pollution?

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Cosmopolitan Review: October 19 - October 25

Was I the one who said I was ready for cooler temperatures, waiting for the leaves to fall and wondering, “In the fall will you fall for me?” Well, turn up the heat—it’s freezing.

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Cosmopolitan Review: October 12 - October 18

So far so good, as October is now in full swing. Although I haven’t smelled fall in the air yet, I do expect the leaves to turn from green to orange, red and yellow.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: October 5 - October 11

Have you picked your apples, gone to see the fall foliage or done any of the other things people do once fall sets in? Of course, there are those who prepare ahead of time and pack the summer clothes away and bring out the sweaters and long-sleeved clothing, but it is also a great time to get outdoors.

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Cosmopolitan Review: September 28 - October 4

As much as I love September, I am nonetheless eagerly awaiting October. I can’t wait to smell fall in the air and have the temperature drop just a bit to the low 70s.

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Cosmopolitan Review: September 14 - September 20

Happy days are here again! The children have gone back to school!

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The Cosmopolitan Review: September 7 - September 13

Do you remember when it was last September? I do, and my how time flies! Time’s going so fast, or is it me who stops to start and lets the moments past?

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Cosmopolitan Review: August 31 - September 6

As of the writing of this article, our days on Martha’s Vineyard are dwindling to a precious few, as is summer.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: August 24 - August 30

One day hot and sunny; the next cloudy and rainy. And so it goes. Regardless of the weather, you can’t keep a good girl down.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: August 17 - August 23

Greetings from Martha’s Vineyard. Yes, if it is August, then the Mitchells must be on Martha’s Vineyard. I confess, I wait all year just to return here.

The Cosmopolitan Review August 10 - August 16

Hot and steamy, even on a cool day, that’s August.

The Cosmopolitan Review August 3 - August 9

It’s August, one of the dreamiest months of the year.

The Cosmopolitan Review July 27 - August 2

It is the dog days of summer, and my only solution to keeping cool sans air conditioner is to drink plenty of good old New York City tap water on the rocks.

The Cosmopolitan Review July 20 - July 26

Are you busy grilling and chilling in the good old summertime?

The Cosmopolitan Review July 13 - July 19

Don’t you wish summer would always be here?

The Cosmopolitan Review July 6 - July 12

Witnessing the end of an era can be a somewhat somber experience.

The Cosmopolitan Review June 29 - July 5

By now I am sure everyone has pulled out their shorts, sandals, flip-flops and bikinis.

The Cosmopolitan Review: June 22 - June 28

I usually save “roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” until at least late July or early August.

The Cosmopolitan Review June 15 - 21

Throughout my whole life, I have been accused of looking at life through rose-colored glasses.

The Cosmopolitan Review June 8 - June 14

June is busting out all over. I know I have said it before, but what a delight to say it again. Although we still have to contend with the one-day sunny, one-day torrential rain storm, it’s all good.

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Cosmopolitan Review: June 1 - June 7

Regardless of rain or shine, technological development doesn’t stop. This fact was never more evident than at the Inaugural Virtual Enterprises International Venture Challenge as they celebrated the Magic of Entrepreneurship.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: May 25 - May 31

Here we are, in the merry merry month of May. This month is the time we celebrate our mothers, May graduates and all of those who have served and died for our country as members of the military. Memorial Day is also a good time to recognize the cost of war.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: May 18 - May 24

A torrential rainstorm one day a week and trees are in full bloom—and so is my hay fever.

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Cosmopolitan Review: May 11 - May 17

Lest we ever forget, the Hon. Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American to serve on the United States Supreme Court and one of the most effective civil rights crusaders of the 20th century, will be recognized on Thurgood Marshall Law Day 2017.

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The Cosmopolitan Review: April 20 - April 26

Easter and Passover officially mark the beginning of spring and so do the pear blossom trees that are beginning to bloom along Lenox Avenue. The warm, sunny days don’t hurt either.

The Cosmopolitan Review April 13 - April 19

Put your boots on, baby! It’s going to be a wet one! Additionally, the Shamanic forecast says April is going to be a month of high highs and low lows.

The Cosmopolitan Review March 30 - April 5

We are getting there, slowly but surely. The month of March was in true form this year with the temperatures going up, down, up, down, up, down.