Small business success: Don't go it alone to the next level (38450)

So your small business is a success – a small one for now, but you’re confident you’re ready to take things to the next level and start enjoying major success. What do you do now to continue building on your success?

Any small business owner will tell you the job is not easy but the rewards can be great – from financial security to personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. When you live and breathe your business, it’s more than a job – it’s a part of who you are.

The important thing to remember is that you might need to look outside for ways to grow your business to its full potential. That’s not to say that you need to relinquish your vision – it’s more about finding expert help that enables you to take the business further.

However, the process of expanding your business shouldn’t be a confusing one. The simpler you can make it, the better. When you only need to go to one resource for assistance, it saves time and money – and probably some headaches, too. Resources like American Express OPEN, which offers business apps as well as small business cards, can be your one-stop shop for building success on success.

Exciting as it can be to watch your business get busier, with more transactions coming in, it can quickly become overwhelming. And with the popularity of making online payments growing among consumers, it’s necessary for you to be able to process all the payments as fast as possible. Enabling your customers to submit payment online lets you streamline your income while also giving your customers a secure and simple way to pay.

The virtual nature of business has changed everything and continues to do so, in new ways, every day. Having an online presence isn’t optional – it’s where you need to be because it’s where the customers are. Start with your own website, but don’t neglect online advertising campaigns on sites like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, where consumers go every day. Social media is the new word of mouth in the advertising world and small businesses that know how to use this powerful tool will be poised to capture greater market share.

As your business grows in its own unique way, whether it’s domestically or internationally, online or bricks-and-mortar, your insurance needs will change – that’s a certainty. You might expand to a new location, add employees or increase inventory. Not reacting to those changes can put your business at risk, so you’ll need to adjust your business insurance accordingly. You can find plenty of online resources to help you decide what type of coverage you need and where you’ll find the best deal for your money.

In addition to having the right tools and expert backup, it’s always good to talk with other small business owners. Hearing about others’ experiences might offer you insights you hadn’t thought of before and wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. The OPEN Forum provides an online publishing platform and community for small business owners, where they can share small business news and advice, ideas, and celebrate what it means to be a small business owner.