Apr. 24 (GIN) – The groping of a high ranking woman political leader by police provoked outrage and a spontaneous protest by Ugandan women who marched on Kampala’s main police station semi-clothed.

The grabbing of Ms. Ingrid Turinawe’s breast was captured on a private camera and

Minister of State for Internal Affairs, James Baba said, “One officer has been suspended pending further investigation.”

The action was condemned by the state Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo and the American public affairs officer.

Ms. Turinawe leads the opposition Forum for Democratic Change. In the video, several heavily clad officers are seen pulling her out of her vehicle by her breast, causing her to scream and pull away.

Members of the Ugandan opposition have complained of frequent harassment, beatings and arrests under President Yoweri Museveni; Turinawe is one of six opposition members charged in an ongoing case with plotting to overthrow the government. She is also linked to an activist group that has railed against growing fuel and food prices. The government recently banned the group as “unlawful.”