Last evening, Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP) of the Urban Justice Center held a public forum entitled “From Behind the Blue Wall of Silence” at the LGBT Community Center on West 13th Street.

The panel, moderated Village Voice reporter, Graham Rayman, who has written extensively about abusive police practices, featured former NYPD officers who spoke about their experiences on the job and presented their assessment of current NYPD policies and tactics.

The officers spoke out about the Department’s quota-driven policing and the role of racial bias in a collation of seventy incriminating quotes by former and current NYPD officers that demonstrate the illegal tactics and racist attitudes of the Department called “In Their Own Words“.

“NYPD’s position on stop and frisk is untenable. They claim that crime is down 80 percent yet, at the same time, they claim there are nearly 700,000 criminal suspects roaming the streets,” said John A. Eterno co-author of The Crime Numbers Game: Management by Manipulation and retired NYPD Captain. “This simply flies in the face of logic and obviously spins the truth; it must be a ‘numbers game.’”

According to the Urban Justice Center (UJC) website, the UJC is a “unique organization which serves New York City’s most vulnerable residents through a combination of direct legal services, systemic advocacy, community education and political organizing”. They have nine discrete projects which work on various issues faced by communities in New York City. PROP is one of those projects and their goal to stop the NYPD’s biased and unlawful policies.

“The NYPD’s quota driven practices harm New York City residents, especially the most vulnerable communities,” said Robert Gangi, Director of the Police Reform Organizing Project. “New York City should help and protect the vulnerable individuals in its midst, not employ its police force to effectively ostracize and punish them.”