Mr. President, do you have a mole in your administration? On the Sunday September 30, 2012 governor Christie appeared on both Face the Nation and Meet the Press programs boasting about his anticipation of a “game change” performance by Mitt Romney in the upcoming debate on October 3,. I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say that at the time, Mr. Romney’s campaign was in a “death” spiral. However in the debate, he proved to be dominant, aggressive and well prepared while the president appeared to be submissive and not willing to challenge him on any of his blatant misrepresentations and obvious reversals of his previous positions. The question is, exactly what did governor Christie know on September 30,? Did he have inside information on what was going on within the president’s campaign, and if he did, who gave it to him? It’s obvious that regardless of how prepared Mitt Romney was, if the president hadn’t been “restrained”, he could have easily overpowered Mr. Romney and won the debate which more likely would have finished Romney’s campaign. So the deciding factor in his performance was the president’s restraint and the prominent issue is, was he advised to be restrained? It seems to me that someone knew how the president would react in the debate before the debate and this information was somehow parlayed to the Romney campaign ahead of the debate. In my opinion, governor Christie’s enthusiasm on the two programs on September 30, is suspicious. and leads me to conclude that the president was “set up” and most likely with the help of someone in his administration. This is to say that I’m not accusing anyone but if I were a member of the president’s closest staff, and I appeared on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC the very next morning after the fateful debate, I would have covered for the president by saying that I told him to be restrained and he just followed my advice. Maybe the president should hire me or at the very least someone loyal like me. Philmore Williams (see previous postings on my blog at Culver City, CA