Until recently there was a ban in Tucson, Arizona public schools preventing schools from teaching students courses tailored for the perspective of Mexican Americans. And if schools in the Tucson Arizona district continue to teach the TUSD’s, courses that teach children about the hardships of the Mexican people, they will receive a ten percent cut from their funding.

These classes have been outlawed because Caucasians in Arizona including the school superintendent John Huppenthal, who originally started the ban, speculate that the classes may cause Mexican American students to carry resentment towards their fellow students of Caucasian descent.

However on March 8 2013, Atsushi Tashima, a judge for the United states Court of Appeals ruled it unconstitutional to outlaw an educational class tailored for a certain race or ethnicity.

If this ban had been allowed to continue many int he black community fear Arizona may have taken this idea a step further and banned the African American perspective as well.

This would produce a whole group of children who were never given the opportunity to learn about their history, unlike their Caucasian counterparts.