The highly successful Los Angeles-based rapper The Game has released a new mixtape called “OKE (Operation Kill Everything).” This new release is a high-quality, tastefully produced mixtape, hosted by DJ Skee and featuring hip-hop’s best and brightest, including Lil’ Wayne, Young Jeezy, Too $hort and more.

Shortly after the release of “OKE,” The Game and rapper-producer Birdman announced that he is signing with Cash Money Records, as The Game released his final contractually obligated album, “Jesus Piece,” with Interscope Records in August 2012.

“OKE” is a respectable and charismatic recording. Despite the reputation of mixtape culture, which can be used as a tool for underground hip-hop artists to release loosely produced or low-fidelity collections of music, The Game takes his 19-track release to new heights, exhibiting a strong, solid album from beginning to end.

The opening track, “Kill Everything,” includes a lengthy cameo by Diddy, and is a good opening song and introduction to the mixtape, and this collection just gets better. The track “In the City” is one of the strongest tracks on “OKE,” as it samples music from the legendary soul musician Sam Cooke and features Fred the Godson.

“Love on Fire” is another attractive and seamless track. On the track, the sound of Shontelle’s silky voice flowing over the song’s stark rap lyrics brings an intricate dose of reality as The Game explores difficult issues like divorce and illness. Shontelle makes another appearance on “Oh Lord,” which ably ties the tone of the entire mixtape together.

“Swerve” brings a bit of an experimental music style. The Game certainly took some very classy risks and delivered some creative R&B instrumental backdrops that are surprising and refreshing to hear. “OKE” exhibits artistic maturity, and The Game seems to go above and beyond the call of duty in regards to his taste and high standards.

“Super Throwed” highlights a nice Southern hip-hop aesthetic and features Memphis, Tenn., rap extraordinaire Juicy J. There’s a little bit for everyone on “OKE.” This mixtape allows the personal styles of every featured rapper and producer to shine through just enough to attract your ears.

Overall, The Game is one of hip-hop’s most celebrated and consistently successful West Coast rappers for a reason. His talent, taste and high standards are incredibly apparent in this new offering. “OKE” shows that The Game’s only getting better and that his creativity is a force to be reckoned with.