Rapper Lil Kim (52250)

Legendary hip-hop lyricist Lil’ Kim is gearing up to release a brand new mixtape titled “Hardcore 2K13: Back 2 Da Streets.” The album is considered a continuation of and sequel to Kim’s debut full-length album, “Hardcore,” which was released 17 years ago. Kim seems to be enthusiastic and confident about the contents of this new album, as she has released the track list and the album art, which also resembles the original cover art for her debut album.

If that wasn’t enough of a statement, the hip-hop icon has also released a new track from the upcoming “Hardcore 2K13” mixtape called “I Am Kimmy Blanco.” This track begins with a lengthy instrumental introduction before Kim’s classic sultry low-toned vocals come in. She spits smoldering lyrics, stating her power in the hip-hop game.

The album doesn’t have an official release date, as earlier release dates have failed to produce the album. Nonetheless, there are some promising tracks on the album, as Kim has collaborated with French Montana, Jadakiss and the controversial Miley Cyrus. The album also has a new version of her classic hip-hop anthem “Crush on You,” which originally featured Lil’ Cease and the Notorious B.I.G.

“I am Kimmy Blanco” reveals the tone of the album, as Kim is confident, fierce and as confrontational as ever. Her talent and flow have not waned in the least since 1996’s “Hardcore,” but her music has evolved back to a more underground street vibe in comparison to many of her earlier pop hits and collaborations.

“I am Kimmy Blanco” is the third single of this soon-to-be-released album, following “Looks Like Money” and “Dead Gal Walking.” Kim revealed the track list on Instragram after “Hardcore 2K13” failed to materialize on its Nov. 29 release date. The track list and album art release seem to be a simple ploy to reassure her fans that their patience and anticipation is not in vein.

The track list is as follows:

  1. “Intro—In A-Minor pt. 2”
  2. “Real Sick” f. Jadakiss
  3. “I Am Kimmy Blanco”
  4. “Be Careful”
  5. “Dead Gal Walking”
  6. “Stadium Music” f. Yo Gotti
  7. “Whenever You See Me”
  8. “Haterz”
  9. “Crush on You pt. 2”
  10. “Work Da Pole”
  11. “Suicide” f. French Montana
  12. “Bad B—h” f. Miley Cyrus
  13. “Look Like Money”

This delay has created much-needed buzz for Kim, who has struggled to fully climb back into the saddle of the mainstream hip-hop game. With her talent and promotion, hopefully, the album will do well.